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Good day SA gamers. It felt like another busy week in South Africa, and it certainly doesn’t appear to be letting up.

If you missed it, we covered the recent MWEB GameZone Ghosts Masters Series LAN tournament, which was taken by Team Opulence. Additional coverage can be found on eSportsLive.

Almost everything else is covered below.

Telkom DGL

Registrations for the Winter Leg of the DoGaming League have opened. DGL’s regular games, as well as the newer additions such as console Call of Duty, are all featured. While teams wait for the start of the Winter Leg, a number of others are still battling it out in the Summer Leg playoffs.

[More on DoGaming]

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IventsZA has announced their 1000+ ‘SetUp’ LAN which will run for three days in July. The event is due to run 18 to 20 July and promises at least “18 hours of tournaments per discipline.” It will feature PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

If you’re wondering why the dates clash with the MWEB Masters Series Ghosts event in Gauteng, a little birdie has suggested the two may happen together at the same venue.


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Southern Barbarians

The long awaited match in the winner’s bracket of the ESL Battlefield 4 Country’s Cup between South Africaern Barbarians and Sweden will take place on Sunday 13 April. The match starts at 8pm, and if the South Africans continue as they have, they may very well be set for a grand final showing.

The tournament bracket can be viewed here.

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HearthBattles has announced its ‘Judgement’ Tournament.

The tournament will be free to enter and will run for two days on 26 and 27 April. Prizes include a $20 Steam voucher and Battlecoins.

Details can be found here.

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Upcoming Events

  • GamersXtreme host their inaugural LAN event this coming weekend. The games start on Friday and run until Saturday. The prize pool for the event has gone over R4300 and will feature League of Legends, Dota 2 and StarCraft 2.
  • FIFAChamps are at Lounge Relax Play in Canal Walk from 11am on Saturday for some FIFA 14 action. R50 gets you playing for the R1000 first place prize.
  • Also on Saturday, Gaming World SA will be hosting a 4v4 Ghosts LAN at 129 Cook Street in Goodwood, CT. Entry is free and there will be prizes (still to be confirmed). Players need only bring their headsets, controller and copy of the game. Head here for more details, or email
  • On Monday, 14 April, we (zombies) will be hosting a FIFA 14 inter-schools event between Fairmont High School and Fairbairn College at MWEB’s offices. The event is part of our ongoing program to bring eSports to the schools.
  • We will be hosting a Gears of War 3 ‘Wingman’ tournament on 26 April at Trenchtown. Details here.

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For more events happening this April, head here.

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