If you didn’t know that this past weekend was filled with all sorts of gaming goodness, you’ve obviously been living under a rock.  Or have not been reading Zombiegamer.

Strapping on my favourite (OK, only) camera, I ventured off to see what was happening at two of the events in Cape Town – MainGaming’s Cape Town Launch Event at Tygervalley Centre and Cape Town Showdown’s, erm, showdown at GamerNet House in Bellville.

MainGaming have been operating in the Gauteng region since they kicked off operations in November of 2010 and in that time have handed out around R300 000 in prizes to the 15 000 attendees at their events.  This weekend marked the first weekend of a monthly six month stay at Tygervalley Centre in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and featured FIFA 12 on Saturday and Modern Warfare 3 Free-for-All on Sunday.  The two events saw around 80 competitors attend with the majority participating in the FIFA tournament.

Over their tenure at the shopping centre, MainGaming are expecting around R80 000 in prizes to be handed out with the events occuring on the last weekend of a month.  If you can’t wait until then, their will be another event at Canal Walk in around three weeks time.

Cape Town Showdown recently finished a successful Third Strike event at The Settlers High School and obviously decided that one can never be roundhouse kicked against the head enough in a month.  A small group of virtual combatants headed off to GamerNet House in Bellville to continue the brutality – with a smile on their faces of course.  While GamerNet House is still being completed, anyone else keen to use the premises should drop Jeremi an email at jeremi@ultigence.com.

For more pictures from the MainGaming event, head to our Facebook Album.

Just remember good gamers of the community, these sort of events can only happen with support – from both members of the community, the hard working organisers and the sponsors.  If you want to see more happening in your part of the country or even in your city – get involved.  Sitting around because you’re too lazy to attend does not entitle you to complain later when these events cease to exist.