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Upcoming Events

Another active weekend is on the horizon. Get involved and support the local scene before it’s not around anymore…

  • Xtreme Gaming: The Xtreme Gaming crew is still hosting their fundraiser at Blue Route Mall in Tokai, Cape Town every day until 18 July. You can find out more here.
  • Braccianos e-Sports Lounge: The 1v1 Mid-only Monthly Cup for Dota 2 is on tonight (Wednesday 15 July) from 7pm. You can get more details here.
  • ICON 2015: On 17 – 19 July, ICON is on at Jabula Recreation Centre in Gauteng. Proclaiming itself “South Africa’s largest Comic and Gaming Convention,” it promises three days of “fun and games.” For more information, head over to the Event Page.
  • Games On LogoGames On Gaming Lounge: On Saturday (18 July), Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360 is the name of the game at Games On in Rondebosch, Cape Town. R60 gets you in the free-for-all battle which kicks off at (we assume) 2pm (although the Event Page says 2am).
  • Game Arena’s LoL Cup: Game Arena is hosting a League of Legends online tournament on Saturday from 2pm. The registration fee is R200 per team or teams can book a spot with a booth at Jukes Club and Esports Lounge for R400. Details for the tournament can be found here.
  • Orena: Orena has their CS: GO Battle for the Throne tournament scheduled for this weekend. It starts on Saturday 18 July and runs on to Sunday for the final games. Registrations close this Friday, so get signed up or miss out. Details can be found here.
  • Jumping a little ahead, we would like to remind FIFA 15 players that on 25 July, we’re at Trenchtown hosting a FIFA 15 tournament. Details and pre-registration can be found here.

Competitions & Giveaways

MGMS Announce_03MWEB GameZone Masters Series

We would just like to remind Xbox One Call of Duty players that registrations for the second qualifier in the MWEB GameZone Masters Series are open.

There’s R10,000 in cash up for grabs and two spots in the LAN finals planned for October.


Bravado Gaming went to Montreal this past weekend with the hopes of South African CS: GO players on their shoulders.

The team went up against tough competition in their group which featured EnvyUS (France), Counter Logic Gaming (US) and Renegades (Australia).

Sadly, while the quality of South Africa’s CS: GO teams is improving, there is still a fair gap between us and the rest of the world, and Bravado did not make it past the group phase of the tournament, while EnvyUS and Renegades proceeded to the playoffs from their group.

The tournament was eventually won by Na’Vi who walked off with $30,000 for their efforts.

You can view the tournament bracket here.


eSports Online

A new online tournament organisation has announced themselves.

eSports Online is coming soon and proclaims itself to be “South Africa’s premier online gaming tournament portal,” with weekly cash tournaments. It also seems they will host over multiple platforms and titles.

Their website is still under construction but you can find it here or follow them on Twitter.

Joline Bico, Bonga Zwane, and Kyle TurnbullMSSA

This past weekend saw three South African school players take on three Austrian school players in an official FIFA 15 Test Match.

South Africa was represented by Bonga Zwane, Kyle Turnbull and Joline Bico, while Austria fielded “seasoned veterans” Michael Schachner, Mirza Jahic, and Herbert Schachner.

The matches were two-game affairs which South Africa lost 6-0 overall but “all three gamers gave it their all and showed great strength of character in the face of very stiff international competition.”

For more on what happened in each match, you can read the press release below.

[hide-this-part Morelink=”Show Press Release”]

The online Test Match held on Saturday. 11 July 2015. between the best of Austria’s FIFA ’15 players and the MSSA’s FIFA ’15 Schools team forms part of the MSSA’s ambitious plans to improve the overall standard of gaming. The MWEB sponsored South African team all come from Witbank, and played from the BNKR Gaming House, 41 Duncan Street (corner of Mandela Avenue), Witbank.

The trio representing South Africa were none other than Bonga Zwane, Kyle Turnbull and Joline Bico.

The trio representing Austria are all seasoned veterans (Michael Schachner, Mirza Jahic, and Herbert Schachner, and are considered to be among the best in the world.

It is this very type of competition that will help South African eSports rise up and take its place against the best in the world.

The first match was between Bonga Zwane (who used Germany) versus Michael Schachner (who used Spain). This was Bonga’s first foray into international gaming. Michael Schachner’s pedigree is quite different. Michael, currently a student in Vienna, has taken second place in one of the biggest tournaments in Vienna (Comboclash), 5th in the Bavaria Cup, and has won several other championships in Vienna.

Thus the first match was proved to be a shock as Bonga as he tried to work out his opponent. Michael proved to be too much for Bonga and beat him 3 – 0 in the first game. However, in the second game Bonga showed his character and showed just how quickly he could learn by countering his opponent at every turn to force a goal-less draw.

Who knows what would happen if Bonga plays against Michael again!

The second match was between Kyle Turnbull (who used Argentina) versus Mirza Jahic (who used Portugal). Kyle is the current undisputed South African Champion for two consecutive years in a row, and has just embarked on his international career. Mirza Jahic, on the other hand is a Professional FIFA Player, the multiple Austrian FIFA Champion and is also Virtual Bundesliga Champion for 2014. Mirza also holds a Guinness World Record in Pro Evolution Soccer.

The match was thus always going to be hard, very hard!

The first match was shock for Kyle, he couldn’t figure out how to counter Mirza and suffered going down 0 – 4.

However, true to form, Kyle bounced back.

In the second game, Kyle detected the kink in Mirza’s armour and almost drew the match. He fought the whole way through and put Mirza on the back foot for a portion of the game. Only in the last minute of the game did Mirza score once again to wrestle a 3-2 victory away from Kyle.

The third and final match was between Joline Bico (who used Spain and Argentina) versus Herbert Schachner (England and Belgium). It was Joline’s first foray into international competition, and is the only female in the MWEB Team eSports South Africa for FIFA ’15. Her opponent, Herbert “Suchender” Schachner has twice finished second only to Mirza in both Austria and in Bavaria. Herbert is too a winner of a number of other regional cups in Vienna.

Joline pushed hard in her first game, and worked very well defending against Herbert’s continual attacks, but unfortunately 2 goals snuck by which gave Herbert a 2 – 0 victory.

In the second game, Joline was far more aggressive and almost scored on 3 occasions. A lot was learnt from the last match and although two goals got through it was a much better performance.

Even though South Africa lost this first ever encounter against Austria, the MSSA remains upbeat about the development of its younger gamers. All three gamers gave it their all and showed great strength of character in the face of very stiff international competition. The MSSA is too very proud on how the players treated defeat. Instead of crumbling, all three players came back stronger than before.

One can hardly wait until the next test match…



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