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It’s Saturday 13 July at around 12:03. Looking over a sea of faces, the first (and only) thought that springs into this zombie’s head is: “Holy crap. That’s a lot of brains in a one place. It will take all day to get through brunch…”

Allow me to translate that into human speak. “There were a lot of gamers crammed into a venue for the second Trenchtown Gaming Tournament operated by the 2upGamers eSports division, and it was going to take a long while to crown some winners…”

Second thought was: “Wow. That’s bloody humbling. Thank you SA gaming.”

As you can tell, there is an immense amount of appreciation for the overwhelming support of the event held which featured a Black Ops 2 4v4 tournament, a FIFA 13 tournament and an Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament. In fact, it’s pretty difficult not to gush and fill this article with rainbows and butterflies due to it all. But we won’t. At least we’ll try not to.

With the amount of players who registered at the door, things kicked off a little later than planned. Some would say it’s a Cape Town thing, but to be honest we’d simply say, pre-register next time like we always politely ask and it won’t take quite so long to clear the queue. Heck, pre-registering will make you feel like a VIP as you are ushered ahead of others.


IMG_9039The FIFA 13 tournament was operated over both PS3 and Xbox 360 as a double elimination tournament in which the top two finishers on each platform would face each other in a home and away final to determine the grand champion. 19 players kicked off on the Xbox 360 leg, but only two were going to prevail. Clint took the final of the Xbox 360 tournament 1-0 against Andrew, who had to leave before the grand final and third and fourth playoff, allowing third place finisher Cristiano to step in for him.

Meanwhile 12 players became two on the PS3 leg. Eventual PS3 winner Robin had to overcome a two leg double elimination final against Mubeen to ensure he faced the Xbox 360 winner to compete for his share of the R1000 cash prize pool up for grabs. The final placings overall ended up seeing Robin beating Clint, with Mubeen beating Cristiano meaning the PS3 players bested their Xbox 360 opponents in both matches. Robin walked off with R500 cash for his first place, Clint scored R250 for second, Mubeen earned R150 and Cristiano pocketed R100.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

IMG_8958Meanwhile, a bunch of slightly more aggressive players were taking it out on each other by kicking their opponents in the face. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was contained on a TV screen, the participants probably would’ve found themselves manhandled out of the venue. In the end the ten fighters battled through the double elimination tournament to their share of the R500 prize pool. Byron raced through the tournament undefeated and grabbed himself R250 for his efforts, while runner-up Andrew got R150 and third place finisher Richard was R100 “richer”.

MotoGP 13

A late addition to the day’s events was a MotoGP 13 fastest lap competition. Entry to the competition was free and open to anyone who attended on the day, with a MotoGP 13 hamper up for grabs which was sponsored by Apex Interactive and included a copy of the game and other branded promotion items. The fastest lap of the day was set by Joe who was almost two seconds faster than his closest rival with a time of 1.21.666.

Black Ops 2

IMG_9040The game which proved to be the biggest draw card and the main feature of the day also tested the staying power of all the competitors. With 13 four-man teams entering by the time registration closed (a 14th was sidelined due to a missing player), the teams had to battle long and hard via a group “qualifying” phase of Hardpoint and on to a knockout phase featuring the top four teams playing the familiar Hardpoint/Search and Destroy/Capture the Flag rotation.

Split over four groups of three with the final group consisting of four teams (done due to time constraints), the teams had to put their best foot forward straight away to ensure they topped their group and progressed. The four teams that progressed to the knockout phases were XtaZ, ETU (who knocked out F34RiNCO in their group), Adept and High 5 Revo, who battled VEXD in a three round decider in their group.

For full results from each group, hit the links below:

With the sun truly set, the knockout phase got under way. The semi-final and third/fourth playoff were best of five affairs, while the final was a best of seven marathon which took the tournament until midnight to complete.

IMG_9134However, getting there featured an amazing display of competitive Call of Duty which was enjoyed by a decent crowd of spectators. The first semi-final saw Adept take on ETU – a team made up of players from two clans. Adept showed their experience (in terms of time playing together) and took HP on Express 250 to 118. For SnD on Cargo they proved too strong for ETU and took the map 6-1. However, Adept had it a little tougher in CTF and had to go into overtime on Standoff to take the map 3-2 and book their spot in the final with a 3-0 win.

The second semi-final between High 5 Revo and XtaZ (yes, the team that went to Call of Duty Championship in L.A.) was a much closer affair and saw High 5 take the lead 250-173 on Express in a scintillating game of Hardpoint. XtaZ bounced back in another exciting round of SnD which they took 6-4. CTF was another close affair which could have gone either way, but High 5 grabbed it 3-2 to move into an overall lead of 2-1. Heading into the closer confines of Raid for the Hardpoint round seemed to agree with High 5 as they took the map 250-142 and moved into the final.

The third and fourth place playoff was a real crowd pleaser and went the full five rounds. XtaZ eventually took the match 3-2, with the lead changing hands a couple of times in the match.

  • HP on Slums: 250-84 (XtaZ)
  • SnD on Meltdown: 5-6 (ETU)
  • CTF on Raid: 1-2 (ETU)
  • HP on Standoff: 248-190 (XtaZ)
  • SnD on Afternath: 6-1 (XtaZ)

IMG_9149The final kicked off around 11pm with still a good crowd around to watch the match. High 5 took HP on Slums 231-199 and looked confident going into the SnD round on Meltdown. However, it was Adept that took the round with relative comfort 6-1. CTF proved to be a close round on Raid, with both teams looking likely to gain the upper hand. Adept ran in two flag captures to High 5’s one to grab a 2-1 overall lead. With four rounds left, it certainly wasn’t over yet, and even though Adept took the Hardpoint round on Standoff 250-115, there was no counting High 5 out, even though they had it all to do. In the end, the late night the previous night may have taken its toll on the High 5 team, as they couldn’t stage the always threatened fight back and went down 6-3 on Aftermath to see the Adept team take the tournament 4-1 and bag themselves R2 200.

And just like that, it was over – around 15 hours after the first monitor was assembled. Our congratulations go out to the competitors on the day, as well as to all the winners. Our thanks goes out to the very same people, and the spectators who added to an electrifying atmosphere throughout the day. Will we do it again? Yes. We have also analysed the day and plan improvements to ensure your next visit to any of our events will be an even better experience.

The next event at Trenchtown will be on the 17th of August. Details will follow. But it won’t be the only event or venue to be detailed. Watch. This. Space.

The recorded gameplay from the day’s matches will be uploaded soon and we will be sure to link you all. For more photos from the day, please visit our Facebook Album.


By the numbers:

90 – The total number of players on the day

52 – The number of Black Ops 2 players

13 – The number of Black Ops 2 teams, and number of spot prizes given out to attendees

25 – The approximate number of spectators that attended to specifically watch the gaming

4500 – The total rand value of the cash prize pool handed out

Lots – The amount of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and pizza consumed

Infinity – The appreciation given to the supporters, players, sponsors, support team and those that travelled from Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth to be part of the event.           

Thanks and appreciation

The day would not have been possible without the help, support and attendance of the following people:
Trenchtown, Apex Interactive, MWEB Gamezone, Rectron, Gaming Cartel, Emma, Dylan, Astrid, Glenn, Craig from Durban, the players, the players who attended from outside of Cape Town, the spectators, and a full English breakfast. Pity I didn’t get the breakfast, awesome that I got the rest. Thank you again.

– – – – – – – – – –

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