Scare Me | “the perfect tool for any budding prankster” [Xbox Live Indie Game]


Scare Me is an Indie game that allows you to frighten your friends and family when they least expect it by customizing it to play freaky sounds and images when and how you want. Scare Me also includes 7 unique ‘shock’ games that you can choose from to trick your friends into playing to give them a real scare.

Scare Me is out again this Halloween (improved from last year) on the XBox 360 Indie Games section for you to download and enjoy. It’s perfect for Halloween parties or horror nights, as you can leave it on in the background and wait for a sudden shocking event to terrify somebody. It includes some sneakier modes too, like ‘Who Left The Game On?’, which mimics the pause menu of an arcade game with the options to either save or quit. Whichever option your target presses when they find this left on the television will give them a bit of a fright. Simple, but oh-so-effective.

Download the demo today for your XBox 360 so that you can start the mischief…
Scare Me on XBox Marketplace

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