Welcome back to the start of another (hopefully) great year in South African gaming and eSports. Not that you would think so based on the first part of our first SA Gaming News Wrap for 2014…


Last year a Battlefield 3 PS3 community team was told they weren’t South African enough for the MSSA to represent themselves as ‘Team South Africa’ and a few people got a little irate. The drama settled as the ‘Team from South Africa’ proceeded to do pretty well for their first outing in the eSN World Nations Cup.

Well, it appears that the MSSA is doing so again. This time a Battlefield 4 team wanting to participate in the ESL Country Championships have been removed from the event following interference from the MSSA’s ex-president Colin Webster. The ex-president, who should surely be leaving business to the new president Simphiwe Maphumulo, got the team removed from the tournament because “the team cannot use the SA flag, nor can it use the name South Africa as it is not a representative team.” Slightly fair in some respects considering the fact that the MSSA is affiliated with SASCOC and are the only organisation entitled to issue National colours.

However, we have used the SA flag on the site for years now, and I frankly think that we have every right to do so. And any team may do so in any event they choose. Energy eSports and two MainGaming players did just that at the ESWC event last year. They did so as they were proud to play as South Africans at the event. Maybe they shouldn’t have wasted their time right?

Anyway, the end result is that the South Africans will now be playing as the Southern Barbarians. Good luck the team from South Africa.

So, remember South Africans… using the South African flag to show your pride is not an acceptable option according to the MSSA…


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Ghosts_COD Champs 2014MLG South African Call of Duty Championship Regional Qualifier

Which brings us to whether this is actually allowed…

Either way, after last year’s efforts by MWEB Gamezone and ESL to get a team from South Africa to the 2013 Call of Duty Championships, MLG has the full reigns it seems and will be hosting the online regional for South Africa on 22 February. Teams can start registering already, with the winning team following in Team XtaZ’s footsteps from last year.

Register here.

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PandaTank retires from Pro Gaming

South Africa’s first sponsored pro-gamer, Rob “PandaTank” Botha, has quit the professional gaming due to the fact that “being a professional gamer in South Africa isn’t a sustainable career. I’m getting older and I need to start thinking about what my next adventures in life will be.”

He has played in many StarCraft II tournaments locally and internationally, and will be a missed feature in future events. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


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DGL | Casters

The DoGaming League have instituted new regulations for the casting of their matches which requires casters to form organisations and to apply for partnership with the DGL. Without doing so, individual casters will not be allowed to officially cast DGL matches. [More on DoGaming]

One of the first to register is ‘Professional Multicasting’ who feature the well-known Noxville in their ranks. You can find out a little more about him and shoutcasting in South Africa in a feature we ran last year.

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DGL | League Registrations

The registrations for a number of DGL titles will be closing soon. Registrations are open until 19 January and the tournaments kick off on 28 January.

Click the links below to be whisked off to the registration page.

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UCON 2014

UCON 2014 has been announced and dated, and plans to build on last year’s inaugural event. The event will once again be a two day event on 29 and 30 March at UCT, with entry fees being adjusted from last year. Bucking inflation, entry will be R50 or R75 for entry with access to console gaming – the additional R25 will go to charity.

With more details being revealed over the coming weeks, you can for now expect Anime and Gaming to be the focus of the event. Once again, you can expect the zombies (and some of their human friends) to be on hand offering you some gaming joy.

More information is available on the Event Page.

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JHB Call of Duty LAN

A quietly announced Call of Duty Ghosts event is happening in Johannesburg on 1 February. It appears to be a fully funded event (there’s even Afrihost’s chef available) which may or may not be invite only. At the time of writing we are aware of a number of clans that have been invited, but the man behind the event GBarkie1 did post a tweet a day or two ago requesting applications to be emailed to him confirming “your ability to be in JHB on 1 Feb.”

So get to it. Email the man at barkieUK@undl.co.za.

We will make contact with him to get some clarity and to confirm the prize pool for the event which stands at an unconfirmed total of R20,000.

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Battlefield 4 Top 5 Plays

MWEB Gamezone and BeZerk Gaming have launched a Battlefield 4 Top 5 Plays series, and they need your help. Well, they need Battlefield 4 players’ help. To find out what requirements your action needs to meet, and how to submit them, head to Gamezone’s site.

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PlayStation 3 & 4 Gaming Lounge

Cape Town’s gaming lounge numbers are on the rise. To go along with Rondebosch’s GamesOn, and the still planned Bracciano’s eSports Lounge in Brackenfell, there’s a venue on the western coast of the peninsula.

PlayStation 3 & 4 Gaming Lounge is based at 183 Blaauwberg Main Road and offers gaming tournaments, as well as kids parties, social events and business year end functions.

We will be covering the venue in an upcoming feature, but head over to their Facebook Page or Twitter account.

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InZane Gaming

Durban’s FIFA 14 tournament organisers, InZane Gaming hosted the first 2014 event on 11 January. Hosted at Musgrave Centre, the tournament saw 44 players enter. The winner was Bevan – who had won three of the last four tournaments – and he walked off with R1000, a trophy and free entry to the next event.

Second place was Lungelo – the previous winner – who won R250 and a trophy, while third place Pyush bagged R150 and a trophy.

Photos from the tournament are available via their Facebook Page.

InZane Gaming’s next FIFA 14 tournament is a 2v2 event at Musgrave Centre on 1 February.

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If there’s never enough FIFA action for you, then FUTball.co.za is your new go-to spot on the worldwide web. You can find news about your favourite games and upcoming events, as well as take part in events hosted by the organisation right here.

You can also give them a follow on Twitter.

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nAv Gaming CS:GO Cup

nAv Gaming have announced their CS:GO Sunday Series for 2014, which is a “series of hosted CS:GO Sunday cups through out the year. The aim of the series is to rank each team into their respective ranking by means of the Sunday Series Championship Leader Board.”

Sign ups are now open and the tournament gets underway on 19 January at 13:00 as a single elimination event.

Additional details, as well as registration can be done here.

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We’re awaiting the dates for dAZLAN’s 2014 events, but they recently hosted their first of 2014. Pictures from the event can be found here. Pictures of the winners from the event can be found here.

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Upcoming Events

  • On Saturday 18 January and Sunday 19 January, Trenchtown will be your host for Ghosts, FIFA 14 and Injustice: Gods Among Us action. You can pre-register for the tournament and check out additional details here.
  • MWEB Gamezone is offering console Call of Duty teams an opportunity to practice for the Call of Duty Championship qualifier via their Scrim Ladders. More here.
  • Games On Gaming Lounge is hosting a small tournament to find out the best players out there. R65 entry fee will have you playing a variety of games (including some on their Xbox Ones) and there are prizes up for grabs. More here.

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As usual we will keep you in the loop of what is happening in SA gaming in the coming year.

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