As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we’ll cover the goings-on in the South African gaming scene. If we stop, it’s most likely that the sun may rise in the west and set in the east, marking the end for all…

Trenchtown Gaming Tournament

ZG Ann_01On Saturday 31 May, we achieved a little milestone. It was almost exactly one year ago to the day that we started hosting tournaments at Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town. On 1 June 2013, in conjunction with 2upGamers we hosted a small trial event which featured Black Ops 2 in a 2v2 SnD format. On the day, only nine teams entered (while we had 28 FIFA players in contrast), but it was just a quiet start to what followed a month later when around 100 people attended the July event.

However, we are here to celebrate the first event, and to do so we went back to the Call of Duty we started with, in the format we started with. This time 18 teams attended the free-to-enter event, and the action was fast and furious over the double elimination tournament.

Each round was played as a best of three featuring SnD, Hardpoint and SnD. It was clear from the get-go that many of the teams were now so ensconced in Ghosts that some time was needed to get back in the swing of things. The only team that appeared comfortable from the very start were young team ‘The Expendables’, who (after some interrogation) revealed they pretty much still only play Black Ops 2.

Once the teams were back in their stride, it became clear (again) how fantastic Hardpoint is as a spectator mode. The action was fast and furious at times, but the most familiar names in the SA Call of Duty scene managed to stand tall and make it through the early rounds. F34R Adept, Lost Gaming, NerO and ViNCO all had teams feature in the final four of the winner’s bracket, but it was F34R Adept that went to final undefeated to await their opponents.

That turned out to be Lost Gaming who played three matches in a row via the loser’s bracket to head back into the grand final. The final did run tighter than the 2-0 win to Adept appears on paper. SnD on Raid went 6-4, while HP on Standoff went 250-174. F34R Adept won R600 cash, R500 in Kalahari vouchers (sponsored by MWEB GameZone) and Ghosts beanie. Lost Gaming scored R300 cash and the beanies (also sponsored by MWEB GameZone), while third place finishers NerO bagged R100 cash.

The full bracket is available here. Photos are available here.

We would like to thank every supporter, player and sponsor for their involvement in the numerous events this past year. We appreciate it more than you know. However, a special mention must go to Trenchtown for being ahead of the curve and supporting the idea of gaming at their venue. An extra special mention goes to the Undead Crew – Dylan Rosser, Astrid Lochner and Blaque Knight have sacrificed more than most so that the gamers can enjoy their pastime in such a way. Thank you.

Continuing our anniversary celebration, on Saturday (7 June) there’s FIFA 14 and Forza 4 action at Trenchtown. Details can be found here.

Southern Barbarians

South Africa’s Southern Barbarians at last have their opponents in the ESL Battlefield 4 Country Conquest Cup. Finland will need to stop the undefeated (at least in the playoffs) juggernaut that is Team South Africa…

You can view the full bracket here, and show the team your support by liking their Facebook Page.

Stay Frosty

Stay Frosty SA has launched and may become your (and your clan’s) one stop shop for controllers. You can buy ready built controllers with paddles and trigger stops, clan branded controllers, build-your-own controllers and more via the site.

Go on, support local.

Stay Frosty Website

Gaming World SA

Gaming World SA has announced its ‘Winter LAN’ set for 28 and 29 June. Venue, prizes, costs and other details are not yet available, but we will update as soon as we know.

In the meanwhile, you can submit your interest and team via:

Madd Gaming League

Another organisation – seemingly focused on Call of Duty and online tournaments – has announced itself to South Africa. Their Facebook information suggests a “new era for ESports in South Africa,” and the “prize pot for Madd Gaming League often tops R10,000”. Not sure how they know that just yet.

Tournaments and titles promised include Fifa14, Call of Duty: Ghost, “Foza” (or Forza we’d assume…) and UFC.

You can find the organisation on Twitter and Facebook.

SA Gamer Forum

We’re supporters of the supporters of the local community, and SA Gamer Forum is one such supporter. And they’ve just expanded to include a gaming news and reviews website now, making them our direct competitors. Or something.

The website is essentially made up of ex-G34R writers who are generally a bunch of nice humans. Maybe.

That will be the last time we talk of our competition at all. Possibly.

Battlefield 4 Defuse Tournament

A community initiative this one. The console Battlefield community on the SA Gamer Forum has kicked off a Battlefield 4 PS4 Defuse tournament.

Ten teams have already registered, and the tournament will start as a round robin event and culminate in a top four playoff.

Late entries are welcome, so head here for details.

Gauteng Gamers

As mentioned earlier, we support any initiative which attempts to keep local gamer informed, so we would like to point any of our readers based in Gauteng to the Gauteng Gamers group on Facebook which is pretty much as the name suggests.

If you’re a Gauteng gamer, then hit the link and get involved, and never miss the action in your neck of the woods again.

MSSA Mpumalanga Results

Better late than never right? Results, sans PR blurb. Why there’s only a first place generally we’ll leave to your imagination but we’re pretty willing to bet that the number of entrants were not many more than that…

[hide-this-part Morelink=”Click here for results”]



Female – Premier Male – Premier
Pos Team Club Pos Team Club
1 Nomfundo Moyo HTS Witbank 1 Simphiwe Maphumulo Zola Checkers Club


Call of Duty: Ghosts

Male – Premier (PC)
Pos Team Club
1 TFR All Stars


Male – Premier (PS3)
Pos Team Club
1 Ash Meltdown HTS Witbank


Male – Premier (XBox)
Pos Team Club


Male – Premier
Pos Team Club
1 Delta 5 Gaming All Stars

Dota 2

Male – Premier
Pos Team Club
1 TMSC Sabotage Tuks Mindsport Club


Male – Schools
Pos Team Club
1 Grey Warders HTS Witbank

FIFA ’14

Male – Premier (PS3)
Pos Name Club
1 Kyle Turnbull HTS Witbank


Male – Schools (PS3)
Pos Name Club
1 Sibusiso Mathizerd Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog


Male – Premier (XBOX)
Pos Name Club
tie 1 Bomganjala Zwane
Setlabocha Pudi
HTS Witbank


Male – Schools (PS3)
Pos Name Club
1 Armand du Preez Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog

League of legends

Male – Premier
Pos Team Club
1 Senior Team Tuks Mind Sports Club


Female – Premier Male – Premier
Pos Team Club Pos Team Club
1 Lucille Brown All Stars 1 Legend Muir All Stars

StarCraft 2

Female – Premier Male – Premier
Pos Team Club Pos Team Club
1 Morizane Boyes All Stars 1 Jaco Botha HTS Witbank

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Female – Premier Male – Premier
Pos Team Club Pos Team Club
1 Nadine Swart HTS Witbank tie 1 Legend Muir
Andrè Potgieter
All Stars
HTS Witbank


Female – Under 24
Pos Team Club
1 Riana du Plessis All Stars


Female – Schools Male – Premier
Pos Team Club Pos Team Club
tie 1 Nadia Nasson
Zanele Kanye
HTS Witbank
HTS Witbank
1 Martin van Niekerk HTS Witbank





Female – Premier Male – Premier
Pos Team Club Pos Team Club
1 Elisha Retief Old Edwardian Wargames Club 1 Donald Mullany Old Edwardian Wargames Club



Some footage from an ‘exhibition’ match at the recent Gaming World SA LAN. When we say recent, we mean the one in April.

Upcoming Events

  • The MSSA Dota 2 National Trials are scheduled for Saturday, but other than the information here, we can’t tell you much more.
  • iVents has their first online tournament kicking off on 8 June, so we’re guessing you still have a few days to get you and your team registered.
  • Ground Zero LAN are back on Saturday 7 June from 9am at Tamboti Hall in Kiblerpark. Details here.
  • Good Game Cafe in Gauteng has an Injustice tournament on Saturday 7 June starting from 1pm. Details can be found here.
  • The DBNGamers have come back from wherever they’ve been hiding and are hosting a pre-E3 event on Saturday from 1:30pm. Where? Durban. Where exactly? Not too sure, and neither were they at the time of writing. Keep up to date via the event page.
  • A reminder that registrations for Plan-G‘s FIFA 14 Unlimited tournament on 14 June in Port Elizabeth are now open.

For more events happening this May, head here.

You can find out about even more events happening in South Africa in our events calendar. If you want all the news about goings on in South Africa, simply click on the SA flag to be whisked to the most comprehensive coverage of South African gaming that you will find on the internet. You may just be surprised by how much is happening around the country.

Know of anything gaming related happening or happened in South Africa? Drop us an email at and we will do our best to cover it.