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It was another good weekend of gaming fun (or serious competition, depending on your attitude) in South Africa. Here’s what went down.

Black Ops 2 Mweb Ladders X360 & PS3


The big one of the weekend – no offense to the other events – was the culmination of the MWEB Black Ops 2 Autumn Ladders. This was played out in the form of a single elimination tournament featuring the top eight teams on each of the two consoles. Not cross-platform before someone asks.

The eight Xbox 360 and eight PS3 clans who were the top eight finishers were all prepped and ready to go come the Xbox 360 quarter finals at 4pm. Proceedings kicked off with F34R Elite beating Splash Zone 3-1 after a slightly jittery start by F34R. In what many saw as the first upset of the day, IoN Gaming knocked out Adios la Vida 3-2 in an utterly enthralling match that went to and fro until a completely clinical 6-0 SnD round clinched it for IoN. ViNCO Gaming secured their place in the semi final with a relatively comfortable win over LO$T, while one of the favourites XtaZ went through on a default win after being 2-0 in their match against FLS Unleash.

On the PS3 side of the quarter finals, INS4NE Gaming stated their intentions early and comprehensively beat AP3X LeGacY 3-0. Two of the three remaining games were also relatively one-sided affairs with L3G1ON_ICU beating eVo BLU3 3-0, and 13K beating 13L Allstars 3-1. The big game of the round was between F34R Elite (who were in the position to bounce between platforms every round depending on their progress) and eVolve R3D. The game did not disappoint and went all five maps, with eVolve R3D taking it 3-2.

F34R Elite were back up and on the Xbox 360 for their semi final on Xbox 360 against IoN Gaming. In another enthralling match which had IoN Gaming winning over a number of supporters, the game went on to the full five maps again (for F34R) but the (relative) newcomers IoN held it all together and booked a place in the finals with a 3-2 win. The other semi final had ViNCO facing XtaZ in another battle of new clan against established clan. This time the established team came back from a 2-0 deficit to grab a 3-2 win and ensure another final for XtaZ.

The PS3 semi-finals proved as entertaining and exciting as the Xbox 360 games. INS4NE faced L3G1ON_ICU and played another confident game to ensure that they won 3-1 to head into the final. eVolve R3D again went five rounds, and again persevered to go into the the final with a 3-2 win over 13K.

While the two finals were the games most were waiting for on the livestreams, there was still a third place finish up for grabs, and the prizes that went with it. F34R Elite beat ViNCO 3-0 on the Xbox 360, while the PS3 teams are still play their game, which is most likely to happen during the course of this week.

And on to the finals. The Xbox 360 final was up first, and had caused a decent stir in the SA community as IoN had a pretty good chance of upsetting things with a win against XtaZ. HoldenZA – who had been casting like a man possessed in the semi finals – was joined by a guest caster in the form of Ben ‘Benson’ Bowe from the UK. And the match certainly did not disappoint. Like two heavyweight boxers trading punches it went all the way to the final round and SnD. With XtaZ looking to take the final round relatively comfortably, IoN mounted a fight back that had viewers most likely secretly willing the underdogs on. However, XtaZ showed that they have experience behind them and held on to take the first place 3-2 overall.

With ‘Benson’ staying on to watch the PS3 final on Twitch (he is not an owner of a Sony console), INS4N3 and eVolve R3D got underway a little later than scheduled. While the match didn’t play out with quite the same excitement as the Xbox 360 one, it was still a game filled with quality, which INS4N3 took with a little comfort 3-1 over eVolve.

Having watched the majority of matches played on the day, it is my humble opinion that the quality of the SA gaming scene is improving in leaps and bounds, with the majority of matches being close-run affairs proving that more teams are started to genuinely compete.

Prizes for the ladders were sponsored by Mad Catz, Gunnar and Tritton on the PS3 and Razer on the Xbox 360.

With the culmination of this season’s ladders, the Gamer’s in Beta training program will be kicking off. It has been slightly delayed to get in an eighth team plus two more trainers, so if you’re keen, check the information here.

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20130608_101436CAPE TOWN SHOWDOWN

Cape Town Showdown held their fourth event on Saturday at UCT, and managed to draw over 70 virtual fighters to the event even with the rain and cold. Noses were broken, and backs snapped in three tournament games – Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, there was no surprise as Di Lhong claimed first place and PaasHaas came in second out of the 35 combatants. You can see the full results here.

46 fighters got involved in the Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 tournament. The double elimination tournament saw eventual winner Sunny remain undefeated throughout, while second place finisher Skamanke battled in from the loser’s bracket. Full results here.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 had 28 players battling away, with F34R_J4GY (JAGUGUARANG) reigning supreme and CrazyGunJack coming in second. Full results here.

Ryan Williams from CTS feels the event was “the most successful CTS event we have ever run.” For the short we were in attendance, we must heartily concur.

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FifaChamps hit Lounge Relax Play in Century City for – you guessed it – FIFA 13 action.

We have requested the results from the organisers and have not received them at the time of publishing.

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The final bit of FIFA 13 action happened on Sunday at Zevolis Bar in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

We have requested the results from the organisers and have not received them at the time of publishing.

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