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This past week has felt like one of the busiest ever in SA gaming. This might be down to how much we (or some of us) zombies have taken on, or maybe it’s just that things are happening for gaming in the country.

And in case you only visit us for news… how about we send you to a few others who covered some local action.

Upcoming Events

Mortal Kombat X is king of the weekend this weekend, with no less than three tournaments happening around the country – two in Cape Town and one in Gauteng.

  • The Mortal Kombat Cup kicks off with the first Gauteng qualifier. The action kicks off at 10am, but if you haven’t registered, we think it’s too late to get in anyway. [More…]
  • In Cape Town, those of you in the Northern Suburbs can head to Braccianos eSports Lounge from 2pm for their Mortal Kombat X tournament. The matches kick off (bwahahaha – hey, it’s funny OK?) at 5pm, but we assume drunk virtual fighting might be the plan. Entry is R20. Details can be found here.
  • Those of you in the Southern Suburbs (of Cape Town) should head to Games On in Rondebosch for your Mortal Kombat X action. R50 entry gets you fighting for cash and other prizes from 5pm. [More…]

Competitions & Giveaways

Electronics & Gaming Expo

EGE_Flyer_01 (2)Alright, so it seems marketing of this event has been generally a little poor, but the event organisers have assured me it’s a go for 29-31 May. It better be, because we (Zombiegamer), and some of our more human associates at Orena, Clan Connection and TGN Racing Simulators are planning competitive gaming.

Registrations for some of the tournaments are now open, and you can sign up here:

Additional registrations will open over the coming days for FIFA 15 and Mortal Kombat X.

Zombiegamer Events

Torn-Crest_ZGEBefore we head to CTICC, we do have two other events on the agenda. The Racing Event for this weekend has been poorly supported so far and there’s a very good chance we will cancel the event if player pre-registration doesn’t increase.


Free Comic Book Day 2015

FCBD_04Yes, we were there like sneaky ninja zombies. We (or at least one of us) were also in a human disguise at times to do some coverage for MWEB GameZone. So rather than rewrite history, we’ll direct you there for the skinny, but add that some of the vendors at the event are particularly talented with some fantastic products for sale. We’re big supporters of local gaming, and that extends to the talented local artists and crafters that were in attendance.

If you’re looking for photos, then Reader’s Den have you covered:

Then there’s our snaps too.

And if you want more – and let’s be fair, who doesn’t? – TheRedTieGuy put together this montage of the day.



Sunday CSGO_01Orena hosted Sumi’s Sunday Series for CS: GO which came to its conclusion this past… yes, Sunday.

The final saw Energy eSports take on Eternal Conflict, and it was the underdogs, Eternal Conflict, that took the top spot with a 2-1 win. For their efforts, Eternal Conflict bagged R3,500.

[Source] [Bracket]


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