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Upcoming Events

A good weekend of events, albeit not the most active one awaits.

  • MGMS has kicked off with 56 teams registered. The action continues until 28 February when the grand final will be streamed live. You can keep up with the results of the matches here.
  • E-Sports South Africa continues with their Call of Duty Black Ops 3 which offers a prize pool of R2,000. Some of the matches will be streamed live, and to keep in the loop, you can hit their website with the bracket available here.
  • Game Arena is hosting the Cooler Master Hearthstone February Cup on Thursday (11 February). Entry is R50, and you must bring along your own mobile device for the double elimination tournament. Additional information is available on the Facebook event page.
  • Braccianos E-Sports Lounge is back in action with a FIFA 16 tournament on Saturday 13 February. Entry is R50 and the double elimination tournament will offer cash prizes. Head to their Facebook page for more information.
  • Game Arena has their second event of the week. This one is an online League of Legends from 2pm on Saturday. Prizes are still to be confirmed, but if you’re interested in participating, we suggest heading here.

Keep these days open for some upcoming action a little further in the future:

Competitions & Giveaways

Southern Barbarians_01Southern Barbarians

The Southern Barbarians kick off their Nations Challenge campaign against Portugal on Thursday from 9pm. The match will be streamed live on Twitch with shoutcsting by Barry Louzada and Lewis Vudulew Williams.

The South African players will also have to face Greece and Italy in their group in their quest to repeat their 2014 victory in the ESL Country Championships.

We would like to wish the team all the best in their endeavors in the tournament.

The team has had a Battlefield 4 server sponsored by MWEB for practice and matches in the coming month or so.


Orena has announced that this coming weekend’s GWZA #CenturyCup tournament will have its already hefty R30,000 cash prize pool bolstered by headsets from Plantronics.

The tournament is an invitational CS: GO event featuring four of South Africa’s top teams:

  • Bravado Gaming
  • Energy Esports
  • Aperture Gaming
  • CarboN Esports

The team winning the event will secure R20,000 cash and 5x Plantronics RIG 500 Stereo PC Gaming Headset, while the team ending in second will get R10,000 cash and 5x Plantronics GAMECOM 788 USB Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Technologies.

Up for grabs will be a number of the same headsets for “sweet sweet giveaways!”

You can find out more about the event here, and the matches will be played live on Saturday and Sunday and will be streamed live via Twitch.

In related news, Luca from Orena was on Hectic Nine-9 recently. This is what he had to say about gaming etiquette and rage quitting.

Crucial Cup_2016_03Crucial Cup

In case you missed it, the CS: GO component of the Crusical Cup has been cancelled.

The decision came down to the number of entries being too low, but the Battlefield 4 and Dota 2 are unaffected and will continue as planned. Up for grabs in the Battlefield 4 tournament is R13,000, while there is R10,000 available in the Dota 2 event.

Registrations close today, with the tournament kicking off on 21 February.

F3_Logo_01Flipsid3 Tactics

The team formerly known as In-Finity Gaming has announced that they will now be known as Flipsid3 Tactics (at least for a selection of titles), thereby representing the international brand in the South African environment.

The MGO will be competing in the Digital Gaming League for both CS GO and Dota 2. Alongside that there will be their “regular Flipsid3 Academy teams going for CS:GO, DotA 2, League of Legends and various other titles. We will be making a huge effort to scout and train players to be the next generation of digital superstars and will be announcing our campaign for talent scouting very soon.”

Contacts: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Coverage Elsewhere:

ITF Gaming

Are you looking for an opportunity to get into writing about gaming? Then the humans over at ITF Gaming are looking for writers.

You need to be based in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area and “have a fair amount of free time as posting of news articles and writing opinion pieces will be a part of the territory.”

Like so many of us in this industry, the position has no remuneration but there is “the opportunity to get your hands on some free games and of course, meeting like-minded individuals involved in the industry.”

You can find out more (including how to apply) on their website.


This past week, the MSSA has announced their partnership with G2A, announced the cancellation of Swedish player Emily ‘QueenE’ Krumlinde’s SA tour and revealed that the SA FIFA team lost to Ghana.

If you want to find out more on each of these items, hit the relevant press release link below.

[hide-this-part Morelink=”Show G2A Press Release:”]

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) always  seeks to provide the very best to South African eSports athletes in terms of the various events that it delivers year-in and year-out.

Thus MSSA continually seeks out ‘blue-chip’ companies  with which to partner.

It is therefore, is not surprising that MSSA and G2A started discussing a possible partnership as early as 2013 in order to fully develop  the South African gaming community.

Of particular concern to MSSA is the dearth of females participating in competition level as well as those who were previously disadvantaged.

Both G2A and Mind Sports South Africa supports equality and women’s rights at South Africa!

Well known from their gaming support G2A Company, joined to Mind Sports South Africa in organizing Emily ‘QueenE’ Krumlinde tour in South Africa. Emily is a female StarCraft player and will visit Johannesburg and Cape Town to promote gaming among females in South Africa. Whole event was created to pay attention for equality and women’s rights.

“QueenE’s” schedule for her visit (which may be viewed on MSSA’s facebook page) shall consist of two test matches (consisting of two games) between Emily (representing Sweden) against South African top female and male StarCraft gamers in Johannesburg and in Cape Town.

The venue in Johannesburg is THE H.I.V.E. in Montecasino, Fourways, while the Cape Town venue shall be the MWEB Auditorium in Century City.

Emily shall also be introduced to some of South  Africa’s most prestigious schools where Emily shall give an insight into what it takes to be  a professional gamer. This  is to further enthuse scholars about taking  gaming seriously and to further inform them about international competitions.

“In our opinion, the rights of women in South Africa, despite many efforts still tend to be neglected. We believe that women should pay attention to the fact that they should be treated on an equal footing with men. Through entertainment and computer games, we can more easily reach out to young women” – said a G2A spokesperson.

Both Mind Sports South Africa and G2A are hoping that this event will show women they can be treated equally with men.

However, in order for the market  to grow, gaming needs to be made far more accessible.

G2A provides computer gamers with an excellent product at the best possible price.

As such G2A and MSSA are perfect partners.

While MSSA continues to deliver its normal events in almost every  part of South Africa, G2A fulfills a vital function of being able to provide the games needed by South African computer  gamers at the best possible price.

Through this  partnership, a synergy is created that  benefits all, and will help more people  to have greater access to cheaper games  which  will lead on to create a larger and  more competitive eSports community in South  Africa.

About G2A: (

G2A is a trusted & certified global digital marketplace developed by professionals in diverse fields including gaming, management, finance, public relations and marketing. Every day G2A works hard towards creating the most outstanding digital platform for every video game enthusiast out there.

G2A is a trusted & certified global digital marketplace developed by professionals in diverse fields including gaming, management, finance, public relations and marketing. Every day G2A works hard towards creating the most outstanding digital platform for every video game enthusiast out there.

About MSSA:

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), established in 1985, is recognised by the Department of Sport and Recreation as the national controlling body in terms of the National Sport and Recreation Act, Number 110 of 1998 (as amended) for Historical figure games (also known as wargames), Board games (such as Diplomacy, Checkers, Draughts, Morabaraba, Sport Stacking, etc), Card Gaming, Robotics, and eSports (whether they are played on ‘cell phones, Sony® PSP’s, personal computers or similar). . Such Act recognises Mind Sports South Africa as the sole authority for eSports as a sport and/or as a recreation in the Republic.

Through participation in MSSA events Registered Players are able to earn Regional, Provincial, National and Protea Colours. Only MSSA Registered Players are able to officially represent South Africa in international competition.


[hide-this-part Morelink=”Show Sweden Press Release:”]

Due to a number of unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, Emily ‘QueenE’ Krumlinde is no longer able to visit South Africa for the Development Programme nor for the Test Matches.

The MSSA is of course disappointed by the latest turn of events, but is still determined to go ahead with the other projects that it has in place for 2016 for reducing the inequalities that exist in South African eSports.

Emily too is upset by the recent developments and has stated, “I think what MSSA’s doing is so important and I was so excited to take part of it.”
Emily then further stated, “I can’t emphasise enough how much I wish it was possible for me to come.”

Thus with a heavy heart, MSSA has cancelled all of the arrangements that it made for the 8 to 14 February 2016 event.


[hide-this-part Morelink=”Show Ghana Press Release:”]

On Saturday, 6 February 2016, South Africa took on Ghana at FIFA ’16 at Hullabaloo, 72 Steenkamp Road, Witbank in an official IeSF accredited test match.

The South African team was considerably younger than their Ghanaian counterparts which falls in line with Mind Sports South Africa’s policy of developing teams for international competition. Part of MSSA’s development programme includes the inclusion of females into the national team in order to eradicate gender bias.
First up was Joline Bico, the only female currently serving in a national team for the FIFA ’16 title. Joline fought fiercely against her opponent, never giving her opponent any chances. However, the Ghanaian proved tto strong for her and Joline finally lost both her games after a long struggle.
Bonge Zwane proved to be the unluckiest of the three South Africans. Bonge had more shots on goal than his opponent, had a far stronger attack than his opponent, but failed to capitalise on his strengths. Bonge too lost both his games.

Even the current South African champion, Kyle Turnbull, found that the matches were harder than he suspected. His opponents were shocked at just how good Kyle is. However, Kyle lost his first match, but quickly bounced back to win his second game.

Thus the South African team (all from Witbank) may have lost against Ghana, but as Kwezi Hayford of Ghana eSports Association stated, “ We did not think that the South Africans would be so strong. Already our players are talking about a rematch”.

Thus the SA team may not have had the results that they wanted, but they garnished the respect and friendship of their opponents.


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