There really doesn’t seem to be too many dull weeks in South African gaming these days. There’s always plenty happening, and it’s probably your own fault if you don’t know anything about it. You can just read Zombiegamer, and it will probably be here somewhere.

IMG_2726MWEB Clash of the Titles

Yes, titles we clashed on Friday 15 November. It was meant to be a celebration of the release of both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts hosted by the MWEB Gamezone team, but secretly it was actually a ‘which-game-has-the-best-players’ event. Or an excuse to be a fanboi (or fangirl) for just one night in public.

As things would have it, I was tasked with leading the Battlefield assault against a Call of Duty team lead by Nick Holden. Played over both Xbox 360 and PC and featuring both titles and the modes Search and Destroy (Ghosts) and Defuse (Battlefield), confidence ran high when the early rounds saw the Battlefield team (dubbed Team Zombie) take a lead in the more casual “warm up” rounds.

The Call of Duty team weren’t about to lay down and play dead (there’s a good boy Riley), and as the “formal” team rounds (the successful golden ticket winners organised into squads) kicked off, it was all square at three matches each. With eight matches to go, Team Zombie was looking like champs against the team dubbed ‘Giraffe’ (you need to see Nick Holden to understand). Easing to a 7-5 lead, it looked like the glory was all for the taking for the Battlefield players. And it would’ve been if it wasn’t for that pesky giraffe and his team. The last two matches were tight affairs with each separated by just one round, but that was enough to see the night end all square at seven all, and making “gaming the real winner”. Bah. Humbug.

A thanks to the crew from MWEB Gamezone for another entertaining evening at the Mcave, and to all the attendees who made the night all fun and games.

For pictures from the event, head over to our Facebook Album.

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Legends 2up Cup

FIFA 14 was the game on Monday night at Legends in Bellville, Cape Town. While originally intended to mark the start of the 2v2 season, the school exams put paid to the idea and the the tournament was run as a 1v1 event consisting of a group phase of five players each with the top two from each group moving into the knockout phase.

The semi finals saw group A winner, Morne, take on second place finisher of group B, Cooper, while Jean (winner of group B) faced group A’s second placed player Aziz.

Morne booked his place in the final with a 5-1 win, while Aziz joined him with a 2-0 win. Aziz used the final minutes of both halves in the final to take the champion’s spot 2-0 against Morne.

For photos and extra details of the tournament, head here.

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FIFAChamps Neighbourhood FIFA 14

A week in Cape Town would not be complete with only one FIFA 14 tournament, and Tuesday night saw the second FIFA 14 event in two days. This time, FIFAChamps were the hosts, and Neighbourhood was the venue. 16 players kicked things off, but in the end, only one was going to be the winner on the night. And that winner was Yazeed ‘Dolce’ Dollie.

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Trenchtown FIFA 14 Tournament

A third – yes a third – FIFA 14 tournament in Cape Town in as many days. Two groups battled it out until only four players (the top two from each group) faced each other in a knockout to determine the winner of the ‘Winner-takes-all’ event.

Group A had two pretty clear leaders, and it was only their final match with each other that determined the final placings. Mike took his match against Asheer 2-1 to take top spot, with Asheer finishing in second. Group B was a much more open affair. With only one round left to play, there were three players still in a position to finish top two. Lee was clinging to first but was finished his matches when Brownie and Yazeed played their final matches. Each player sat behind the other by one point in the table, meaning only a win for Yazeed would get him into the top two, while Brownie still had a chance to get through with a draw. Both ended up with wins, and the table ended with Brownie in first, Yazeed in second, and Lee in third place.

The semi-final saw Asheer face Brownie, while Yazeed squared up against Mike. Both group winners took their respective matches to set up a Group A winner vs Group B winner final. Both players hit the field as Real Madrid, but it was Brownie’s team that was the more dominant, and he took the match 4-0 to see the third different FIFA winner of the week crowned.

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SA eSports Association

The independent (from the MSSA we mean) eSports body has finalised its board. If you want to see who will be representing you in gaming, head here.

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Upcoming Events

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