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A pretty busy week has passed and it looks like a busy weekend coming up. Who says there’s nothing happening in South Africa?


This past weekend saw the UCT Genshiken Society host their first Anime, cosplay, gaming and lifestyle convention at the UCT campus. The two day event (Saturday 14 September and Sunday 15 September) saw close to 1000 people visiting the event which featured a cosplay fashion show and competition, Japanese culture (basic Japanese language lessons included), stalls selling a variety of items and plenty more.

While the weather played a little havoc on the event (especially on Sunday), spirits were not generally dampened, with one attendee reportedly queuing outside the venue from 4:30am on Saturday morning. Poor support of the 60 seat LAN meant it was cancelled for Sunday, and the food vendors were offered sanctuary from the weather in its place indoors. Sunday was also marred a little by some stall vendors simply not pitching up (some not even bothering on Saturday already) – a poor showing on the vendors that had agreed to operate at the event and reflected badly on the organisers, even though that was clearly beyond their control.

The console gaming area was a hive of activity. Cape Town Showdown were in the house on Saturday and Sunday and were handing out all sorts of virtual beatdowns. Xtreme Gaming hosted a FIFA 13 tournament on Saturday, and while we would love to give you scores, yours truly and the 2upGamers eSports crew were busy watching the best Halo 4 and Call of Duty players dish out surprisingly few t-bags in 2v2 tournaments.

IMG_0292Saturday was the Halo 4 tournament which drew 16 two-man teams. The action proved to be fast and furious in a variation of Slayer Pro. The double elimination tournament seeing a few fancied pairings drop down early, only to battle their way back into contention. In the end, the most consistent team of the day secured the win without losing a single map. The team of PupSharp (King Pup and Jsharp) took the best of five final 3-0 against Anti-Gravity. Both teams walked off with a one year NAG subscription, while PupSharp also scored a pair of Tritton Detonators (sponsored by Comet Computing) each. For the full bracket and results, head here.

Black Ops 2 got its turn on Sunday. 14 two-man teams descended upon a decidedly wetter UCT Jameson Hall. The double elimination tournament was based around an almost familiar Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and… Team Deathmatch rotation. With an eye to keeping things competitive but lighthearted, TDM replaced Capture the Flag as the match decider, with a first blood TDM used in the case of a tie. Many teams were desperate to avoid the slightly unfamiliar competitive mode which was always played on Hijacked, but in the end many close matches ensued which meant a tiebreak became a pretty familiar sight. The final turned out to be a fantastic affair. Romp Stompers (EOS_ZA and VnCo Rocky) faced a more settled team from Astra. It took a Herculean effort by the Romp Stompers to ensure the best of five final didn’t have to happen again by coming from 2-0 down to take TDM (battled in the bowels of the boat), HP on Slums and then a tight SnD on Cargo to win 3-2. Both teams scoring the same prizes as the Halo 4 tournament. For the full bracket and results, head here.

The crew of Zombiegamer and 2upGamers eSports would like to thank all participants for their support, and congratulate the event organisers on pulling off a great first UCON.

More pictures from the event will be uploaded to our Facebook Page in the next few days.

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FIFA 14 Cape Town Launch Party

MWEB will be hosting a launch party at the Mcave for FIFA 14 on 27 September from 6pm. If you’re a FIFA fan, you probably won’t want to miss it because there will be free stuff. And celebs. And free stuff. And other people. And free food and drink. And FIFA 14. Of course. But not free. To get in and enjoy the festivities, you will need to follow a few instructions, set out here, all before 23 September.

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Trenchtown 21 September_03Trenchtown Gaming Tournament

On Saturday 21 September, the Zombiegamer/2upGamers eSports crew is at it again. This time the event will focus on FIFA 13 and will be a big farewell to the game with a minimum cash prize pool of R1000 and a copy of FIFA 14. Other games on the day will be Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us and a free-to-enter Forza 4 tournament. Details and pre-registration here.

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FIFA Champs

On Saturday, the FIFA Champs said their farewell to FIFA 13 at Lounge Relax Play in Canal Walk. The winner was the seemingly unbeatable Mubeen ‘MOBiZILLA’ Gaffoor who walked off with R1000 for his efforts.

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Legends 2up 2v2

The final week of the final season of the Legends 2up FIFA 13 2v2 League drew to a close on Monday night. 12 two-man teams randomly assigned “”weaker” British Premier League teams battled over 22 matches until only one winner prevailed. The DR64 team of Fraansman and Morne (playing as Swansea) pipped the Pizza Boys (Lee and Tristian playing as Southampton) by one point. The full standings are available here. Pictures from the season are available here.

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MainGaming is running two FIFA 13 qualifiers for ESWC this weekend. There will be both a Johannesburg and Cape Town qualifier. Details of the Johannesburg qualifier is here and the Cape Town qualifier is here.

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Orena Dota 2

Orena has revealed the brackets for their upcoming Dota 2 tournament. The tournament kicks off on 18 September and offers prizes in excess of R3000.

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DGL Championships

The prize pool for the Telkom DGL Championships has become the largest prize pool in South African gaming history by being more than doubled to over R1.30 million.

The sponsors for this year include Megarom, Electronic Arts, CoolerMaster, SteelSeries, Razer, Monster, Logitech, Alienware and Telkom, and prizes include 24 Alienware Aurora Gaming PCs, gaming hardware, peripherals and cash to the value of over R200 000. The value of prizes per individual game is mouthwatering even at the smallest prize pool, but Battlefield 3 prize pool is are a bank breaking R370 000.

You can find out more about the breakdowns on Do Gaming.

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Nathan Anderson_01MSSA | StarCraft 2 Dreamhack

Protea StarCraft 2 player Nathan ‘StatiC’ Anderson was sadly knocked out in the group stage of DreamHack Bucharest this past weekend, after losing to ‘Ret’ (from the Netherlands) and ‘Niroxs’ (from Switzerland) in “pretty intense games”. He did however, fight back to beat the Romanian player ‘Shinersen’ in his final game to end his tournament on a high.


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MSSA | League of Legends

South Africa will no longer need to qualify against Egypt to attend the 2013 IeSF World Championships in Bucharest, Romania. The South African League of Legends qualifiers will be held on 21 September 2013 and the team which qualifies will get an international test match in before their end of October date in Europe.

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Upcoming Events

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For a full rundown of September’s events, check here.

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