It’s pretty pleasing to us that this South African Gaming News Wrap is at least a regular weekly feature, which means there is plenty happening in the South African gaming scene (and some that even we miss), so let’s keep it going shall we? Onward and upward.

The HIVE eSports Showdown

HIVE_GC_eSportsThis past Saturday (3 August) saw The H.I.V.E. in Monte Casino join forces with Gaming Cartel for what turned out to be the biggest (in terms of attendance) console Black Ops 2 LAN in SA. With 22 four-man teams in attendance – including a number of the country’s best – the day was always going to be a long one for all involved.

Battling a number of reported issues throughout the day, the tournament managed to come to an end after the top four teams – XLNC, Lynx, Baylife, Insane – all agreed to split the cash prize pool of R3200 as the clock struck (around) midnight.

The number of FIFA 13 players sadly managed to match the phenomenal turnout of the Black Ops 2 players and saw ten entries battle for the cash prize. Abu from MainGaming took the winners position and the R1000 cash.

While there were negative reports from some quarters, there was also a number of positive comments in support of the event, and because we weren’t in attendance, we can only say we hope to see many more in the future and that they go from strength to strength.

For photos from the event, you can hit The HIVE’s Facebook Album.

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MSSA StarCraft II Schools Championship

MSSA SA Flag LogoThe MSSA and Polarfluke hosted the MWEB sponsored 2nd Annual S A Schools On-line Championship for StarCraft II on 3 August 2013. Last year’s winner was Gabriela Isaacs who went on to finish in second place in the women’s section for StarCraft II at the 2012 IeSF World Championships.

This year saw Brakpan’s Edwin ‘[VnR]Drager’ Williams dominate the field to win the championship undefeated, thereby earning himself Gauteng Schools Colours.

The runner-up position was Tye ‘TYELANDER’ Walker of Fish Hoek.


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MWEB Western Cape Provincial Championship

In case you missed it, the MSSA Western Cape Provincial Championship will be happening on 24 and 25 August at CPUT’s Bellville campus. Full details here.

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dAZLAN at Emperor’s Palace

dAZLAN ran their first LAN at Emperor’s Palace over the weekend. Bravado had two teams in attendance with Bravado Aurora winning the Black Ops 2 tournament. Pictures from the event via Bravado Gaming.

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MWEB Black Ops 2 Super 8 Showdown

The recently announced  Super 8 Showdown for Black Ops 2 on console kicks off on 12 August, and teams only have a few days left to get themselves registered. because failing to do so by the cut-off will mean you can’t play. Unlike previous ladders, no late entries will be accepted. There have been a number of changes implemented, including ruleset changes and reporting requirements, and if you are participating, be sure to acquaint yourself fully with the changes.

Check out the rule changes, as well as the already seeded teams on MWEB Gamezone.

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BF3 ‘Inter-Provincial’

The unofficial inter-provincial tournament for Battlefield 3 on PS3 is new deep into the heart of the competition and has seen a total of seven rounds played.

The Western Cape Gamers [WCG] and Gauteng Warriors [GWaR] are neck-and-neck with five wins and two losses each. Even the bonus points are tied. Third place is currently held by the Eastern Cape team with the Kwazulu Natal in fourth place.

This week the fighting takes the shape of 5v5 infantry battles. You can keep even more up-to-date with the scores here.


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The Southern Edge Gaming League’s Kickstarter Cup for Black Ops 2 on PS3 came to its end this past weekend. D2uXpLoD3 were the winners in a pulsating final against RaW Gaming. [Source]

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Trenchtown 17 Aug_Poster_01For those that are followers of what the zombies get up to once a week at Trenchtown, you should note that the weekly gaming which was hsted on a Monday night will be moving to a Wednesday night from 14 August. The night will host a FIFA 13 winner-takes-all tournament, so if you’re in Observatory (Cape Town) and are looking for something to do, you know where the zombie will be.

Don’t forget to register for the Saturday 17 August Gaming Tournament which will feature Halo 3, FIFA 13, Street Fighter IV, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Injustice: Gods Among Us, as well as cosplay and cash prizes and giveaways. For full details, and to register, head here.

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Orena has two Black Ops 2 tournaments coming up. Xbox 360 teams have until 14 August to register for the tournament happening on 17 and 18August. PC teams have until 27 August to register, with the tournament running on 28 and 29 August, as well as 1 September. There’s cash prizes, NAG subscriptions and rAge tickets up for grabs.

The All Otaku Dota 2 Open tournament is a go, but there is still time to register for the tournament. Registration closes on 9 August, and the tournament kicks off on 17 August, and continues on 18 August and 23 August. There are cash prizes up for grabs.

There has been a fair amount of activity over on the DoGaming League, and you can call us lazy (we however don’t follow PC eSports with the kind of passion we do console), but we will direct you to their website as it’s easier than us copy/pasting results and other blurb here.

Last week, the Protea Team for Dota 2 faced off against Romania. The Espresso Show on SABC 3 was there to see it all unfold. We covered it last week right here.

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Finally, MyGaming chatted with Cape Town based game developer Danny Day from QCF Design about how the SA gaming industry is growing despite “isolation”. Always good to find out more about what others are doing inside the industry you love, so we’d suggest you head over to MyGaming and give the article a read.

And once you’re done on DoGaming and MyGaming, come straight back here OK?

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All the events happening in SA gaming this August can be found here.

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