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Well, that was a surprisingly quiet week in gaming around South Africa. We may of course have missed something, so feel free to let us know then.

Trenchtown FIFA 14 Tournament

Last night was a special one for the regular (basically weekly) gaming night at Trenchtown. It didn’t just have one, or two, or even three platforms featuring FIFA 14… it had four. Well, five actually if you include the real football on TV. On display and in use were the usual suspects – Xbox 360 and PS3 – along with newcomer PS4, and special guest, the Xbox One.

The tournament played out over the Xbox 360 and PS4, with the PS3 almost forgotten among the new arrivals, while the Xbox One was there for an opportunity to just try it out (thanks to FLS’s Beanibility).

The tournament eventually saw the Xbox 360 winner, Yazeed Dollie, take on the PS4 winner, Mubeen Gaffoor in a home and away final which Mubeen took 3-2 on aggregate with all goal coming in the final leg on the PS4.

Photos from the evening are up on our Facebook Page.

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Afrihost Call of Duty LAN

This coming weekend sees the biggest (in terms of cash value) console Call of Duty event in South Africa go down in Gauteng. 13 clans (well, 13 teams at least) will be battling for around R20,000 in cash along with some Afrihost product on Saturday, with selected matches being streamed live from The Italian Club in Germiston. Some of the clans expected to be representing at the tournament are Adept, High 5 and ViNCO, among others.

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MLG South African Call of Duty Championship Regional Qualifier

A reminder that you and your team may be able to find yourself in Los Angeles at the end of March if you win the SA qualifiers for the Call of Duty Championship. You will of course need to register first. So do so. Do so NOW!

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Rekoil Local Servers

Rekoil – a game claimed to be a “modern, multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) developed by core gamers, for core gamers,” has received a local server courtesy of Do Gaming. [More on DoGaming]

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The Top 5 Battlefield 4 plays brought to you by BeZerk Gaming.

The video of the final of last year’s Incredible Connection First Recon Call of Duty Ghosts tournament hosted by MWEB Gamezone. The eventual winners were (spoiler alert) Team Adept who beat Team Astra 3-2.

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Upcoming Events

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For more events happening this February, head here.

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