We sometimes think South Africans don’t really realise how much happens around the country in gaming every week. We certainly think we’re pretty fortunate to have so many people offering so few so much. If you’re not aware of what’s happening however, you’re not visiting us enough…

Oh. And it’s rAge this weekend. I guess that about wraps this news wrap up then…

Zombiegamer Events

FIFA Tournament (Gardens Commercial)

GC_FIFA_01On Friday 3 October, we headed to Gardens Commercial in Cape Town to host a FIFA tournament for the school. 20 players kicked things off in the group stages, where five players in four groups battled for a top two spot to head into the knockout phase.

The competition was at times intense, and it’s clear that the school has some talented FIFA players in their ranks, but in the end, after a final that went to penalties, Lutho Dingiswayo walked away as the school’s champ with R400 in his pocket.

Photos from the tournament can be found here.


Image017Sometimes noble aspirations go unsupported, and the C4 LAN on 4 October was one such event. Intended to generate funds to donate to CHOC, the event was actually a bitter disappointment to us as organisers and has left us questioning why we’ve been willing to sacrifice as much as we have for the console Call of Duty community.

Attendance – both by players and spectators – was poor. Some pre-registered teams did not pitch on the day, some without no notification, and in the end, the expected 12 teams were whittled down to only four – two from MorZ, one from Concept and one from XL.

The show however went on. The four teams thrown into a round robin event which saw XL and Concept reach their final game with two wins each, leaving their match as the decider. In the end XL went without dropping a map throughout their three games to clinch their match against Concept 3-0 and bag the cash prize up for grabs.

The full bracket can be viewed here.

Photos from the event (taken by Odd Customs) can be found here.

Upcoming Events

Our next event (other than assisting with a few other events around SA) will be the Sci-Fi and Horror themed T-Fest event on 25 October.

MWEB GameZone Masters Series

MGMS_Ghost_Grand Final_02The final four teams have been decided and they are all preparing to face off for their share of R40,000 in cash prizes – and you can watch it all unfold live at the venue.

MWEB GameZone is inviting those that are keen to spectate to head down to their HQ at 100 Fairway Close in Parow on 18 October from 9:00am. Entry is free, but if you can’t attend, the matches will be shown live on the internet, on both Twitch and the MWEB GameZone Event Stream.

The schedule for the day:

  • 9:00: Teams entry for setup
  • 10:00: Losers Bracket Semi Final (Vinco Black vs Xero Fracture)
  • 11:30: Winners Bracket Semi Final (F34R Adept vs Insane Gaming)
  • 13:00: Losers Bracket Final
  • 14:30: Grand Final


Kalahari.com and Takealot to Merge

In a surprise announcement, it has been revealed that Kalahari.com and Takealot will be merging once the Competition Commission has approved the plans. In the interim, the two online retailers will continue to operate as they currently do, with the change over (following approval) likely to happen in the new year.

What the effect of the merger is likely to be on the consumer remains to be seen, as the removal of competition is not usually a healthy option in a small economy.


BeZerK Gaming

Bezerk Logo_01BeZerK Gaming is currently getting heavily involved in representing South Africa on ESL. They are currently participating in a number of the organisations 5v5 Battlefield 4 tournaments against some of Europe’s top teams while battling the (not unexpected) high pings inherent in playing from SA.

The team is currently participating in the ESL A-Series Premier Division where they sit (at the time of writing) around mid-table with two wins and two losses.

The team also recently (after being together for only two weeks) played against the UK’s Team Infused in the ESL One Seasons Cup #2, and while the SA team were beaten by the fancied UK team, they seem to have made friends, as they are looking to participate in the third Seasons Cup, as well as DICE’s 5on5 Obliteration TestCup #1 which kicks off on Thursday 16 October. The team is also participating in the ESL Go4Cup which starts this coming Sunday.

Footage from their match against Team Infused can be viewed below.

The Killah Clowns

Killah Clowns_Logo_02PC clan The Killah Clowns are hosting their first 5v5 Clash for Battlefield 4. The tournament will take place on 22 and 23 November and will be restricted to 16 teams. The tournament will be based on 5v5 Domination and will be best of three until the final which will be best of five. Prizes are still to be confirmed, but if you’re keen to get involved, head to the website for more info and details on how to register.

Aorus Corsair Dota 2 Clash

The final eight teams scheduled to play for a small fortune [R274,985 to be exact – Undead Ed] in products at rAge in the NAG Gaming League Aorus Corsair Dota 2 Clash are:

  • Bvd emo
  • Ventus
  • NewB
  • Energy eSports
  • xTc.Rain
  • Battlenet Boys
  • For The Dream
  • Need Rage Tickets

The teams will face off at the Rectron stand over this coming weekend (10 to 12 October) and the competition should be entertaining.

SA vs Finland Test Matches

This past weekend, South Africa faced Finland in official StarCraft II and Dota 2 test matches. While one of the StarCraft II matches between SA’s Yolandi ‘Ananke’ Williams and Finland’s Niina “Soyhi” Kahela had to be cancelled due to connection issues, the men’s StarCraft II match and the Dota 2 match did go ahead.

Sadly for South Africa, both matches resulted in defeat by a Finnish team who are seen as one of the contenders for the IeSF World Championship happening later this year.

[hide-this-part Morelink=”Show Press Release:”]

One of the biggest problems that all South African sport has, is the lack of international competitive experience.

It is largely due to the lack of sufficient funds that many of South Africa’s teams are prohibited from participating in enough international competition.

Thus, through the IeSF’s international on-line test matches, South Africa is afforded the opportunity to play against the best teams in the world and to prepare for the annual world championships at a fraction of the cost.

The MSSA thus uses the on-line test series to help prepare the team for the rigours of the world championships as well as to continually evaluate not only the South African Protea team, but also the other international teams.

Thus on Saturday, 4 October 2014, South Africa took on Finland.

The Finnish team boasts of many of the world’s top players, and, arguably, the Finnish team is one of the most dominant teams in world eSports.

Thus, South Africa knew what was at stake as well as the fact that the South African team were clearly the underdogs.

The test match was to be played in two titles, being StarCraft II and Dota 2.

Unfortunately the one game of StarCraft II had to be cancelled due to connectivity issues. The game involved Yolandi ‘Ananke’ Williams who was to play from Wits University. Even though Wits has an incredible internet connection, it proved not to be reliable enough for the test match and such game was cancelled. Of course Yolandi was saddened by the cancellation as she was looking forward to a rematch against Niina “Soyhi” Kahela (Finland) whom Yolandi had faced off against at the 2013 IeSF World Championships – Bucharest.

In the StarCraft II match between Nathan ‘Static’ Anderson (SA) and Vesa “Welmu” Hovinen (Finland), Nathan lost both games. However, it must be noted that Vesa is arguably one of the top players outside Korea. On examining the replays, it is absolutely clear that Nathan is much improved since he represented South Africa in Bucharest in 2013. The replays too show where work has to be done.

In Dota 2, the Finnish team, ably lead by the world-renown Kalle “Trixi” Saarinen delivered two resounding defeats on the South African team. No quarter was given by the Finnish team who demonstrated why they are the main contenders for the World Championship title.

However, the South African team showed remarkable improvement since their game against Egypt in August. Lessons have been learnt and the team has improved.

There is still a long road to travel, and much improvement still needs to be done.

Nevertheless, the optimism, willingness to learn, and commitment shown by the South African team bodes well for the remaining test matches as well as for the actual World Championships.

The on-line test matches thus provide a valuable platform for the South African eSports players to test themselves against the international opposition, have a critical look at their tactics and prepare for the upcoming 2014 World Championships to be held in Baku.
The South African team consists of:

Dota 2

Name Nick Club Residence
Ion Todd (Team Captain)
Jason Bredberg
Saleem Manjoo
Timothy van Reenan Mostert
Knights Mind Sports
Knights Mind Sports
Knights Mind Sports
Knights Mind Sports
Knights Mind Sports
Cape Town
Cape Town
Cape Town
Cape Town
Cape Town

StarCraft II: Men

Name Nick Club Residence
Nathan Anderson Static Veneration Cape Town

StarCraft II: Women

Name Nick Club Residence
Yolandi Williams Ananke Snaz Gaming Roodepoort


About MWEB

Since 1997, MWEB has been championing a free web in South Africa. It has led the industry from the start with the introduction of the Internet to South Africans to the launch of South Africa’s first Uncapped ADSL product. Today, MWEB provides Internet connectivity and solutions for home users, business owners and large corporates.

Dedicated to constantly driving change in the industry and deploying world class research and development teams, MWEB is focused on removing all barriers to Internet connectivity and services to positively impact its customers and broaden the South African Internet landscape.

MWEB is owned by JSE-listed MultiChoice South Africa Holdings Limited, a Naspers Limited subsidiary that has more than 30% Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment shareholders.


Photos can be found here.


If you missed the Game Edge 2014 FIFA tournament in Bloemfontein a few weeks ago, here’s some highlights for you. And yes, the winner did score himself a Mini Cooper.

Upcoming Events

  • As mentioned, rAge 2014 is this weekend. Things kick off Friday (10 October) at 10am and end at 4pm on Sunday. Expect games, games, games and more games. And loads of people.
  • At rAge will of course be the DoGaming Championships. A variety of titles over a variety of platforms will be played over the weekend for a total of over R1 million in prizes.
  • If you’re stuck in Cape Town, you can still get in some social (and competitive) gaming. GAC LAN is on from 5pm on the 10th of October and runs until 7am on Sunday 12 October. There’s Quake Live and more planned, so head to the event page for more.

For more events happening this September, head here.

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