SA Gaming_02This past week has again (especially on a personal level) been a busy one in SA gaming. Plenty has transpired, many have won events, plenty have had things happening, and the next week looks just as busy.

The Zombiegamer Events crew (or ZGE) was privileged to continue the schools gaming program on Friday and followed that up with an epic UCON event on Saturday and Sunday.

We can also announce that Zombie Dredd has been appointed as the South African correspondent for eSportsLive, giving South African competitive gaming a real opportunity to start featuring on an international level.

Fairmont High School Call of Duty Ghosts

On Friday, 28 March, we returned to the school that started a program to bring gaming and eSports to the country’s future gaming stars. This time we took Call of Duty to Fairmont High School (don’t worry, all consent was received) to end the school term with an alternative to twiddling thumbs while waiting for the final bell to go.

30 players participated in a free-for-all event which even had a cash prize pool up for grabs, as well as the chance to become part of the school’s Call of Duty team.

While some of the players were there for the fun of it all (and there’s no harm in that), others were clearly skilled individuals with a clear map knowledge and great gun skills. Over a double elimination tournament which saw the top four remain in the winner’s bracket with others going into the loser’s bracket, there were some phenomenal and thrilling matches to watch.

Fairmont TeamIn the end, it came down to the final eight players on Warhawk, and a concentration testing 20 minute round to determine the top four placings. The match saw over 650 kills in total, and Matthew took the top spot with 112 individual kills. In second place was Grant C.,followed by Grant F., and Connor in fourth. However, due to non-availability, Connor will be replaced by Sinjen in the team which will feature in this weekend’s MWEB LAN event.

Good luck to the team, and thank you to Fairmont High School, the pupils and Elize Crouse for really embracing eSports. Should any schools be interested in participating, please send the author and email.

Photos from the event.

As part of the ongoing growth of the program, we will be hosting (in conjunction with MWEB GameZone) an inter-school FIFA 14 event between Fairmont and Fairbairn, which is tentatively scheduled for 14 April.

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UCON 2014

Have we mentioned UCON was an epic event? It was. We’re hazarding a guess here, but well over 1,000 people attended the UCT Genshiken Society’s cosplay, anime and gaming convention. It was epic…

The zombies (and their human friends) hosted the console gaming section, which incorporated casual free-to-play stations, as well as tournaments making up part of the ‘Ultimate Gamer’ competition. We lost count of how many players came in to simply play the casual games (we’re pretty willing to bet it was around half the attendees), but we did keep tabs on the total number of ‘unique’ players that participated in the Ultimate Gamer titles.

80. A humbling number of players indeed. Not all participated in every title, but a large number took part in at least three of the six titles offered over the two days. Forza 4 was a fastest lap competition based on the Top Gear ‘Reasonably Priced Car’ concept, and that was taken by Omar Khan with a time of 1.40.825. Jamming Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ on Guitar Hero was the other challenge and that was taken by Corbin with a mammoth (verified) score of 173,788.

The other four titles were self-contained elimination events. FIFA 14 on Saturday featured many tight matches, and none more so than the final which went to penalties, which Thomas took against Cristiano. Injustice: Gods Among Us was the Sunday game and had 22 entries battling until Darren P. stood tall against Victor.

Two shooters were available too. On Saturday was Call of Duty Ghosts which saw 40 players shoot, stab and even run away to secure a top eight spot. Forcing the top eight to play Overlord for 20 minutes as a final was met with some consternation by the players, but it certainly proved to be a match worth watching. The top three places constantly swopped positions throught, but it was a resolute Cristiano that held fast and took the tournament with his clan mate from FISH, Metal Slug, in second. Third was Concept_Levelzz.

On Sunday, the Halo players must’ve been feeling pretty confident with Pupsky in L.A. That was until Jsharp strolled in to the building, and the other 31 players felt the wind go out of their sails. It wasn’t all one way traffic though. Well, not exactly. As expected Jsharp made it to the final… and then proceeded to win it. However, for some of the players it was an opportunity to grab some important points for the overall Ultimate Gamer leaderboard. In that regard, Cristiano featured again, and bagged second place, and the title of Ultimate Gamer of UCON 2014. He also scored R1,000 and a Zombiegamer t-shirt for his efforts.

UCON 2014 Final Standings

All the players who won their individual events scored prizes sponsored by Genshiken, while the top three overall placings received cash prizes.

The weekend could not have run smoothly without the assistance of Dylan, Zombie of Doom, Jarrod and Charl. Thank you to them, and everyone else that asssited, as well as all the players and supporters.

Photos of UCON Day 1.
Photos of UCON Day 2.
More photos of the gaming.

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At UCON we met some members of an organisation called Plan-G, and were pleased to discover that they are a Port Elizabeth based organisation offering gaming events and tournaments, which include the national qualifiers for EVO.

The organisation focuses on fighting games, and will be hosting a FIFA event in June, but have dipped their toes into a little Battlefield action too.

Two upcoming events to note:

Find out more about Plan-G on their official website or Facebook Page.

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Braccianos eSports Lounge

Braccianos eSports Lounge in Brackenfell recently hosted a FIFA 14 ‘Clan Wars’ featuring Console Kings, Borngamers and Braccianos Dragons.

The newcomers from Braccianos came up against two established FIFA teams in the other two, but generally held their own. However, the competition was between the traditional rivals of Console Kings and Borngamers, and it was a total of only five points which separated them.

Console Kings grabbed the crown after a total of 50 matches. Plans are afoot for the next ‘Clan Wars’, so watch this space for details.


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HearthBattles recently interviewed their champ, Barry ‘TreNd’ West. Find out more about the Hearthstone player here.

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MSSA Gauteng Provincial

We have no idea who won what at the MSSA Gauteng Provincial Championship, but there’s photos of people who played and won stuff here.

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Upcoming Events

  • This weekend is the MWEB Master Series Cape Town LAN. Spectators are welcome (and free). Selected matches will be streamed live on Twitch and the MWEB EventStream.
  • Two ‘traditional’ PC LANs are on this weekend in the Cape Town area. GAC LAN and Plaasteater LAN. Hit the links for more on each.
  • Good Game Cafe in Gauteng will be running a Modern Warfare 3 on Saturday. More here.
  • On 12 April, Gaming World SA will be hosting a LAN at 129 Cook Street in Goodwood, CT. Free entry with prizes to be confirmed. Players need only bring their headsets, controller and copy of the game. For more details, email
  • We will be hosting a Gears of War 3 ‘Wingman’ tournament on 26 April at Trenchtown. Details to follow.

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For more events happening this April, head here.

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