This week, we’re a little behind schedule, but we’re still going to bring you the local news because that’s what we do.

We would like to take a moment to honour a local eSports fallen hero. Liam ‘Pontofalax’ Lehle (a Dota 2 player for Damage Control) passed away earlier this week due to liver failure. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

In just over a week’s time the Electronics & Gaming Expo kicks off and if you’re looking to find out more about the tournaments, BYOC LAN, cosplay, etc. you can head here for all the links you need.

Upcoming Events

There’s not much happening this weekend, but there are a number of ongoing events currently underway including the HaloSA tournament, Telkom DGL, Eclipse CupOrena’s Ladders, ESEA, Plan G’s Proving Ground and more. The Predator MGMS also sees it Black Ops 3 second qualifier kick off and run until 14 August.

  • DGL_Masters_Dota 2_01Telkom DGL Dota 2 Masters sees eight teams battling for R100,000 cash over the weekend. Viewers can join the live stream or head to two Ster Kinekor cinemas in Cape Town and Gauteng to watch the action unfold. Details can be found here.

Remember to keep these days open for some upcoming action a little further in the future:

Competitions & Giveaways

Evetech ECL_01Evetech Champions League

The Evetech Champion’s League has gone live and sees local CS: GO teams battle to join the four invited teams in the grand finale near the end of August.

Up for grabs at the finals will be R150,000 in cash sponsored by a number of companies including Intel South Africa, MSI South Africa, SteelSeries, Crucial Level-7 Wireless and Ballistix. The two teams that qualify via the online qualifiers will join Aperture, Bravado, Carbon and eNergy at the LAN final happening from 26 to 28 August.

Some of the matches will be streamed live via nAvTV.

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The Evetech Champion’s League dominates the South African eSports Conversation

 The online qualifiers for the Evetech Champion’s League (ECL) begin tonight and the official launch trailer has gone live. Game on!

At the beginning of the month one of the biggest prize pools offered at one single South African CS:GO competition was announced. ECL promised a share of R150 000 to 6 teams in their invitational.

Within minutes of the announcement being made social media exploded with discussion around the competition and the selected invited teams. Rivalries came to the fore and lines in the sand were drawn. For fans of the local CS:GO scene there is no doubt that they’ll be watching the nAvTV streams like hawks to find out if the likes of Flipsid3 Tactics South Africa can qualify for the final six and finally give us the APG Flipsid3 grudge match we’ve all been waiting for – following the ship jumping of APG captain and founder James ‘zer0chance’ Wijnberg to the opposing team. Will Damage Control reign supreme and prove that they should have been given a guaranteed spot in the finals over eNergy eSports? The debates will rage on and the answers will be found in the streams.

Local team politics aside, the ECL has gone global with international teams signing up to compete in the online qualifiers and claim their spot at the ECL.

With the ECL dominating the South African conversation around eSports it has also attracted even more sponsorship. We can announce that Billosoft, the premier CS:GO matchmaking platform in South Africa has joined the list of ECL partners. Billosoft offers pick-ups, scrims, tournaments and team practice on 128-tick servers.

Billosoft spokesperson Casper Alant had this to say: “We are honoured to join such a prestigious team in hosting the ECL. This will be the largest event Billosoft has supported thus far and we are up to the challenge.”

The official trailer for the ECL has also gone live and can be found here:

Sponsors currently include Intel South Africa, MSI South Africa, SteelSeries, Crucial Level-7 Wireless and Ballistix. Evetech commits to making this the best event on the 2016 South African eSports calendar. It’s time to be entertained.

Online qualifiers will be shoutcast by a selection of South Africa’s best casters. For a full online game schedule please visit this page:, scroll down and go to Schedules.

Remember to use the hashtag #ECL in your online conversations.


Pulse_Plantronics_01Pulse Gaming announces Plantronics sponsorship

Pulse Gaming has announced that Plantronics will sponsor the MGO starting with their Dota 2 team.

The sponsorship will “enable Pulse Gaming to open many more opportunities to the teams and players to better their skills and to be able to compete more often. Plantronics sponsorship also provides high-quality headsets which Pulse believes puts them at an advantage given how important quality sound is in gaming.”

You can find out more about the announcement by hitting the press release link below.

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Press Release 

Pulse Gaming announces Plantronics as title sponsor.

Cape Town, Wednesday 20 July, 2016 – Plantronics is excited to announce its role as title sponsor of Pulse Gaming, a Multi Gaming Organization (MGO) in South Africa with teams across a number of competitive gaming titles. The sponsorship kicked off with the Dota2 team (puLse.Salt) in the NavTv Gigabyte Challenge that took place on 18 June.  Since then, Plantronics and Pulse Gaming have developed a shared vision to develop gaming in South Africa by nurturing local talent.

Plantronics, an audio technology company, not only pioneered innovations around us today, such as wireless, mobile, and noise-cancelling headsets, it was the headset used by NASA and Neil Armstrong when he stepped on the moon. Today, Plantronics develops some of the most advanced gaming headsets available and is an avid supporter and participant in the gaming market in South Africa.

Although Pulse Gaming is fairly new to the MGO scene, it has attracted a lot of attention in the gaming arena. Since its launch in January 2014, Pulse Gaming has developed a very loyal following for its core game, Battlefield, for which it has three teams currently competing, one of which is the number 1 team in South Africa.

“We’ve been impressed with the achievements of Pulse Gaming and their vision for the future,” said, Niven Maraj, Country Manager, Plantronics. “The opportunity to be the title sponsor of a team that is doing so well is exciting. We especially hope to be able to help take the management of Pulse Gaming to the next level.”

The vision for Pulse Gaming is two-fold. To field the best possible gaming teams that will represent Pulse Gaming in South Africa, and to develop and nurture talent within the community.

Chris Cousins, Founder of Pulse Gaming, describes the relationship as mutually beneficial, “We want to field teams that will represent Pulse Gaming and Plantronics in a competitive, professional manner.”

“Through this sponsorship, we will also be able to create stability in our teams going forwards,” he says. “We are especially looking forward to having a partner that shares the same ideals for gaming and eSport as well as forming new friendships.”

Pulse Gaming considers their most important stakeholders to be fellow gamers and the e-sports community, as they are the ones that allow MGO’s to form and grow.

“Fellow gamers are the most important stakeholder to us; we would like to grow the community through leading by example and proving we can be as professional and produce skill matching any international MGO out there. We want to remove the stereotype that you cannot make a future out of playing games.”

Pulse Gaming also has a strong drive to enable as many players as possible the opportunity to play at Lan events around the country, many players do not possess the financial capabilities to do so.

Plantronics sponsorship will enable Pulse Gaming to open many more opportunities to the teams and players to better their skills and to be able to compete more often. Plantronics sponsorship also provides high-quality headsets which Pulse believes puts them at an advantage given how important quality sound is in gaming.

Recently the Pulse Gaming Battlefield4 team puLse.Evolve managed to win the LanX event. It was the Battlefield players first event using the brand new Rig500E headsets with 7.1 Dolby surround sound, currently considered to be best of breed in the market. The players say they now understand why ESL endorses these headsets because the in-game sound is revolutionary and a contributing factor in defeating their rivals.

While the relationship is predominantly across South Africa, Plantronics gaming division and Pulse Gaming are planning to take the gaming market to new heights in South Africa.

“The main aim is for Plantronics and Pulse Gaming to jointly promote and create awareness around the broader gaming market in SA, through podium finishes, training and development and social media awareness. We hope to showcase South African gaming to the world and bring the gaming world to South Africa.” Says Maraj.

“We are entering the last leg of the DGC and have six teams that will hopefully qualify for the DGC tournament in October, SA’s biggest competitive gaming tournament. We are hoping for three podium finishes,” concludes Cousins.

For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook. Or contact our local Country Manager Niven Maraj on

For more information on Pulse Gaming check out their Social Media:

Where to Buy:


Head Office: Communication Centre, 15 Urtel Crescent, Somerset Mall, 7310, Cape Town
T: +27 (0) 21 840 2200
T: 0860  100 860
F: +27 (0) 21 840 2250


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