SouthAfricanFlagNovember is upon us, and to a large degree, most entertainment activities take a small break due to the school exams. That’s not to say there is nothing happening in the country, just that it’s not as much as other months.

Weekend One (1 November to 3 November)

The band Arc Reactor are hosting an album launch on Friday 1 November at Gandalfs (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, CT). Why is a metal band’s CD launch relevant? The drummer is the head of gaming at, and we will have a few games up and running for attendees enjoyment. So it’s pretty gaming related then.

Ground Zero are hosting their Halloween-themed LAN on Saturday. Tamboti Hall in Kiblerpark is your spot from 9am to 9pm, and R50 gets you in.

The Mweb Gamezone Ladders StarCraft II 1v1 tournament hits the Super 8 Knockouts on 2 November and has R28,000 in prizes up for grabs. The matches will most likely be streamed live. Watch Twitter for details.

Weekend Two (8 November to 10 November)

The second weekend of November hosts a charity event in Durban, and we urge as many of our friends in Kwa-Zulu Natal as possible to attend and support a worthy cause. Chasing Inspiration starts on Friday 8 November at 9:22am and runs for 48 hours until 9:22am on Sunday. All proceeds from the event will go to the Chase Tanner Trust Fund to help support people with Leukemia. Tickets are available here.

On the other coast of SA on Friday night, MWEB will be hosting the ‘Clash of the Titles’ event. Essentially, a combined Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts event, the tournament will feature both Xbox 360 and PC players a chance to participate. To get in, you need to enter, and to enter, we suggest you head here.

Weekend Three (15 November to 17 November)

Another unique event this weekend is the LAN Camp. We really don’t doubt the claim that it is “South Africa’s first ever LAN gaming event that offers weekend accommodation, holiday resort activities and facilities.” The event is Braambos Campsite from 15 November at 2pm until 17 November at 5pm. Details here.

A.I. Fest are hosting a 5v5 League of Legends LAN on 16 November the Aspen Club House in Mulbarton in Johannesburg. All the details you might need are here.

Weekend Four (22 November to 24 November)

**UPDATE** On Saturday 23 November the Trenchtown Gaming Tournament is on. Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14 and Injustice: Gods Among Us will be the titles to challenge. Details to follow.

Not much at first glance is confirmed for this weekend except the EFL on Sunday 24 November. The British Premier League based FIFA 14 tournament will be at its new home of Fives Futbol in Century City. Keep your eye on the zombies for details, or the EFL Facebook Page.

There’s every chance however that the weekend may turn into a double header. Trenchtown is to be confirmed for 23 November…

Weekend Five (29 November to 1 December)

Yes, I know we’re sneaking into next month slightly, but you can’t stop this train.

Organised Chaos will be busy all weekend long at the Bellville Velodrome. From 5pm on Friday 29 November until 12pm on Sunday 1 December you can LAN with most likely around 1000 friends.

Lasting an action-packed few hours rather than days is the 2upGamers second anniversary event. Other than the date, not other details were available at the time of going live, but we will update as details are announced.

AWOL (Until Further Notice)

  • FIFAChamps is happening in November but an exact date is unknown.

Repeat events throughout November…

There are a few events which just keep on keeping on – sometimes weekly, sometimes daily. These are them.

Cape Town Showdown play host to the virtual fighters in their equivalent of the fight club every Saturday from 11am. The beatdowns happen at GamerNET House on 45 Salisbury Street, Boston, CT. Details can be found here.

Legends in Bellville will be your home for 2v2 FIFA 14 action every Monday night.

The zombies (or at least the one in Cape Town) will be hosting a casual gaming night every Wednesday night (except the first Wednesday of the month) from 7:00pm at Trenchtown in Observatory, CT. The last Wednesday of the month (27 November) will be a FIFA 14 Tournament while other nights will feature some Ghosts and Injustice and others which will be announced here, there and on our social media.

**UPDATE** The South African Forza Community have two drift competitions this month. On 12 November, they run round six of the event, and on 26 November they host the final round of the competition. You can find out more here.

Please note, if we have missed an upcoming event, it might be because we didn’t know about it. As much as we pretend to be know-it-alls, we’re not actually, and need your help in keeping up to date with all the happenings around this place we all call home. You can also keep up with everything happening by visiting our new Calendar. We will update both the calendar and this article if new events are announced for the month.