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All around South Africa, there is so much happening in the local CS: GO scene, with the Predator MGMS opening qualifier two registrations, as well as tournaments by ESEA, ECL and more which you can read more about below.

Sticking with CS: GO, the Southern Barbarians team in the E-Frag Word Championships sadly lost in the playoffs to the team from Tunisia 2-1 to end their dream of the LAN finals in Belgrade.

Here are a few other local stories that you may have missed from elsewhere:

Upcoming Events

Hearthstone and FIFA 16 awaits South Africans this weekend, as well as the continuation of a number of ongoing events including the HaloSA tournament, Eclipse CupOrena’s Ladders, ESEAPredator MGMSWeekly Level Up Overwatch and more.

  • Hearthstone action hits Gauteng in the shape of the Summer Preliminaries. The event runs on 13 and 14 August at The Campus in Bryanston starting at 9am on Saturday. Alongside the main event will be additional side tournaments and cosplay. Additional details can be found here.
  • MSSA are hosting the online championships for StarCraft II and Hearthstone on Saturday 13 August. To keep up-to-date with the event, you can head to the MSSA Facebook page.
  • The Nerd Hub – one of the new eSports venues on the block – are hosting a Hearthstone tournament on Saturday 13 August from 10am until 3pm. There are “awesome prizes” up for grabs at the venue in Pretoria. You can find details on the event page.
  • Kosta Games are hosting a FIFA 16 tournament from 12pm on Saturday at Epic Lounge in Ormonde. There’s a R2,000 cash prize pool up for grabs with entry costing R180 prepaid or R200 at the door. The event page will be a good place to head to for more information.

Remember to keep these days open for some upcoming action a little further in the future:

Competitions & Giveaways

Gaming Battle Ground_02Gaming Battle Ground

Gaming Battle Ground has arrived in South Africa – albeit in ‘beta’ form. The tournament platform offers participants the opportunity to win money across a number of titles on PC.

The official blurb (drawn from the international version of the site) says: “GamingBattleGround is an online competitive platform for PC video gamers where they can join existing tournaments or create a tournament by their own rules in a competitive video game. Our vision is to bring eSport to all gamers around the world through a unique system which allows users who create a tournament to choose a game, number of teams, cost of entry fee and skill of players entering the tournament”.


Orena have announced season two of their Overwatch tournaments. Season two sees the PlayStation 4 players getting some love and up for grabs is R10,000 in the ladder – as long as a minimum of eight teams register. So we suggest you get signed up.

The tournament runs from 15 August until 9 October and will be a ladder followed by a top four double elimination tournament for the money.


The ESEA CS: GO Season 22 playoffs are already underway and the last four teams are preparing to do battle for the coveted slot that will see them at the ESEA Global Challenge Finals in Katowice at the ESL Poland Studios on 27 and 28 August. Up for grabs at the LAN event is a $50,000 cash prize pool.

On 14 August, Bravado Gaming and Aperture Gaming will face off, while Carbon eSports and Damage Control play in the other semifinal. The two winning teams will then play their final on 17 August with the winning team securing the trip to Poland. You can keep up to date with the tournament bracket here.

If you want to catch the live stream, I would suggest keeping your eye on the South African CS: GO Facebook group for updates.

Evetech ECL_01Evetech Champions League

The Evetech Champions League (ECL) has announced a change in their dates for the LAN finals to ensure there is no clash with the ESEA LAN finals so that all South Africa players and supporters can ensure that their full support is with the team heading to Europe.

The new date for the ECL finals will be 2 to 4 September at a “custom built studio set up that includes player chill areas and dedicated media rooms.” Additional information, including stream details and talent will still be announced.

The current bracket standing for the teams battling for the two slots alongside the invited teams (Aperture, Bravado, Carbon and eNergy) can be found here. Eight teams are still standing in the online qualifier.

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Evetech Champion’s League Date Change

The Evetech Champion’s League Season 1 Final will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2016. This 1 week delay is in support of the South African ESEA qualified team which will be travelling to Poland in the last week of August. The Evetech Champion’s League remains committed to offering the best CS:GO South Africa has to offer while still supporting the local industry and teams.

Last week the ESEA announced their dates and venue for the ESEA Global Challenge Finals. 8 teams have been invited to participate. One spot in the finals is reserved for the South African team that wins the local bracket. The South African team will travel to Poland to compete on the 27th and 28th of August.

“We have made the decision to move the Evetech Champion’s League Season 1 Final back by one week. It will now take place from the 2nd to the 4th of September. Evetech’s aim is to give back to the local eSports scene and also offer the support it so desperately needs. We want to encourage the industry to put all their support in to the South African team that qualifies for the ESEA Global Challenge Finals, rather than pulling attention away from the team with our own competition that weekend.” Says Imran Sorathia, Evetech’s Managing Director.

While the date changes, nothing else does. The Evetech Champion’s League still promises to pit the best South African CS:GO teams against one another in a setting yet seen in the local market.

“No one in South Africa has put on an event like this. No one has revealed a custom built studio set up that includes player chill areas and dedicated media rooms. We’re going to up the standard of local eSports competitions come the 2nd of September. I’m hoping the whole of the South African eSports scene as well as new fans will be logging in to the streams to see what all the fuss is about!” says Sorathia.

A full talent release can be expected next week.


WESG_CSGO_01WESG Regional Qualifiers

If South Africa feels there isn’t enough opportunities for the CS: GO community, then the community has not being keeping note of everything.

StarLadder has announced the opportunity for teams from South Africa and Africa to participate in the WESG (World Electronic Sports Games) qualifiers.  Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, StarCraft II and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft all form part of the mammoth $3.7 million event.

The CS: GO tournament will see the top two teams from South and East Africa head to the regional finals in Dubai on 26 to 28 August where they will face teams from Turkey, North and West Africa and the Middle East. from there, the top three teams head off to play in the WESG Global Grand Finals in December.

The registrations close on 12 August with online matches kicking off on 13 August.

Crucial Cup_04Ballistix Masters

Battlefield 4 and Dota 2 is getting some love with the Ballistix Masters (previously the Crucial up).

Registrations are now open but are scheduled to close on 17 August. Teams will be playing for a total of R50,000 over the two titles.

You can also keep up to date with the tournament’s activities via their Facebook page.

Energy_Overwatch_01Energy eSports

Energy eSports have announced the addition of Energy E.D.E.N. to the MGO. The team is Energy’s Overwatch team and recently won the inaugural Orena tournament.

The team is represented by: Wayne Short, Senticall Pwnsworthy, Marthinus Strydom, Jacques Wentzel, Michael Brazier, Abraham Du Plessis.


Telkom DGL

FIFA 16 has returned to the DGL PRemier Division after complying with the 50-player minimum requirement.

The players featuring in the DGL Leg 4 from now until 4 September are:

  • Jason “J_A_S_O_N2223” Bruiners
  • Nkululeko “Nkulyknuckles” Nkabinde)
  • Iqram “IqisPipi” Dawood
  • Julian “Kingjulz9” Botha
  • Tashen “TR-17” Ramchund
  • Ruhaan “Ruhaan89” Horn
  • Frank “FranKeeZy” Madougy
  • Enrico “Enrico” Cottee


A Day in the Woods_Greenlight_01

A Day in the Woods

RetroEpic’s award-winning game A Day in the Woods has hit Steam’s Greenlight and the developer is looking for your help to get the game approved.

To help out, you can vote via your browser here, or via your Steam client here. RetroEpic have also promised to thank original supporters, by rewarding every player who bought the original A Day in the Woods with a free Steam Key of the game once it’s released.



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