South African gaming is one place we should all be able to forget prejudice and embrace everyone. Sadly, it seems, that’s not always the case. As we head into the weekend and on to another week of local esports and gaming, remember that sometimes, it’s not always about you. Support the scene and ultimately, it will support you.

Let’s get you started with some news you may have missed:

Upcoming Events

ACGL are have a number of online and LAN tournaments this weekend for Call of Duty, FIFA 18, Injustice 2, Rocket League and Fortnite. Details and registrations for the tournaments can be found here.

It is unfortunately a quiet weekend this one, but maybe get ready for the weekend after as there are at least three Gauteng events and the AfrEsports event in Cape Town.

  • Xbox Playdates ZA are hosting their play dates every Wednesday from 8pm and selected Fridays from 9pm. You can get more information here about the regular gaming play dates.
    • 16th – F1 2017 (Off season)
    • 21st – Forza Horizon 3
    • 25th – Battlefield 1 – At The Nexus
    • 28th – Ghost Recon Wildlands

Remember to keep these days open for some upcoming action a little further in the future:

Competitions & Giveaways

BlueZ Cup

Evolution Esports (an MGO who formed relatively recently and who we covered here) have announced a Dota 2 tournament aimed at “amateur” teams in South Africa called the BlueZ Cup. Registrations are now open and close on 28 March. Fixtures will be released on 4 April and matches will start on 6 April. The tournament prize pool is generally three quarters of the entry fee per team which is $20.

The tournament organisers are also on the search for casters, so if you’re keen to bring the streams to life, head here.

The time has come.As some of you saw in our announcement post last week, we are the official sponsor for BlueZ Cup! An…

Posted by Evo Esports on Tuesday, 6 February 2018


ACGL Top 5 Videos saw two for the month of January – a ‘General’ one and one featuring only Call of Duty.

You can find out about even more events happening in South Africa in our events calendar. If you want all the news about goings on in South Africa, simply click on the SA flag to be whisked to the most comprehensive coverage of South African gaming that you will find on the internet. You may just be surprised by how much is happening around the country.

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