SA Gamers and their Tattoos

HavokreekaYesterday we showed off a few gaming related tattoos on South African gamers.  Today it’s still South African gamers and their tattoos.  Just not gaming related ones.

Don’t forget, if you’re a fan of ink and gaming (or even only one of them), head to the Cape Town City Hall for this year’s Cape Tattoo Expo.  It will feature ink and gaming, along with plenty of other activities to keep you entertained.

We kick off with quite possibly one of the biggest supporters of zombies we’re aware of.  Dieter is the man behind Cape Town’s annual zombie walk, and his Ganesha tattoo was done by Quinntin Ashley.  Dieter (aka Havokreeka on PSN) says he “wanted something interesting and different. I always wanted a Ganesha tattoo, but wanted it a bit darker than the normally brightly  coloured traditional Hindu Artwork.”  His first tattoo was a cross on his forearm, and he can be found playing Battlefield 3 mostly.

Not too sure why the right arm always appears to be the first arm worked on by most (mine was too), but the next two tattoos follow that self same choice.

GoogleYou might know him as Chad or Google ZA from the clan Hi 5, and you probably already know his favourite game is Black Ops 2.  We bet you didn’t know that while this is his first tattoo, he’s “always been a fan of tattoos” and “loves them”, the idea of this Maori based tattoo is inspired by two people – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and rugby player Sonny Bill Williams.  The work done so far was over the course of two sessions, and he plans to complete it with an armband, followed by work on the inner arm – a spot which he admits has him a little scared of the pain.  The artist was Garth at Wildfire Canal Walk.

Another Black Ops 2 fan (he doesn’t really play much other than Call of Duty to be fair) and the other right arm.  Swarley (or F34R_SWARL3Y on PSN and F34R SWARL3Y on XBL) got his work-in-progress from Milo Marcer (Mr Lucky Tattoos).  His first piece – a scorpion on the back of his right shoulder – was done ten years ago.  This current piece is done for his family.  Swarley says his grandad had the same old school panther on his arm and that “the woman (his favourite piece) with the roses around her represents my mom, gran & aunts. The water is just there because I dig it.”


While many tattoos are done on a whim or a crazy impulse, many more have deep meaning to those that wear them.  This black and grey flower and its associated trim is worn by Ruzanne (madam_munkey on PSN) as a tribute to her  stepmother who passed away from brain cancer on 19 January 2011.  She got the tattoo from Rowan Eva (then at Guns Gone Wild Tattoos in Kempton Park) the day after her stepmother passed.  Ruzanne says the tattoo is her “pride and joy” of the five tattoos she has, and that the “physical and emotional pain of this tattoo meant a lot, and it still means a lot to me.  Even the smallest detail means something.”


A few of yesterday’s gamers also have a little more than just their gaming related pieces of ink.





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