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Another week has passed in the local gaming scene, and there is another looming. Get up to date and informed in our weekly news wrap of South African gaming.

Here are a few things you may have missed from elsewhere:

Upcoming Events

Not much on the agenda this weekend but a number of ongoing events continue, as well as come to their end: the HaloSA tournament, Eclipse Cup  and more. You can also grab a partner and get registered for the ACGL 2v2 Halo 5 tournament which is scheduled for 27 and 28 August.

  • Genshiken UCT are hosting a casual gaming event on Friday from 5:45pm. If you are a member of the society, entrance is free, while non-members will need to pay R10. You need to take along a laptop or PC for the LAN, which promises “good games and good company”. Details can be found here.
  • The Nerd Hub in Pretoria are hosting a FIFA 16 tournament on Saturday. Start time on the event page says 7am but we’re pretty sure that’s an error. R60 gets you playing for the cash prize up for grabs.

Remember to keep these days open for some upcoming action a little further in the future:

Giveaways & Competitions


DGL_Amateur Cup_01Telkom DGL

Telkom DGL has announced a series of Amateur Cups for August which are aimed at “all non-Division teams and will hopefully encourage more amateur and lesser-skilled teams to raise their game and grab a chance in the spotlight.”

Seven titles are currently being offered including:

Dates and details of the cups are:

  • When: 23 – 28 August.
  • Who: The top eight teams will be selected from the DGL Ladder and automatically added to the knockout tournament on 17 August 2016 (failing to accept the invite by 20 August 2016 will lead to disqualification from the tournament wherein the next applicable team/s will be invited).
  • Prize: Winners will receive a flashy new badge that will automatically be added to their DGL profile for all to see.
  • Round 1: Tuesday, 23 Aug 20:00 CAT
  • Round 2: Thursday, 25 Aug 20:00 CAT
  • Final: Sunday, 28 Aug 20:00 CAT


Dots and Blocks_01Dots and Blocks

Dots and Blocks are a new organisation in the local scene offering events and tournaments and are a “premier retailer of all things gaming”.

The organisation has announced their next event which will feature a variety of titles and a R10,000 prize pool. Details (such as a date or venue) are still a little thin on the ground, but they are encouraging players to register on their site with a chance of winning a R2,000 gaming voucher.

The next event promises the following titles:

  • Football Masters: (FIFA) – Round 3 (64 individual spots available)
  • Sharp Shooters: (COD: BO3) – Round 1 (16 team spots available)
  • Nitro Fuelled Racing: (GT6) – Round 1 (fastest lap challenge + head to head)
  • Fight Club: (MKX) – Round 1 (32 individual spots available)

FB BannerVRCade

Africa’s first social virtual reality multiplayer arcade will open its doors permanently on 25 August in Cape Town.

The venue will launch with “four rigs with plans to scale” up, and spectators can watch the action unfold from the player’s perspective.

There is a promotion running for August, which offers 33% discount for anyone who books in advance, while an additional 15% off can be secured by “posting your gaming experience at VRCade to its Facebook and Twitter pages.”

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Africa gets its first social virtual reality multiplayer arcade

VRCade, a graduate of the Venture Lab Incubator run by MTN and the UCT Graduate School of Business, has launched a virtual reality arcade in Cape Town. Over the next three weekends, a pop-up arcade will be run in Workshop17’s events space before VRCade permanently opens its doors on 25 August. A launch event will be held on the last weekend of the month, from 27-28 August.

This permanent arcade follows on the enthusiasm that met the VRCade concept during its debut at the CTICC’s recent Electronics & Gaming Expo.

“Virtual Reality (VR) is about to explode globally, but to have a really world class VR experience you need expensive equipment and lots of space. Most South Africans can’t afford either,” says Zach Joubert, MD at VRCade. “We want to make VR more accessible to people, giving them a top-notch experience without the investment.”

Joubert adds that VRCade also wants to make video gaming social again. “Before consoles, friends used to hang out in video game arcades. It was a social experience where people had shared experiences and a lot of fun. We want to bring that back.”

The plan is to do this in the following ways:

  • Multiplayer VR gaming and VR experiences. Networked VR rigs let gamers enter the same virtual environment together. See this Star Trek Bridge Crew trailer. Currently, there are four rigs with plans to scale these up.
  • Watch friends play VR from the player’s perspective. Each rig is connected to a TV enabling people hanging out at the VRCade to watch what’s happening from the player’s perspective.
  • Mixed-reality green-screening: Even more compelling than watching from the player’s perspective is merging VR with the real world using green screens. In about two weeks VRCade will allow audience members to watch their friends inside of the VR environment. See this video of what it looks like.

Joubert says the most popular game at the Expo was HordeZ, a zombie shoot-em-up, which is one of the latest, greatest and most immersive games available. “Everyone over the age of seven is welcome to come and have fun at the VRcade,” says Joubert. “No prior gaming experience is required, although your gaming friends might have an edge over you at the start.”

VRCade is running promotional prices for August, with an additional 33% discount for anyone who books in advance. Qualify for a further 15% off with user-generated content by posting your gaming experience at VRCade to its Facebook and Twitter pages.

VRCade will let all its fans know about new games as they come out, tournaments that it hosts, specials, subscriptions, and more. Book your spot now at and follow them on Facebook (, Twitter @vrcade_capetown, and Instagram (


EKWB to be distributed in SA by Rectron

If you’re looking for liquid cooling, then Slovenian made EK Water Blocks might be what you’re looking for, and they are now available locally via distributor Rectron.

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Rectron secures Southern African distribution rights for EKWB 

Johannesburg, 12 August 2016 – ICT distribution company, Rectron, has announced that is has secured the distribution rights for Slovenian premium liquid cooling hardware manufacturer, Edvard K?nig Water Blocks (EKWB), for Southern Africa. This is part of Rectron’s strategy to find great products to complement its existing stable and push the performance envelope.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, EKWB has established itself as a leading brand in the field of liquid cooling, providing overclocking enthusiasts and dedicated gamers with the best of what the market can offer. It’s not simply another water-cooling solution, but a whole new customisable solution to improve performance and give gaming users an extreme experience.

Commenting on winning the distribution rights for EKWB in Southern Africa, Product Director at Rectron, Matthew Hall, says: “Rectron is continuously looking for products that complement each other, especially in the gaming products category. This category in particular continues to push the performance boundaries of conventional hardware, and with that comes the need for customisability. By introducing EKWB to the Southern African market with a customisable water cooling solution we feel that we are only adding more value to the gaming and performance segment.”Aimed at enthusiastic desktop and DIY clientele looking for individuality in their high performance gaming desktops, liquid cooling significantly reduces noise in the system too. With EKWB, consumers are able to custom design their cooling solution from the ground up, or choose from a range of AIO coolers that are ready to install.

Andrej Škraba, Marketing Manager at EKWB, is excited about the partnership with Rectron. “With continuous research and design, EKWB always strives to bring extreme liquid cooling performance to customers all around the world – and Rectron has now been named as our only African reseller.” He continues, “Innovation and obsession with perfection and details, coupled with its design philosophy and customer support are the main reasons that customers see EKWB as the number one brand when it comes to liquid cooling solutions in the PC industry. We are proud to be offering this to Southern African consumers.” Rectron intends to stock EKWB hardware for local distribution. In addition, the distributor will be able to order more niche items such as custom tubing and specific GPU water blocks on request.



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