SA eSports | GecoSports FIFA 13 Pro Tournament

If you happened to miss one of the two FIFA tournaments happening this weekend… shame on you.  Some would argue it was actually three events considering there was the Eastwoods FIFA Champs on Saturday and a tournament on Friday and Sunday at GecoSports.

Clearly, FIFA gamers on both PS3 and Xbox 360 have plenty to keep them involved, but still one has to wonder if the good people putting these events together aren’t being let down just a little.

Attendance isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but there really is a worrying trend starting to emerge in some cases that appears to indicate that gamers currently think there will just be another next week or next month.  That attitude has seemingly caused Do Gaming to relook at running an Xbox 360 FIFA 13 League next year, so don’t start taking all these activities for granted when they do happen.

But, this is not a lament at all; this is a celebration of another successful tournament run by the good folk at GecoSports in Claremont.  Setting out as an event to find Cape Town’s best FIFA player over both platforms, the event started with 41 registered participants for the four qualifiers.  Following a number of cancellations and no-shows, the 32 entrants entered the fray with only four earning the honour of facing the ultimate and final challenge.

The first winner out of the blocks was Malimu Museru who battled nine other players in the (double elimination) first PS3 qualifier which was held on 16 November to claim his place in the Grand Final.

The next round up – the first Xbox 360 qualifier – was played on Sunday the 18th of November and saw six players face off in a round robin scenario.  Andrew-Lee Tobias eventually claimed top spot, winning four of his five games.

On to this past weekend for the second qualifiers on each platform, and a second chance for those that maybe only just fell short in the previous qualifiers.  Friday’s (23 November) second PS3 qualifier had a number of returning players in its 12 entrants.  The double elimination qualifier saw Talieb Mohamed take the winner’s honours after finishing in third place the week before.

The second place finisher from the first Xbox 360 qualifier was also a returning player when the four players entered the arena on Sunday 25 November to fill the final Grand Final spot.  The second Xbox 360 qualifier was another round robin affair, and this time Khalil Giwan was not to walk away as anything but a winner.

With the four Grand Final players determined, the next phase is to see just who of them can claim the Geco Pro title when they face each other on a date to be confirmed for next month.  The final will be played at one of Fives Futbol’s sites – either in Sunningdale or Century City.  Details when we get them.

For more pictures from the four qualifiers, check out GecoSports’ Facebook Album.