SA Gaming Events this May


May kicks off with an absolute bang.  So we’re going to get right to it rather than add useless waffle here.

May… Weekend 1

Busy weekend is busy.

dAZLAN host their first LAN at Wits.  dAZLAN @ Wits will start at 7pm Friday 3 May and run a full 24 hours.  It will be featuring some console gaming, and Team XtaZ will be in the venue to play some Black Ops 2.  For details, head over here.

Meanwhile, to the east of Wits (pretty far east actually), DBNGamers will be hosting their “we love zombies” event at Westville Athletic Club in Durban.  The Dead Island Event kicks of at 6pm on Friday 3 May.  You can get all the information you need here.  We may have made the loving of zombies up just a little.

Saturday (4 May) gets really busy all over the country:

It’s Free Comic Book Day.  Events should be happening all around the country at comic stores and other related stores near you.  If you are in Cape Town, Reader’s Den in Cavendish will be the place to be with comics (duh), cosplay and gaming supplied by a human and a zombie.  You’ll know them when you see them watching ‘Gods Among Us’ beat each other senseless.

Ground Zero will be hosting their monthly LAN event from 10am to 11pm at Klipriviersberg Recreational Center.

Liquid Blast are hosting the Liquid Blast Gaming Festival from 10am.  We can’t tell you exactly what is happening at the event because no-one appears to be willing to answer our emails, but we do know there will be a 2v2 Black Ops 2 SnD tournament and a FIFA 13 tournament.  It will cost you a slightly eye watering R150 to enter, but you do apparently get some branded goodies, an energy drink and food.  Venue is Tikiedraai in Brackenfell CT.

7pm sees the latest gaming entertainment venue in Cape Town launch… at another venue.  Thirteen Thirty-Seven (1337) e-Sports Bar will be having a launch party at Ragazzi Live Bar (7 Loop Street) from 7pm.  Event details here.

May… Weekend 2

Blops 2The 2upGamers juggernaut hits its third month at Trinity on Friday 10 May.  Going by the name of ‘Judgement’, the evening will kick off at 7pm and go until you can’t face another controller again.  Expect a Gears of War Judgment FFA LAN, a FIFA 13 tournament, the Forza 4 Celeb Challenge, cosplay and loads more.  R60 gets the gents in, R50 gets the ladies in, but it should be equal fun for all.

Saturday 11 May sees a first of sorts for SA eSports.  The MSSA will be running the Cape Town Regional for Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360.  The winning four man team will be given Cape Town colours and will be playing the Gauteng Provincial team at a date still to be confirmed.  The venue will be Games On Gaming Lounge in Rondebosch, and the action will start at 10am.  Please register your teams by email to

Over in Canal Walk (still in Cape Town), FIFAChamps will be running a FIFA 13 tournament.  They will be at ‘Lounge Relax Play’, and registration costs R50 with R1000 up for grabs.

Surprisingly, Weekend 3 has nothing on.  Better do something to change that then…

**UPDATE** And just like that, there’s something on this weekend too.  Starting at 4pm on Friday 17 May and going until midday on the Saturday is the LAN Africa May… LAN.  Dota 2 seems to be the focus and tickets will cost you R100.  The event will be at the Jan Burger Sports Complex in the Western Cape.  Event details here.

**UPDATE** A.I. Fest REBORN happens on 18 May from 9am to 9pm.  The event is a League of Legends 3v3 Tournament with an entrance fee of R300 per team of 3.  The event takes place at Aspen Club House, Aspen Hills Nature Estate in Mulbarton, Johannesburg.  Event details available here.

**UPDATE** MainGaming is back in Cape Town for a Black Ops 2 LAN.  They haven’t said whether it’s 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 yet, but R100 gets you registered and there is R1000 up for grabs for the winner.  Head to Tyger Valley at 10am on Saturday 18 May.

May… Weekend 4

And back to normal.  dAZLAN host their second event of the month.  This time, they’re back at their familiar Centurion haunt from 4pm on 24 May until 8am the next morning.

From Saturday at 10am until Sunday (26 May) at 6pm, MSSA is due to host the 12th Mupumalanga Championships in Witbank.  We’ll drop the details as soon as we get them.  **UPDATE** Details here.

Saturday 25 May sees all things geek happen in both Cape Town and Randburg.  In Randburg, KinCon 2013 happens at he Blairgowrie Recreation Centre and will feature cosplay, anime, gaming (both table top and electronic) and more.  The event starts at 9am and will cost you only R30 for the day.

Cape Town will be the home of the Geek Pride Day event.  Pretty much everything you could want to sate your geek hunger and more.  Along with the ubiquitous cosplay, anime and console gaming, there will be a LAN running from 24 May until 26 May which will cost you R150 per seat.  For everyone else, there is no cover charge.  Winner!  The fun starts at 9am at the Premier Fitness and Leisure in Bellville.

Joining the action at the Geek Pride Day event will be the first official EFL after its successful beta.  FIFA 13 players keen to show they have the consistency over 19 games with a randomly assigned English Premier League side, head here now.

**UPDATE** MainGaming is hosting a FIFA 13 tournament at Tyger Valley on 25 May from 10am.  R100 gets you in, with prizes TBC.

May… Weekend 5 (OK, it’s a little in to June too)

dAZLAN probably set a record by kicking off their third LAN of a month when the hold the dAZLAN @ Wits on 31 May to 1 June.  Starting at 7pm on the Friday, the event ends at 7pm on the Saturday.

Ground Zero LAN also try for the records, and their second LAN in just under a month kicks off at 8am on Saturday 1 June and runs until 11pm.  Tickets are R50 per person and will be at their regular venue of Tamboti Hall at the  Klipriviersberg Recreational Center.

**UPDATE** The new formed eSports 2upGamers division will be operating a 2v2 SnD Black Ops 2 and FIFA 13 tournament at Trenchtown on 1 June.  Cash prizes and sponsored items up for grabs for your R50 registration fee.  Details to follow.

Repeat events all month…

There’s a few events that will be happening on a set day, every day of this coming month.

The Mweb Gamezone Black Ops 2 Ladders will probably be played every night until the ladders end on 29 May, and head in the the ‘Super 8’ part of the competition.

The MSSA is operating the Inter-Schools League every Wednesday of the month.  Details are a little scarce on the ground, but maybe like their Facebook Page and you can find out more.

Every Saturday from 11am, you can head to GamerNET House on 45 Salisbury Street, Boston, CT for flying roundhouse kicks and uppercuts, as Cape Town Showdown play host to the virtual fighters and their equivalent of the fight club…  Details can be found here.

Every Monday (except the 27th of May), you can enjoy FIFA 13 tournaments all around Cape Town.  Kicking off at 6pm, the tournaments bounce around the city and you can choose to join the closest to you, or all of them.  6 May is at Games On Gaming Lounge in Rondebosch.  13 May the FIFA 13 hits Stellenbosch.  On 20 May, Eastwoods will see the return of the virtual footballers.  On 27 May… see below.  All these matches are seeding tournaments for the 2up Cup which happens at – you guessed it – 2upGamers.

Your favourite zombies who happen to write about games, and now play host to some events, would like to invite you every Monday night from 7pm to join them at Trenchtown in Onservatory, CT.  On 6 May, you can enjoy an all-sorts gaming night.  13 May will be a Halo 4 mini-LAN.  20 May is Black Ops 2, and 27 May will be the FIFA 13 tournament which also acts as a seeding tournament for the 2up Cup.

Please note, if we have missed an upcoming event, it might be because we didn’t know about it.  As much as we pretend to be know-it-alls, we’re not actually, and need your help in keeping up to date with all the happenings around this place we all call home. You can also keep up with everything happening by visiting our Calendar.