Each week we gather together the DotA 2 results from various pro matches from around the local RSA competitive scene.

DGL Masters

  • Carbon eSports 2 vs 0 Damage Control
  • Bravado Gaming 2 vs 0 Flipsid3 Tactics

No surprises here as the top team in Masters faces off against the new F3 Tactics squad rotated in from Premier Division, who are easily defeated. While a predictable outcome, F3 will need to learn a lot from this experience if they’re to have any more success than their previous counterparts had in Leg One. Carbon take the series against Damage Control, who would have definitely fancied themselves here. Damage Control certainly has what it takes to put the sword to top teams, but failed to do so here. I am still hopeful they cause at least a few upsets during this leg in their upcoming fixtures!

DGL Prem Div.

  • Energy eSports 2 v 0 MDK Clouds End
  • Singularity Victis Honor 2 v 1 Flipsid3 Tactics Academy Tilt
  • Immersion Reborn 0 v 2 Ventus DotA
  • Pulse Gaming 2 v 1 Reversal FoJ

Sing.VH, eN.eVo, and puLse.Salt pick up expected victories in the first week of Leg 3 and get off to a great start. iM Reborn surprisingly drop a clean series to newly promoted Ventus DotA, which is the first time since the first leg that a team other than eN.eVo or puLse.Salt has beaten iM Reborn in the Telkom DGL. F3. Tilt get a shocking welcome to Premier Division after these players were swapped out from the Masters squad, a result they surely did not expect. No doubt F3.Tilt will want to turn this around with a resounding victory in their next Telkom DGL fixture. Life at eN.eVo without RDK and 225 seems to be going swell as they easily defeat promoted MDK Clouds End. An unfortunate fixture to pick up as your welcome to Prem Div. but one they’ll be thankful having out of the way, at the very least.

Eclipse Cup

Group A

  • Casualty Online Godz 2 – 1 Suicide Squad

Group B

  • Elementary Gaming 2 – 0 Spartan eSports

Group C

  • Ventus Academy Green 2 – 0 Centaurus A
  • Energy eSports 2 – 0 MDK Clouds End

Group D

  • Aperture Gaming 2 vs 0 Pulse Gaming
  • Mythic Gaming 2 vs 0 Fusion Gaming

The first round of fixtures in the Eclipse Cup, with another two rounds of the group stage still to be played, yields few surprises. Some of the fixtures meant to be played this week are still unplayed, probably due to scheduling conflicts with nAvTV and Telkom DGL fixtures. Energy eSports beats MDK Clouds End 2 – 0, the second time they have done so in the space of only a few days. Both sides met in the opening week of the DGL Prem Div. Leg 3, with the same result. At least MDK Clouds End have gotten the toughest fixtures out of the way and won’t have to see eN.eVo again for some time. Pulse Gaming randomly draws Aperture Gaming in yet another competition, with ApG scoring a 2 – 0 victory over puLse.Salt. Mythic Gaming, Elementary Gaming, vA. Green, and C. OG also pick up victories and ensure they get off to a great start.

The Immortal Cup – Athena

  • Energy eSports 2 vs 1 Aperture Gaming

Watching these two teams play can be one of the most entertaining matchups you’ll see across competitive DotA in South Africa. On paper I usually fancy ApG to emerge victorious against eN.eVo whenever they meet (and of course eN.eVo are in Prem Div., not Masters). But for some reason eN.eVo just doesn’t seem to care what the paper says when they clash with ApG. This was a fiercely contested series that could have gone either way at many stages in the series, but ultimately some wily drafting by ImpacKt and some fine team play by eN.eVo sink ApG with a close 2 – 1 series. ApG take third spot in this competition while eN.eVo advance to play Bvd in the Grand Finals. Now can anyone teach ApG.Bob how to stop stealing kills from his cores? Please? It’s kind of insane! 😀

South African Gigabyte DotA 2 Challenge (@ Cradlestone with nAvTV)

  • Bravado Gaming 2 vs 0 Aperture Gaming
  • White Rabbit Gaming 2 vs 0 Flipsid3 Academy Aces
  • Winner Bracket Finals: Bravado Gaming 1 vs 2 White Rabbit Gaming
  • LB1: Aperture Gaming 1 vs 0 Flipsid3 Academy Aces
  • Loser Bracket Finals: Aperture Gaming 0 vs 2 Bravado Gaming
  • Grand Finals: White Rabbit Gaming 2 vs 3 Bravado Gaming

The biggest stories here have to be how WRG managed to emerge victorious from the Bo3 winner bracket final to knock Bvd down to the lower bracket. Both teams would then meet once again in the Bo5 grand final (after Bvd slugged it out with ApG in the loser bracket finals) with WRG proceeding to win the first two games, only to lose the final three games and thus the series. WRG played some great DotA and it was sad to see them come so close to the victory they deserved only to be denied right at the end. WRG were the better team at the LAN event this weekend, but sometimes that is just not enough and Bvd walked away with first place and R60 000. This was, by and large, some top quality DotA 2 and it even had people barely interested in the teams sitting on the edge of their seats for over five gruelling hours. Other interesting headlines from this event include the legendary Phalanx Pudge being unable to stop Bravado, and Flipsid3 hoping to use an obvious pubstomp tactic to eliminate the best pubstomp team in South Africa (suffice to say that this tactic did not end well with ApG absolutely crushing F3).

The prize pool for the nAvTV event was pretty fairly split across the top four teams and is, I feel, better representative of the difference in coming first or fourth. First place netted R60 000, second place R45 000, third place R30 000, and fourth place earned R15 000. In some past international tournaments over 70% of the prize pool could go to the victors and I’m glad nAvTV went the direction they did with splitting the pot this tournament. Perhaps they could do work extending the amount of positions included in the prize pool from 4 to 8 next time, to both reflect the direction Telkom is taking with Masters but also to create fiercer competition between up and coming teams, Premier Division teams, and Masters teams. But this does not detract from the great event they’ve put together and the amount they’re investing into the local DotA 2 scene. A round of applause to the good folks at nAvTV, and their involved affiliates, you’re the real MVPs here!

TL;DR – The Shorter Headline

The Telkom DGL Premier Division and Masters weekly results, first round of Eclipse Cup group stage results, WRG almost slay eventual nAvTV Gigabyte Challenge victors BVD, Doni gets outplayed repeatedly in South Africa over a 48 hour period, and Energy eSports beat Aperture Gaming in the Immortal Cup to move on to the Grand Finals.

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