SA Gaming Events for the rest of March

GoW Judgment LAN Launch_7PM

It felt like we might be in for a bit of a slow period when it came to local gaming events this month, but like magic, there is more happening than you can shake a severed limb at.  The last two weeks of March and early April are pretty jam packed, and they offer a decent variety of gaming activities to enjoy.

This Saturday offers PC gamers and console gamers plenty to do – and some of it actually involves playing games.  From 10am, the StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Invitational Tournament kicks off at The Forum, The Campus in Gauteng.  The event will feature as its main attraction the official Test Match between Romania and South Africa.  If you can’t make it, some of the matches will apparently be streamed live.

At 4pm, and around 1400km away, two FIFA 13 teams will be facing off at Games On Gaming Lounge in Riverside Mall, Rondebosch, Cape Town.  Console Kingz and Born Gamers will be showing off the virtual football skills for bragging rights, and should make for a pretty entertaining and enthralling afternoon of football.

Kicking off an hour earlier in the V&A Waterfront is the SAGamer Forum Meet-and-Greet.  Or Drink-and-Eat.  Mitchell’s will be the venue for this social, which is likely to feature more talking about than playing of games – which is not actually a bad thing.

One of the big events of the next – oh, year – to happen will be happening on Sunday 17 March from 3pm.  If you’ve found yourself still in your ‘end-of-the-world’ bunker since December last year, you are forgiven for not having a clue what that date represents.  Everyone who plays Black Ops 2 in SA should hopefully need no reminding.  It’s the day of the South African qualifiers to get a team to Los Angeles to play in the one million dollar Call of Duty Championship.

You can also catch live streams of all the CoD Championship qualifiers being played all around the globe all weekend.  Details and links here.

Monday kicks off with a Cape Town flavour to its events.  Both Trenchtown and UnWINEd are now weekly activities, with Trenchtown‘s Monday 18 March event offering Black Ops 2 players a relaxing ‘Sticks and Stones’ mode after the stress of Sunday, while UnWINEd hosts the Liquid Blast UnWINEd FIFA 13 Cup.

A few days of gaming silence is then followed by the public holiday on 21 March.  The day is also significant as being the day before Gears of War Judgment launches, and is also the same day that Games On hosts the Gears of War Judgment LAN and Launch Party for Capetonians.  Kicking off at 7pm, the event will go on until the official launch day of the new Gears, and until the last chainsaw has revved in a competitive free-for-all.

The monthly dAZLAN event makes its – you guessed it – monthly return on Friday 22 March.  The LAN kicks off at 4pm and keeps going until 8am the following morning, ensuring 18 hours of gaming goodness.  It will be at its regular venue at 290 Friederiche Street, Wierdapark in Gauteng.

On Saturday 23 March, the ever active MainGaming hosts a FIFA 13 Tournament at the GameXchange Store in Stoneridge Shopping Centre.

If you still haven’t had enough Black Ops 2, or enough of the Game On venue (it’s great, so you shouldn’t really tire of it anyway), then Top Tournaments will be operating a Black Ops 2 LAN.  Details are not available yet, but keep your eye on our calendar for updates.

Another week, another Monday night.  The good folk of the Liquid Blast UnWINEd FIFA 13 Cup will take a break for one week while Trenchtown hosts its FIFA 13 tournament on 25 March.  Up for grabs are Vouchers and entry to the 2upGamers event in April which will give the player a seeded entry into the FIFA 13 tournament there, which will come with a hefty cash prize.

The month of March rounds off with an MSSA event in Gauteng and a second SAGamer Forum meet.  Details of the MSSA event are still to be announced, but the SAGamer meet will be at Buena Vista Social Cafe in Cape Town from 3pm on Saturday 30 March.

The start of April looks to be a really busy one with Organised Chaos, 2upGamers, Ground Zero LAN, MainGaming and MSSA events to keep you occupied.  We will bring you details a little closer to the time, as we know the human mind is like a sieve…

Please note, if we have missed an upcoming event, it might be because we didn’t know about it.  As much as we pretend to be know-it-alls, we’re not actually, and need your help in keeping up to date with all the happenings around this place we all call home. You can also keep up with everything happening by visiting our Calendar.