Another week of action around South Africa, and another pretty busy one coming up. Get your gaming fingers ready for action.

A few articles that covered some local activities that you may have missed from elsewhere:

Upcoming Events

Another active weekend is on the horizon. Get involved and support the local scene before it’s not around anymore…

  • Xtreme Gaming: Don’t forget that Xtreme Gaming is hosting a fundraiser at Blue Route Mall in Tokai, Cape Town every day until 18 July. You can find out more here.
  • Jukes_02Jukes Club and Esports Lounge: The Pretoria-based venue is hosting a LAN and 1v1 Dota 2 tournament this weekend. Things kick off at around 6pm on Friday 10 July and runs until 1am on Sunday morning. Details can be found on their website and event page.
  • KGB LAN: On Friday (10 July) from 1pm, the KGB LAN kicks off at AGS Strand. It’s a bring your own PC event that will cost you R70 per person. More information here.
  • Games On LogoGames On Gaming Lounge: It’s a Friday Night Fight Night at Games On. The Rondebosch, Cape Town venue will host kicking, punching and biting (hopefully all in the virtual realm) for contestants. Details can be found here.
  • Games On Gaming Lounge: The second event of the weekend for the venue features Dota 2 on Saturday (11 July). A few unconfirmed details exist (time and cost) but we suggest keeping your eye on their event page for more.
  • Orena: Orena has two Battle for the Throne tournaments scheduled for this weekend. There’s the Hearthstone and League of Legends events scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. We suggest hitting the title links for details and registrations.

MWEB GameZone Masters Series

MGMS Announce_03The first of the Call of Duty and Counter-Strike qualifiers are all over, and now it’s almost time for the second qualifier of the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare series on Xbox One to kick off. Registrations have in fact opened, and teams that missed out in the first qualifier stand a chance to book their spot in the grand final LAN event in Cape Town later this year.

Before the action hits full swing again, the two teams (Astra Infinite and Ventus Xero) that qualified for the finals via the first qualifier voiced their opinion on the tournaments and the Call of Duty competitive console scene in general here.

For those keen to catch up on what went down during the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finals over a week ago, you can catch the highlights here.


ESWC_Orena_CSGO_SA_01Bravado Gaming’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team are in Montreal this weekend for the ESWC CS: GO tournament which features 15 other teams from around the world.

Bravado will face the group phases first (at the time of writing, the groups were not finalised) and will need to finish top two in their group to move on to the playoff phase.

This year, over the three CS: GO LANs hosted in South Africa, Bravado has walked away with two first spots (at EGE and the ESWC qualifier), while they came second (to a resurgent Energy eSports) in the most recent LAN – the AXE Gauntlet LAN.

The ESWC tournament will run from 9 July until 12 July and will be streamed live.

We would of course like to wish the team all the best in Montreal.

You can find all the important information needed on the ESWC tournament hub.

Show Bravado your support by following their progress here: Facebook | Twitter | Website



rAge 2015_Poster_02rAge 2015 has been confirmed (as if there was any doubt) and will take place on 9 to 11 October at the ‘Ticketpro’ Dome in Northgate.

So what exactly can you expect this year? Well, quite a bit actually:

rAge 2015 will boast a unique collection of console and PC video games, computers, technology, computer hardware for sale, virtual reality peripherals, exclusive preview events for upcoming games, behind-closed-door sessions, local game development studios, an epic 2,500-seat 52-hour BYOC LAN, gaming apparel and accessories, competitive eSports events, international game developers, local artists, comics, cosplay, a packed-all-weekend-long stage schedule, and promises to cater to thousands of like-minded geeks, gamers, technology enthusiasts and everyone in between.

Ticket prices are R100 for a day pass, R250 for a weekend pass and R550 for a seat at the LAN.



Gauntlet LAN

Gauntlet LANThis past weekend saw the chaps from My AXE Gaming host their Gauntlet Evolution Esports LAN at Emperor’s Palace.

While the LAN featured non-competitive gaming activities, the real focus was the two tournaments being run for Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with most eyes being on the CS: GO tournament.

In the end, Energy eSports took first spot in the CS: GO event, while Ventus Gaming took the top spot for the Call of Duty.




Geekfest 2015_HeaderCoverage:



Braccianos e-Sports Lounge

Braccianos is hosting a new 1v1 Mid-Only Monthly Cup for Dota 2, the first of which kicks off tonight at 8pm. We suggest keeping your eye on their Facebook page to keep up to date.

Altitude Gaming eSports

Altitude eSports_01Altitude Gaming eSports have announced a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament called Fight Night.

Eight of the country’s top CS: GO teams have been invited to compete in the tournament and each match (four in total) will feature a R2,000 cash prize. The current schedule of matches (which will be streamed live by nAvTV) is as follows:

  1. Bravado Gaming vs Energy eSports
  2. Damage Control vs Ventus
  3. Altitude Gaming eSports (eC) vs In-Finity Gaming
  4. Aperture Gaming vs Veneration eSports




SA FIFA SchoolsOn 11 July at 6pm, the South African High School Team will face Austria’s High School Team in a FIFA 15 online international test match.

The South Africa team will be represented by three Witbank players, namely Kyle Turnbull, Joline Bico and Bonga Zwane.

No details were given as to whether the matches will be streamed online, but the SA players will play from the BNKR Gaming Lounge, on the corener of Duncan and Mandela Streets in Witbank.



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