Trenchtown Gaming Tournament Report

On Saturday (23 November), the Call of Duty Ghosts console season got off to a low key start with Zombiegamer and 2upGamers eSports hosting a free-for-all event, along with the ever-present FIFA 14 and free-to-enter Injustice: Gods Among Us.

A smaller than usual turnout was always expected due to the school exams and the time of year, but that didn’t mean the competition wasn’t fierce – but with a laugh or three thrown in. In Injustice, Warren Green prevailed over his opponents to bag a hamper consisting of two Xbox 360 games, three Xbox Live Arcade codes and a handshake or two.

FIFA 14 was – as always – split over the two console platforms (currently available in SA of course), until the final two on each console had to battle it out over both consoles in a home and away final and third place play-off match. The top four players all walked away with cash on the day. Yazeed came in third and scored R100, with Morne ending second and bagging R200, while winner Talieb walked off with R400.

Call of Duty Ghosts saw 11 players enter, and with players split into three groups and rotated over a sequence of maps to ensure everyone played the others, the 11 became eight for a best of three final. Total kills would determine the winner over Strikezone, Warhawk and Octane, and Andrew (aka Adept Damage) led from start to finish with a total of 137 kills to bag R250 cash. In second place was Stefan (aka Quik) who killed 126 victims (and got R150) for doing so, while R100 went to Rory who killed 125 poor souls.

Pictures from the event are available in our Facebook Album, right here.

Adept Damage 59-51 42-30 36-33 137
Stefan ‘Quik’ 47-49 41-41 38-41 126
Rory Burmeister 50-54 39-38 36-36 125
Dean Skinner 48-40 38-35 35-35 121
Cristiano 54-54 33-40 34-31 121
Spyro 45-48 33-44 31-33 109
Apex Predator 37-45 35-38 25-29 97
Sokies 39-38 31-26 26-23 96

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IMG_2929The EFL

A double header weekend for some of the Trenchtown crew meant that Sunday (24 November) was jam-packed with FIFA 14 action.

The half-a-British-Premier-League tournament known as the EFL kicked off with 20 teams but only 19 players. Liverpool player-managed by Grant Morgan were one of the favourites, while defending champion team, Norwich (this time lead by Mubeen Gaffoor) had a lot to live up to following last season’s surprise win. Last season’s Norwich manager, Aziz Hendricks, had another tough draw with Stoke.

For some, the season was a tough one, and if there was a Championship League in the EFL, Manchester United would’ve been in it next season. In the end, Liverpool were dominant, essentially securing the win with around five games to go. Grant led the team to victory with a record of 16 wins and three draws, and scored 55 goals on the way.

The full results from the league:

GOLDEN BOOT: Grant – Liverpool

Pictures from the event are available here.

EFL Nov Log

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Schools Events

We are pleased to announce that a new project we have been working on will kick off on Monday 2 December. The  new project is to take eSports and gaming the schools, and the first of these will be a 64 player FIFA 14 tournament at Fairmont High School in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

This first event is only possible due to the sponsorship and support of Tritton Headsets (via their SA distributor) and MWEB GameZone, but expansion plans for 2014 are being discussed and we hope to announce more soon.

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2up Gamers

It’s the 2upGamers Community second anniversary event this Friday (29 November). The venue is The Cullinan Hotel in Cape Town’s Foreshore, but some of the attractions are “top secret”, although the “Master Chief” has been confirmed as a guest. Cover charge is R50 for a single and R80 for a couple. Bring some cash for food and drink, and get yourself to the venue at 7pm for the 7:30pm start.

You can register here.

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Trenchtown FIFA 14 Tournament

On Wednesday 30 November, 16 players (and a surprisingly high number of spectators) took part in (yes, another) FIFA 14 tournament. The event was run as a double elimination tournament and featured some familiar names, along with a host of new ones. However, it was one family name that dominated proceedings on the night – Morgan. The final was eventually contested between Keenan Morgan and Grant Morgan (winner of the EFL), and it was again the younger of the two that prevailed in the final. Grant took the match 3-2 to take R200 home for his effort, while Keenan came away with R100.

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MWEB First Recon Tournaments

The Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts ‘First Recon’ Tournament, hosted by MWEB and sponsored by Incredible Connection and Apex Interactive, has kicked off on both PC and Xbox 360. Well, all except the Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 tournament, which appears to have been a non-starter. The tournaments will run for a few more weeks, and the results are dripping in slowly so far.

You can keep up to date with each tournament bracket via the following links:

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Clash of the Titles

Re-visit (if you were there) or see the highlights from the MWEB Gamezone ‘Clash of the Titles’ event held on 8 November.

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What is the GamerNetwork? It’s the old forums under a new name and with a new, all-encompassing focus. Some of the members are so old that they have turned to stone, but if you’ve avoided it in recent times due to its Xbox focus, go on back and have a look. You may be pleasantly surprised.

GamerNetwork Forums

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TCC LogoThe Console Club (TCC)

You know the first rule right? Don’t talk about the Console Club. In this case however, feel free to. The Console Club is “a club established for competitive gaming on console”. While that doesn’t tell you much, TCC is an “E-Sports Club, has been formed to focus on competitive console gaming in South Africa, as well as internationally.”

The club is an MSSA affiliated one which was started by Quinton ‘Baroque’ Davie, Ruan ‘Mr Beefy’ Kraft, Amaro ‘Tackleberry’ dos santos, and Hein ‘Skoldzer’ Gerber.

The Console Club is focusing on “PRO CONSOLE GAMING” and is looking for clan leaders and gamers who want to get involved to contact them.

Facebook Page


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The Orena chaps have a busy period over the next few weeks. 64 teams have already kicked off their battle in the Dota 2 cup, which had completed it first two rounds at the time of writing. Some of the big name teams are all still heading to the final via the winner’s bracket, but there are still a number of challengers moving forward via the loser’s bracket. The bracket can be viewed here, and the tournament concludes on Sunday 1 December.

There are two other cups coming up. CS:GO tournament kicks off on 4 December, while Quake Live starts on 11 December. Registrations for both are still open, and the tournaments are sponsored by NAG magazine and SteelSeries. For event details and to register, click on each game’s link.

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Do Gaming League

The Call of Duty Ghosts Insta-Clash December Cup for PC is open for registrations until 1 December. The tournament kicks off on 2 December and runs until 15 December, and is a 32 team single elimination knockout. Register here now.

The Xbox 360 variant has also opened registrations. Same dates apply as for the PC version, and registrations are open here.

For both events, when it comes to prizes, DGL says: “This event is meant to be a fun and casual tournament and so no prizes will be awarded.”

Result from recently completed Insta-Clash cups (click links for the DoGaming coverage):

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StarCraft 2

Edwin ‘Drager’ Williams (at age 16) of Veneration e-Sports has climbed into the top 200 of the North American StarCraft  ladder to become the second South African GrandMaster, along with Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha.


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Dreamhack Winter 2013

Two South Africans – Stephen ‘Ph4ntom’ Cloete and Dimitri ‘Detrony’ Hadjipaschaliare – part of the 32 player Quake Live tournament at Dreamhack Winter 2013 which takes place from 28 November to 1 December in Sweden.

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G-Force Challenge

The ongoing G-Force Challenge continues this weekend, and all weekends until 21 December. The event takes place at Canal Walk and offers prizes valued at R10,000. Details here.

[hide-this-part Morelink=”Hit this link for the full press release:”]


The sweet smell of racing fuel is in the air as we announce to all petrol-heads and Sim gamers the inaugural G-Force Challenge. The only event that will see racers compete for the title over two racing disciplines in the form of Simulation Racing & Karting, with the prizes valued at over R10 000.

Open to the public, the event will take the racers through a tough qualifying phase, where only the top 10 individuals will make it into the final. Once you’re in the final, you will be set to battle man and machine for the grand prize and The G-Force Challenge Champion title for 2013.


Each person entering the challenge will be required to set a qualifying lap time during one of the 5x Qualification Heat sessions. You will be allowed 3x laps per entry. Your fastest lap is your ticket to successes. To qualify for the final, your best lap time will need to take one of the top 10-slots available.
Remember, faster times might still be posted that could force you out of the Top-10, so make sure you give it some gas!
If you get displaced from a previous top 10 spot, you may re-enter the challenge to try and set a better time, if any heats are still open for entry.

The Final:

After the final qualify heat sessions, the leader board will be updated to confirm the Top-50 slots from the respective Qualifying rounds. There will be SIM eliminations on the day to narrow the field down to 10. The qualifiers will be contacted by G-ForceSim for confirmation of their qualification for the final, to take place on 21-December at Century Karting, Canal Walk, Cape Town.


Racing Simulators will be provided by G-ForceSim

? G-ForceSim Pro Race Rig: Light weight racing seat mounted on a space frame.
? G27 Steering Wheel: Full Force Feedback, vibration, 900-degrees of turning
? Ancillaries: Racing pedals & gear shifter
Karts will be supplied and run by Century Karting.


Qualifying HEATS

? Heat(1) 15 & 16Nov
? Heat(2) 22 & 23 Nov
? Heat(3) 29 & 30 Nov
? Heat(4) 6 & 7 Dec
? Heat(5) 13 & 14 Dec
? Final: 21 Dec


Canal Walk Shopping Centre – Century Karting – Mezzanine Parking Area

Rules & Regulations:

1) The competition is open to all members of public.
2) There are no age limits; however individuals below the age of 14 must have the consent of a parent or guardian to participate.
3) The event will be managed by G-ForceSim in conjunction with Century Karting. All equipment will be supplied by both G-ForceSim and Century Karting. No modifications or change out of equipment, hardware or software will be allowed, unless the management of the event deem so necessary.
4) The car settings will be fixed for all, as to ensure fairness amongst all competitors.
5) One entry buys you 3x laps on the qualifying circuit.
6) You are allowed to enter as many times as you like, however there will need to break up your entries between times, as no more than 4 laps per turn will be allowed. There must be a switch of drivers or a break after you complete the 4 laps.
7) Always have at least two wheels on the track or your time will not count. The curb is not the track. Disqualification will be applied if you cheat.
8) Terms & conditions will apply

How to Enter:

? The challenge is open to any member of public wanting to give it a go!
? Places will be available on a first come first serve basis.
? Entries cost R20
? Reserve your spot or arrive on the day at the venue
? To reserve a spot, mail: and say “ I want to race”


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Upcoming Events

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For more events happening this November, head here.

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