SA Gaming News Wrap

Another week of action from around South Africa. If you missed any of it, you kinda missed out, so remember to keep checking in every Wednesday and we’ll keep you in the loop.

This edition of the SA Gaming News Wrap also marks the 100th edition of our (almost) weekly feature.

Upcoming Events

There’s a few things on this weekend you may find of interest:

  • Games On Gaming Lounge in Rondebosch, Cape Town will be hosting a FIFA 15 tournament on Saturday from 2pm. R60 is the entry fee, and cash prizes, goodies and more will be up for grabs. Details here.
  • In Gauteng, Jukes Club and eSports Lounge is hosting a Hearthstone Fireside Gathering from 4pm on Saturday. Details here.


Competitions & Giveaways


ESWC CS: GO SA Qualifier

ESWC_Orena_CSGO_SA_01This past weekend saw Bravado Gaming claim first place – and a slot in Montreal – in the South African ESWC CS: GO qualifier.

In a final that lasted four maps against their regular rivals, Energy eSports, Bravado secured a 3-1 victory and will head to Canada with the hopes of a nation weighing them down – or buoying them up for that matter.

We wish Bravado Gaming all the best for their battle against the world on 9-12 July.

The tournament was hosted by Orena at Jukes Club and Esports Lounge with sponsorship by SteelSeries, MSI South Africa and Always0n Wi-Fi.

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Mortal Kombat X Cup

MK X_Cup_01This past weekend in Gauteng, the winner of the search for SA’s best Mortal Kombat X fighter was established when Vasudev “Taga Kahn” Stringer beat 15 other competitors from around the country to take his spot in the international tournament scheduled for Paris on 3-5 July.

In the final, Stringer was pushed hard by eventual second place finisher Kim “D1GamerKid” Petersen, who went so far as to force a second final round in the double elimination bracket.

The top three spots featured the aforementioned winner from Gauteng and two Cape Town qualifiers.

  • Winner – Vasudev “Taga Kahn” Stringer
    PS4 20th Anniversary Edition console
    Trip to Japan Expo in Paris, 3-5 July 2015 to compete in the Grand Final Event
  • Second Place – Kim “D1GamerKid” Petersen
    Mortal Kombat X branded PS4 console
  • Third Place – Zolani “Dr Zol” Matsolo

We wish Vasudev all the best when he heads to Paris.

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MWEB GameZone Master Series

MGMS Announce_03Both the Call of Duty on Xbox One and the Counter-Strike qualifiers are now well underway and with every tournament there are of course both surprises and one or two controversies.

In the Call of Duty tournament, the big news over the past week is that eN_F34R will be battling from the loser’s bracket after finding Astra Infinite in top form, which the latter won 3-1.

Progress in the CS: GO tournament has been a little slower due to this past weekend’s ESWC qualifier affecting match schedules. The timing prompted the eN.Heat team to withdraw due to a heavy load, while some teams appear to be a little AWOL – perhaps the recovery from the recent LANs taking longer than expected.

The tournaments are scheduled to finish in June still, with the Call of Duty finals on 21 June and CS: GO on 28 June.


Cape Town Showdown

CTS_01The chaps of Cape Town Showdown have announced a player cap on all their tournaments being hosted at Kamimodo eSports Cafe on 8 August.

A maximum of 32 players per title (Ultra Street Fighter 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mortal Kombat X and Guilty Gear Xrd) has been placed, and players keen to participate can pre-register here at a discounted rate of R30, or pay R40 at the door – and take your chance that the limit has already been reached.

The crew has also announced an increase in the cash prize pool for Guilty Gear Xrd by community member ‘PaasHaas’.


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