SA eSports | DotA 2 Results 25-31 July 2016

DGL Prem Div.

  • 25 July 20h00 Singularity Victis Honor 2 vs 1 MDK Clouds End
  • 26 July 20h30 Energy eSports 2 vs 0 Immersion Reborn
  • 28 July 20h00 Energy eSports 2 vs 0 Singularity Victis Honor
  • 28 July 20h00 Ventus DotA 2 vs 1 Flipsid3 Academy Tilt
  • 28 July 20h00 Reversal FoJ 2 vs 0 MDK Clouds End
  • 29 July 20h00 Immersion Reborn 2 vs 0 Pulse Gaming
  • 31 July 20h00 Pulse Gaming 1 vs 2 Ventus DotA

Ventus DotA end Leg 3 just as strongly as they started it, highlighting that they are definitely not the same Ventus team that was eliminated to First Div. at the end of Leg 1. In the final two games Ventus DotA defeat Pulse Gaming in a tightly contested 2:1 series as well as also beating F3.A 2:1. Ventus DotA thus finish top of Prem Div. Leg 3, with only a single defeat chalked up against them.

Energy eSports ends their campaign on a strong note, recording 2:0 victories over both iM Reborn and Sing.VH. Their win rate, however, has for the first time this year fallen below 90%. In a reversal of fortune for Pulse Gaming, they finally lose a series to iM Reborn (puLse.Salt having beaten iM Reborn previously in both Prem Div. Leg 1 & Leg 2). While runs of poor form are part and parcel of sports, it could not have come at a worse time for Pulse Gaming, who were undoubtedly looking for a convincing end to the leg and a top 3 finish. This final week pretty much serves as a summary example of Pulse Gaming’s general lack of form throughout Leg 3, which is something they’ll need to work on with DGC just around the corner.

Sing.VH are defeated 2:0 by eN, but in turn Sing.VH beat MDK Clouds End 2:1 in a series that might have swung the other way had MDK been luckier. F3.A and Reversal FoJ were due to play a match during this period which was significant for the teams fighting it out at the bottom of the table. It appears, however, that F3.A picked up a forfeit, giving FoJ the 3 points automatically. This forfeit in the final week of the leg is hugely significant, as it effectively secures Reversal FoJ the 3 free points that they desperately need to avoid the drop to First Div. MDK Clouds End and Flipsid3 Academy are unfortunately not as lucky.

DGL Masters

  • 28 July 20h00 Bravado Gaming 2 vs 0 Xperts @ Total Chaos

Two of the scheduled matches meant to be played during this period have been pushed to later dates, and another match ends with a forfeit (we are unsure why WRG had to forfeit their game against ApG, resulting in free points for ApG). Thus the only Masters game to be played during this period is between Bvd and xTc, with Bvd emerging victorious. This result doesn’t come as much of a surprise but Bvd will want to ensure they win every game because ApG are also unbeaten after 3 games, with both teams tied at the top of the table on 9 points.

Eclipse Cup

  • 27 July 20h00 Pulse Gaming 2 vs 0 Mythic Gaming

The last of the matches for the Eclipse Cup group stages are now over (many of the outstanding late games ended as forfeits) and the top two teams from each group proceed to the next stage of the competition. No real surprises out of the results from the group stages, with the bigger names dispatching their opposition with ease for the most part.

  • Group A: 1st – Bravado Gaming, & 2nd – Online Godz
  • Group B: 1st – White Rabbit Gaming, & 2nd – Elementary Gaming
  • Group C: 1st – Energy eSports, & 2nd – Ventus Academy
  • Group D: 1st – Aperture Gaming, & 2nd – Pulse Gaming

With the top teams confirmed the image below shows how the next stage of the tournament is set to look. What is notable here is that the top team from each group advances to the semi-finals of the tournament, while the teams that finished second in the group appear instead in the first round of the Losers Bracket. Expect these exciting matches to take place between the 8th and 14th of August.

The Inaugural Eclipse Cup DotA 2 tournament post-group stage

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