SA Gaming_02Always wonder who actually reads these opening paragraphs sometimes. Humans? Zombies? Nobodies? Either way, it’s the wrap of all the goings on in South African gaming both in the week that’s past, and the week (and a bit) coming up.

Just a tip to local organisers. Detail your events fully please. People are a lot more likely to sign up if they know when, where, how much and what the prizes will be.

Oh. And if you missed it: The Xbox One will be available in SA on 23 September. Prices start from R6299 without a Kinect and hit R7999 with a Kinect.

Trenchtown Gaming Tournament

This past weekend concluded the anniversary celebrations at Trenchtown that had started the week before with the Black Ops 2 flashback LAN. Sadly, the number of FIFA players that attended were not a patch on the number of Call of Duty players, which is ironic considering the fact that at the first Trenchtown event on 1 June 2013, the FIFA players outnumbered the Call of Duty players…

Forza 4

Also in attendance was the Forza 4 Drift community that goes by the snappy moniker of TTSA. It has to be said that it took a lot of people to explain to this zombie exactly how scoring worked in the tournament happening. It would have been easier to simply let me nudge the opponent off the track, and it would’ve made me happier too.

But, I digress. There were people more serious about their business than me, and they were not going to slow down for a bumbling slowpoke. Eight racers (or are they actually called drifters) headed into the ‘Supa 8’ knockout phase, until it was only two – Devin and Rick in the final. It took all three rounds to determine the winner, and that was Rick who took the final and the prizes (cash, products and, erm, more products) 2-1.

The full bracket for the knockouts can be found here. A special shoutout needs to go to Nico who attended the event from port Elizabeth.


TT_7 June 2014As mentioned, the planned World Cup challenge was not quite the spectacle we had planned for. Hoping for 32, expecting 24, the 13 that pitched was a kick in the gut, and a sad reminder that the community can be a fickle lot at times. It may also have been exams and such things, but considering the aforementioned event last year had 28 players playing for less than the cash on offer this time, one is entitled to question things.

Each of the participating players were randomly assigned one of the top 13 FIFA ranked international teams as their team for the tournament and split into two groups – Group A with of seven players and Group B with six players. The top four teams in each group would then head into a knockout (played over two legs) to determine the winners.

While some games were cagey affairs ending in draws, their were some group matches that were goal fests – like Belgium (played by Mubeen) cruising to an 8-0 win against the Netherlands (Shakeel). Once the games were done and dusted, the players who made it to the playoffs were Colombia (Hakim), Spain (Yazeed), Brazil (Talieb) and Germany (Anton) from Group A, and Belgium (Mubeen), Italy (Fawaaz), England (Lee) and Portugal (Josh) from Group B.

There were goals aplenty in the playoffs. Mubeen put nine goals past Anton’s Germany over their two legs in a game that ended 1-1 after the first leg. In the semi-finals, Talieb and Hakim saw their South American debut feature a total of 12 goals, with Talieb’s Brazil heading through to the final as 7-5 winners.

The dream final saw hosts Brazil and current champions Spain (a match that would be tantalising in real life) face off. Yazeed’s Spain took the final (and the R750 cash prize) 4-2, and we’re pretty willing to place bets on the same result come the end of this year’s tournament in Brazil. Or we’ll eat Undead Ed.

Talieb scored R350 for his efforts, and Mubeen grabbed the third spot against Hakim and collected R150.

The full playoff bracket is available here.

A thanks to the players that attended the event, and a massive thanks to the Zombiegamer street crew for assisting on Saturday – Dylan Rosser, Astrid Lochner and Blaque Knight.

Photos can be found here.


TTSA have also been busy with their online World Championship Drift Series (WCDS) which completed round five last week. The top 16 battled it out for points in the overall standings. This is how things ended on the day.

TTSA_WCDS Round Five


A number of Kalahari items are on sale. Some good deals to be had if you’re looking to “complete your gaming experience”.

Madd Gaming League

New tournament organisers, Madd Gaming League have announced their inaugural FIFA 14 Tournament. Details are a little thin on the ground at the moment (we have contacted them for more information), but the real draw card is the prize money on offer.

R10,000 first prize, R5,000 for second and R2,500 for third place. To get in with a chance, it will cost you R100 for the “limited tickets” which will be in Cape Town “this July”.


Braccianos eSports Lounge

Braccianos in Brackenfell will be hosting a World Cup themed tournament from 18 June. All the games will be played on a Wednesday and will be restricted to 32 players in total. Only teams playing in the World Cup may be used for the tournament.

Prizes are still to be detailed, but we’d suggest keeping your eye on their Facebook Page.


FIFAChamps have announced their World Cup tournament for 21 June. As the name suggests, it’s World Cup teams only and offers R1000 cash to the winner. Entry will set you back R50, and kick off is at 11am at Lounge Relax Play in Canal Walk.


Playstation 3&4 Game Lounge

Table View based PS 3&4 Game Lounge is also looking to run a FIFA tournament this month. Frustratingly, details are a little thin on the ground, but the venue needs “between 16-32 players” and promises that there “will be prizes up for grabs and freebies as well.” To register your interest, you can inbox them or post on their wall.

iVents Call of Duty Beta Tournament

iVents ‘Beta’ Call of Duty tournament has only just kicked off, and with around 34 teams competing over group stages and then playoffs, the competition will be grueling and a testing experience for many of South Africa’s top teams. However, the prizes on offer should make it all worth it for those that prevail.

If you’re keen to keep up to date with the group phase standings, hit the following links:

SA Gamer Battlefield 4 Defuse Tournament

The SA Gamer Battlefield 4 Defuse tournaments has kicked off. While it’s being labeled a “fun” tournament with no prizes, one has to be realistic… it’s never fun unless you’re winning. Or something.

Anyway, if you’re keen to keep up with the results and standings (it’s still in its early phase), you can check here or here.

Xbox South Africa

Xbox ZA has launched a mobile app for Windows 8 phones and promises to bring together game trailers, podcasts, photo galleries and general gaming articles.

The app will be expanded with more features over the coming months, and you can find the app by “simply jump[ing] onto the Windows 8 Store and search[ing] for XBOX ZA.”

Upcoming Events

  • Good Game Cafe in Gauteng is hosting a FIFA tournament on Saturday 14 June starting from 1pm. Details can be found here.
  • Plan-G‘s FIFA 14 Unlimited tournament on Saturday 14 June in Port Elizabeth.

For more events happening this June, head here.

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