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Another week has come and gone in the SA gaming community and that means we got your covered on the happenings right here.


Steelseries_Logo_01SteelSeries is planning to become the major player in South African eSports by offering “up to 30% off on any purchase of high performance SteelSeries gaming gear” in July.

More details, as well as participating retailers, can be found here.

Bravado Gaming

Bravado_Logo_01Team Razer

Bravado Gaming has joined Team Razer as part of its “professional e-sports gaming organization”. While this gives the SA MMO an international presence, it was not revealed what the partnership entails exactly other than sponsored peripherals one can assume.

Bravado also revealed their partnership with local Razer (and other brands) distributor Corex.

To celebrate, they’re doing a giveaway, and we would love one of our readers to win, so head here for details.

The Bravado Brawl

Bravado Gaming are a busy bunch it seems. The organisation has revealed the ‘Bravado Brawl’ which sees South Africa’s Dota 2 teams face off against some international opponents. Kicking off on 20 June (and completing on Monday 23 June), eight teams will play in a double elimination event with a minimum prize pool of $550.

The prize pool is expected to increase by way of (still to be opened) ticket sales on the Dota 2 store.

The tournament bracket can be viewed here, and if you require more information, head to MWEB Gamezone’s article on the tournament.

nAv Gaming

NAV LOGO enlargementnAv Gaming have announced their new webiste – nAvTV – is now live.

The site was put together to allow the ‘eSports Broadcasting Organisatio’ to deliver “additional information and services that a platform like Facebook just doesn’t lend itself to.”

On the site you can view their upcoming broadcasts, find out which streams are live, read reviews, “learn more about your favorite nAvTV casters and, sorry for the cliche, much much more!”

Additional features and more information will be added based on the needs and wants of the community and industry in the future.

Hearth Battles

Hearth Battles hosted their second Hearthstone ‘Judgement‘ tournament this past weekend. The tournament – which was “filled with upsets” so new champion Dale Pon crowned.

Up next for the Hearthstone tournament organisers is the ‘Deathrattle Invitational‘ which sees a number of South Africa’s industry people face each other. Taking on our very own Zombie of Doom are players from G3AR, Evopoints, Megarom, MWEB Gamezone, LazyGamers, eGamer, Polarfluke and HearthBattles. I think we may need to prepare the Vaseline for our boy…

iVents Call of Duty Beta Tournament

The iVents ‘Beta’ Call of Duty tournament has reached (more or less) the halfway stage in the group phase, and it sees many of the teams cementing their place in a push for the knockouts. All the big names appear to be holding their own, with High 5, F34R, LosT and Paragon holding top spot in their respective groups. One of the favourites, NerO, currently sit in second spot in Group 5 behind xeroFracture.

If you’re keen to keep up to date with the group phase standings, hit the following links:

SA Gamer Battlefield 4 Defuse Tournament

The SA Gamer Battlefield 4 Defuse tournaments is into its second week, and seems to be taking longer than expected to get teams to play their second games. I’m sure it’s nothing serious – it’s all fun and games isn’t it?

If you’re keen to keep up with the results and standings (it’s still in its early phase), you can check here or here.

Gauteng Gamers / Sniper Elite 3 Launch

Apex Interactive and Gauteng Gamers are hosting a launch party for Sniper Elite 3 on Saturday 28 June from 9am. Paintball will test your virtual abilities in a real world environment – as well as leaving you bruised and a stunning shade of green (or red).

Space is limited to 30 people, so get yourself registered by Tuesday 24 June by emailing

[Event Page]

Upcoming Events

  • FIFAChamps host their World Cup themed FIFA 14 tournament on Saturday 21 June. R50 gets you in, and there’s R1000 cash up for grabs. Head over to Lounge Relax Play in Canal Walk from 11am.

For more events happening this June, head here.

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