Saint’s Row V ‘GAT V and Wild West’ DLC packs now available


Volition and Deep Silver are giving the GAT V DLC pack away for free for 24h on Steam.

Both the GAT V and the Wild West Pack are out today for consoles too for a price of around R40 ($2.99) each.

From the press release:

Be recognised everywhere when you dress up in typical Johnny Gat fashion or in the official Aisha costume, only available here.

Also contains the Reynolds .50 Heavy Machine Gun and a Knifethrower (no kidding) for the ultimate Saints Row #GATV experience.

Howdy, partner, we’re not done yet!

Go West – with the Wild West Pack for Saints Row IV!

Since we all know that real Presidents secretly aspire to be a cowboy, you will be able to outfit your CIC in real western style with the Wild West Pack for Saints Row IV!

The Wild West Pack includes a fitting cowboy outfit, a wild west dress and a Western themed shotgun and revolver.

GAT V Pack trailer

Wild West Pack trailer

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