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It was a busy week in South African gaming while you weren’t looking. There have been tournaments, which means there have been winners and losers. There has been news, which also means there have been winners and losers. So let’s get to it shall we…

Xbox One_08Xbox South Africa has issued a press release stating that any Xbox One prices currently doing the rounds are simply placeholders, and are not via Xbox SA.

“The South African price point and release date for the Xbox One has not been confirmed as of yet. Furthermore, the price point featured on AWX was a placeholder for the product, it has not come down from Xbox South Africa. We will release relevant pricing and release dates when we have them” – Graeme Selvan Xbox PR

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While the rest of the world is getting the ‘Summer of Arcade’ vibe, Xbox SA has made sure that the same content will be available on our wintery shores. Cleverly renamed ‘Winter of Arcade’, you will be able to grab Brothers: A Tale of Two  Sons (7 August, 1200MSP), Charlie Murder (800MSP, 14 August), Flashback (800MSP, 21 August) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (1200MSP, 28 August) right off your SA dashboard. Wow. Welcome to the first world…

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2upGamers_New Logo_Final_WhiteThe 2upGamers ‘Community’ event made a (slightly) quiet return this past Friday (26 July). After a two month hiatus due to issues with the venue, the event relocated to UCT in association with the university’s Genshiken Society. Returning to its roots in essence, the event focused on a more casual and social approach to balance out the newly formed 2upGamers ‘eSports’ division.

The around 60 attendees were treated to Anime screenings, FIFA 13 hosted by the Console Kingz, the Zombie Zone (which featured zombies for the first time in its history), Couples Doubles (watched over by Dylan and Astrid), fighting games (hosted by Cape Town Showdown), Injustice: Gods Among Us and Dance Central to keep the lone cosplayer (Kombokitten) to show off her dance moves.

Speeches were kept to an absolute minimum (Glenn Alexander from 2upGamers welcomed everyone, the Genshiken Society talked about Ucon happening on 14 and 15 September, and Chocs from MWEB Gamezone talked about their latest Black Ops 2 ladders).

Whether the venue will be retained is unknown, but in some ways, 2upGamers was reborn, and it will be returning on 23 August to coincide with the launch of a few titles from Apex Interactive.

For pictures from the evening’s shenanigans, check out our Facebook Album.

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Trenchtown FIFA 13 Tournament

IMG_9460The last Monday (for the last time) of the month saw 16 FIFA 13 players leave the warmth of their homes to come and play some virtual football while drinking beer and having a jolly good time.

The double elimination tournament threw up some fantastic matches with a number seeing match turnarounds in as late as the ninetieth minute. The eventually winner Asheer Dollie (who had also claimed the first place in Friday’s 2upGamers tournament) came from the first round loser’s bracket to beat second place finisher, Ebie, twice – 3-2 and 2-0 respectively.

Asheer (right in the picture) walked off with R200 cash and a R100 Trenchtown voucher, while Ebie won R100 cash, and third place finisher Chad earned his registration fee of R20 back so he has no excuse not to enter next time…

Yes, there will be a next time, it will just be on a Wednesday from now on.

The full results are available here. For pictures from the tournament, please check out our Facebook Album.

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RA5 Tournament

The chaps from Rebel Alliance 5 have hosted and completed their Black Ops 2 tournament which featured most of the top clans in South Africa and came down to just two teams on this past Saturday.

ViNCO Gaming and High 5 Revolution were the teams who had battled all-comers to ensure one of the newest teams in SA proves their metal against the oldest clan (on console).

The game was – on paper – always likely to be a close affair. However, other than the High 5 taking the first Hardpoint on Aftermath 244 to 116, ViNCO were in no mood to end up as runners-up. They took SnD on Meltdown (of course…) 5-2, Domination on Yemen 122-75, Hardpoint on Raid 189-124 and SnD on Plaza 5-1 to grab the win 5-1 overall.

The game was streamed live from 2pm on Saturday. You can watch the game for the first time (or relive it if you prefer) below.

Watch live video from r3b3lgamingza on TwitchTV

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The SEGL (or Southern Edge Gaming League) is reaching the conclusion of its group stages. The PS3 Black Ops 2 online tournament has seen 30 teams enter the tournament and the current group standings see a number of the teams in comfortable positions in their group. The knockout stages are scheduled for 3 August and the ‘Grand Final’ is happening on 4 August.

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BF3 ‘Inter-Provincial’

The unofficial inter-provincial tournament for Battlefield 3 on PS3 has completed its third round of games.

The Western Cape Gamers team are the only undefeated team at the moment with Gauteng Warriors [GWaR] and Kwazulu Natal Killers [KNK] not far behind and tied in second place with two wins and one loss.

This week the fighting takes shape in 2v2 tank battles and 5v5 infantry warfare.


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MSSA SA Flag LogoMWEB has decided to throw some money at sending a South African StarCraft II player to DreamHack Bucharest which happens from 14 to 15 September 2013. To stand a chance to be that player (and earn Protea Colours too), you will need to compete in the on-line championships to be held on 10 August 2013 to qualify for the LAN based National Team Trials being held on 24 August 2013. [Source]

Meanwhile, in the world of Dota 2, SA will be playing Romania tonight from around 7pm in an official online Test Match.

Hit this link for the full press release and details: »

It’s on! 

The Trials were held, the Selectors have met, the paperwork has been done, and now it it is just a matter of moments to the 1st official Dota 2 online Test Match between South Africa and Romania.

Yes, the Test Match will be held on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 at 19H00.

South Africa has officially competed in international eSports events since 2005, but this is the first time that South Africa will be competing in an official on-line test match in the game of Dota 2.

MWEB has kindly allowed the MSSA to use its Mcave which is located in its head office in Cape Town.

The venue was used on Friday, 19 July 2013 to host an extremely popular inter-regional clash between the City of Cape Town and the City of Johannesburg in the first ever inter-regional Electronic Sports (eSports) inter-regional championship in South Africa.

The National Team that will represent South Africa, is without doubt the finest, and strongest group of Dota 2 players in the country.

The team for 31 July 2013 consists of:

Name Nick Club Residence
Anthony Hodgson *
Mohamed Wasim Lorgat
Dylan ProbynJustin ProbynWesley Rose
Knights Mind SportsEnergy eSportsKnights Mind SportsKnights Mind SportsKnights Mind Sports Kenilworth, Cape TownRondebosch East, CTMowbray, Cape TownMowbray, Cape TownPretoria

* denotes the Captain of the team

The evening will begin with the players being awarded their National Colours for eSports. Thanks to the governing Sports Body, Minds Sports South Africa (MSSA) and the support given by MWEB Gaming , the award of such colours is becoming a regular occurrence.

With eSports now recognised as a fully recognised sport by both SASCOC and the government,   gaming is now taken more seriously than ever before. Already gaming has been included into the Asian Games by the Asian Olympic Committee.

The team is excited about the event, and the South African team Captain, Anthony Hodgson, is already locked in cheerful banter with his Romanian counterpart.

There is no doubt that the South African team has its work cut out for it. The Romanians are not an easy match, and each South African team member will be tested to the ‘nth’ degree.

But more than that, it should be fun….

For more information on MWEB Gaming check out the new addition to MWEB GameZone site or join the community on @MWEBGMZ or

For more information on the MSSA check out the  site on

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Sticking with Dota 2. Energy eSports has grabbed the winning spot in the DoGaming League premier league. For more (because this PC malarkey is actually beyond us) check out the coverage on DoGaming.

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Some upcoming events you should take real notice of.

The Gaming Cartel and H.I.V.E. eSports Showdown happens this Saturday (3 August). A mind blowing 22 teams have entered the Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 competition which will offer the winning team R2200 cash. The tournament will operate as a group phase of Hardpoint and a top 8 single elimination round of HP-SnD-CtF. Good luck to all involved – we wish we could have been there for the event. For detail, head here.

Orena‘s next Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 online tournament happens 17 and 18 August. There’s R2500 in cash prizes up for grabs, as well as NAG subscriptions, so make sure you can register here before 14 August. PC Black Ops 2 players can enter for the ‘Weekend Cup’ which will be on 10 and 11 August.

MWEB Gamezone has announced the next season of Super 8 tournaments. This one is being dubbed ‘The Super 8 Showdown’ and you can get all the details about the Black Ops 2 tournaments (ie. Xbox 360 and PS3) here.

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New South African developer Polymorph, has released their “single player shmup action game” Fleet of One for iOS, with the Android version to follow. The game is available via the US iTunes Store (blame stupid SA policies) at a price of $2.99.

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One final piece of non-news. We don’t know what is happening with the Western Cape Provincials. The powers-that-be are a little silent on the matter. Sorry.

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You can find out about even more events happening in South Africa in our calendar. If you want all the news about goings on in South Africa, simply click on the SA flag to be whisked to the most comprehensive coverage of South African gaming that you will find on the internet. You may just be surprised by how much is happening around the country.

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