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Tonight (17 May in case you arrive here tomorrow), sees the Black Ops IIII reveal event. You can catch it unfold here from 7pm.

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Upcoming Events

ACGL have online tournaments happening over the course of this weekend and into next week, including Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rocket League and more. All the necessary details and registration pages are available here. Additionally, registrations are open for May’s ‘Minor LANs’ for FIFA 18, Injustice 2 (both 19 May) and Call of Duty (26 May).

This coming weekend (and on) has the following to keep you entertained:

  • Xbox Playdates ZA have the following May play dates on the agenda. Join them every Wednesday from 8pm and selected Fridays from 9pm. You can get more information here about the regular gaming play dates for Xbox One players.
    • 23rd- NHL 18 (3v3) (EA Access)
    • 25th – F1 2017 (Monaco)
  • Mettlestate is hosting the ROG Valkyrie League for CS:GO currently. You can catch two matches a week from the tournament every Wednesday from 7pm until 30 May. Tune in to the action here.
  • Arnold Classic at Sandton Convention Centre from 18 to 20 May will be featuring esports. Details are not overly clear but there are fighting games, FIFA 18, Fortnite and Hearthstone planned. A gaming schedule can be found here, with additional event details here.
  • ACGL and their partners are hosting FIFA 18 and Injustice 2 tournaments in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Gauteng on 19 May. Cash prizes are up for grabs, and full details can be found here. The Port Elizabeth leg incorporates the Plan-G fighting games community gathering.
  • GeekFest 2018 is on this weekend (19 and 20 May) at Montecasino. There are a number of activities happening over the two days with details available here.

Remember to keep these days open for some upcoming action a little further in the future:

Competitions & Giveaways

Sales & Discounts

Arnold Classic

This weekend, esports makes a showing at the Arnold Classic event. Yes, the “I’ll be back” Arnold. And yes, esports. In South Africa.

The press release (below) never really details what is happening but there will be fighting games, FIFA 18, Hearthstone and Fortnite on the agenda. You can also engage with the people on site about how you can get involved in esports. Just be aware that there is an entry fee to the event which seems to start at R200 per person.

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Esports to be showcased at the Arnold Classic Africa 2018

The Arnold Sports Festival is the largest series of multi-sport events in the world and the local leg under the banner, Arnold Classic Africa, takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre on 18-20 May. This year, for the first time ever, South African esports will be represented and the public can look forward to an interactive gaming hub likely to impress die-hard gamers and convert the curious.

Local esports market burgeoning

Quick recap for those that are in the dark, esports is online competitive gaming and has soared globally from being a fun pastime to an internationally recognised sport. It allows for individual or team play and the last decade has seen multi-million Rand tournaments, the rise of the sponsored pro-gamer and the rapid growth of viewership, rivalling some of the biggest traditional sports in the world. The most common esports titles being played professionally in South Africa are Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA.

Immersive and interactive gaming experience

In partnership with Esports Industry South Africa and BMi Sports Info, NiBBLE Esports and Ark Gaming will showcase a new, emergent mobile esports environment, as well as console gaming, racing simulations, through to the ‘hard-core’ PC gaming experience. The activation promises giveaways, competitions and virtual reality immersion allowing everyone to get a taste of the local esports world and see what the future holds for young aspiring e-athletes.

“The Arnold Classic Africa serves as our platform to collaboratively showcase part of the esports culture and educate South Africa on the opportunity this sport provides,” says NiBBLE founder, Keegan Stewart.

“We have merged entertainment, fun, community and passion and invite everyone attending the sports festival to immerse themselves into the unlimited possibilities of the fantastical world or the competitive virtual football field.”

Multi-career opportunities in esports

Esports offers many avenues to participate in, such as live-streaming, commentary (you could be the esports version of Martin Tyler), becoming the next YouTube sensation, earning millions of Rand in tournament prize money, becoming an esports entrepreneur and starting your own organisation, or using your talent as a video editor, designer, writer or musician to create great esports content that is continuously being consumed by fans.

“The gaming environment offers a virtual home to every person irrespective of gender, race, age, demographic or disability,” says Ark Gaming founder, Deen Moodley. “It can bring communities together and encompasses more than just ‘entertainment’ but a social, educational and competitive experience that creates and establishes friendships, team building and mentorship.”

Public can expect a high-tech, gaming extravanganza

South African esports teams place in the top 1% of players in the world and there are less barriers to entry as a professional as evidenced by the recent VS Gaming Festival at Montecasino where 16 year old Thabo Moloi and Shiaan Rugbeer each walked off with R400,000 in cash and a spot in the FIFA Global Series Playoffs later this year.

“The Arnold Classic is a great opportunity for esports to sit alongside numerous sporting codes and showcase everything that makes the sport the global phenomenon that it is,” says Esports Industry South Africa co-founder Chris Heaton.

“We want to help bring competitive online gaming into the mainstream and allow our local industry to thrive. NiBBLE Esports and Ark Gaming will be presenting a high-tech, gaming extravaganza that is sure to please and attract new fans to esports.”

Get down to the Sandton Convention Centre this weekend and let NiBBLE Esports and Ark Gaming entice you into the world of gaming and competitive esports.

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Kenyan female Tekken 7 player, Sylvia ‘Queen Arrow’ Wahome, has become the region’s “first recruited female esports pro gamer” when she was recruited by US-based esports team XiT Wounds recently.


Locally developed game Jengo has a demo available. It also needs your help to see development through, so go and support the crowdfunding campaign today.


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Bravado Gaming at the 2018 VS Gaming FIFA Festival
by Bravado Gaming

VS Gaming FIFA Festival 2018
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Plan-G Gaming
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