Dota 2_Wrap_01

Each week we gather together details for all the upcoming eSports matches in one post from around the RSA competitive scene. If we can also get our hands on information relating to streams and/or casters we will also update this post with that. Otherwise these games might only be watchable through the game client.

DotA 2

DGL Masters

  • 06 July 20h00 – Carbon Gaming vs Damage Control
  • 07 July 20h00 – Bravado Gaming vs Flipsid3 Tactics
  • 10 July 20h00 – Aperture Gaming vs Veneration eSports
  • 10 July 20h00 – White Rabbit Gaming vs (xTc) Xperts  at Total Chaos

DGL Prem Div.

  • No matches confirmed/scheduled yet

Eclipse Cup

  • 06 July 20h00 – Aperture Gaming vs Pulse Gaming
  • 06 July 20h00 – Elementary eSports vs Spartan eSports
  • 06 July 20h30 – Energy eSports vs MDK Clouds End

The Immortal Cup – Athena

  • 05 July 20h00 – White Rabbit Gaming vs Aperture Gaming
  • 07 July 20h00 – Loser Bracket Final Bo5: Energy eSports vs Aperture Gaming

South African Gigabyte DotA 2 Challenge (@ Cradlestone with nAvTV)

  • 09 July 08h30 – 12h00 Bravado vs Aperture Gaming
  • 12h30 – 15h30 White Rabbit Gaming vs Flipsid3 Academy Aces
  • 16h00 – 19h00 Winner Bracket Finals
  • 09 July 19h00 OR 10 July 08h30 Loser Bracket Round 1 (Bo1)
  • 10 July 10h00 – 13h30 Loser Bracket Finals
  • 14h00 – 19h30 Winner of Winner Bracket Finals vs Winner of Loser Bracket Finals

Please note that the times listed are subject to change and that this list may be updated as and when we become aware of any changes. To watch games via the in game DotA 2 client when no stream is available you will need to have at least one of the players on your friends list, or have a friend with one of them on theirs, so that you can spectate off them. Some teams have people who you can add who will watch most (if not all) teams games (i.e. like the team manager). We’ve added Steam users below who have agreed to adding spectators, so feel free to add them to watch a teams matches in game. NB: Support local eSports by watching via stream if it is available. This is good for players, casters, and eSports growth in RSA in general.

We will update this list as and when we can:


  • Aperture Gaming – Export (ApG Manager)


  • Pulse Gaming – Apoth (puLse.Salt Manager)