The South African gaming year starts a little slowly but you can expect it to gather moment still, but remember where you will be able to find out about almost all the goings-on of the scene right here.

To kick things off, local developer RetroEpic is looking for a Games Business Development Manager. You can find the details here.

Of course, you can (and should) consider studying something in gaming and Cape Town based Friends of Design offers you just such an opportunity. You can find out more here.

Over here (in Zombie Central), we’re keen to reboot our – what used to be regular – ‘Profiled’ feature. If you’re a local gamer, clan or organisation looking to reveal a little more about yourselves, drop us an email and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Upcoming Events

Not unexpected, but January isn’t exactly the busiest month traditionally, so there isn’t all that much on the horizon for gamers. This coming weekend only has one event on the agenda in fact, with more happening in the weeks that follow.

  • Black Ops 3 PE LAN: If you’re in the Eastern Cape this weekend, this is a free LAN for you and will feature Black Ops 3 on console. While entry is free, it should be noted that you must bring along a few items, which can be found here. The event starts at 6pm on Saturday and runs until 6am on Sunday at Dr Viljoen Primary in Port Elizabeth.

In the meanwhile, keep these dates open in your diary:

Halo WC_02Halo World Championship

The final eight teams that will participate in the South Africa Final Cup for the Halo World Championship have been decided. The winner of this event will win $500 and a trip to Europe where they will compete against 11 other qualifying teams from the UK, Germany, France, Middle East and the rest of Europe.

Should the South African team reach the top four there, they will then head to the LAN World Championships scheduled for March 2016.

The eight teams that are qualified for the South Africa Final Cup (to be played on 16 January) are:

  • VnCo Gaming
  • Ghosts of Onyx
  • Apex Gaming
  • Squire Squad
  • Banter Boyz
  • Simply Defiance
  • Red-Eyed Jedi
  • DegDeg Noobs

ION Tournaments

Who is ION Tournaments? We have no idea, but their Twitter bio says they’re a “tournament hosting platform for South African gamers. (Coming soon)”. So…

Crucial Cup

The next Crucial Cup is coming apparently… Keep your eye on their Facebook Page for more.

Crucial Cup_Coming_01


Jukes_02Jukes Club and Esports Lounge

The Jukes eSports League (JEL) for Dota 2 has been postponed due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The multi-month tournament looks likely to return as according to the venue’s Facebook post they will “keep everyone up to date with new dates as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone for their participation so far. Again we apologize for any inconveniences caused.”

GameLocal Logo_02GameLocal

The organisation that promised R210,000 in prizes via a 16 city FIFA 15/16 tournament appears to have called it a day without an official announcement being made on the matter.

GameLocal‘s Facebook page no longer exists, while their Twitter account was last active almost two months ago and their website is not being updated. Furthermore, attempts made to contact them from our part have not garnered a response.

For many hungry FIFA 16 fans this is a disappointment but the sad fact of the matter is that their early events (even with a R10,000 first prize) failed to pull the numbers and might very well be an example of what will become a more familiar pattern in 2016 unless the apathy of some local gamers changes.

You can find out about even more events happening in South Africa in our events calendar. If you want all the news about goings on in South Africa, simply click on the SA flag to be whisked to the most comprehensive coverage of South African gaming that you will find on the internet. You may just be surprised by how much is happening around the country.

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