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Each week we gather together the DotA 2 results from various pro matches from around the local RSA competitive scene.

DGL Prem Div.

  • Energy eSports 2 vs 1 Reversal FoJ
  • Ventus DotA 2 vs 0 Singularity Victis Honor
  • MDK Clouds End 0 vs 2 Immersion Reborn
  • Flipsid3 Academy Tilt 1 vs 2 Pulse Gaming
  • Ventus DotA 2 vs 0 MDK Clouds End
  • Reversal FoJ 1 vs 2 Singularity Victis Honor
  • Flipsid3 Academy Tilt 0 vs 2 Immersion Reborn
  • Energy eSports 2 vs 0 Pulse Gaming

With only two games left to be played for each team over the final week, Leg 3 is shaping up to be a particularly interesting one. Energy eSports are dropping matches left, right, and center. They’re obviously feeling the short term loss of RDK and 225 (who will no doubt return at the end of the leg). Ventus DotA are having an outstanding run thus far, topping the table and in a commanding position with only one week remaining this leg. Singularity and Pulse are hot on their heels, though, only one or two points behind the leaders. Any slip up or mistakes by teams at the top could cost them a top 3 finish and anybody could take those spots at this stage. Unfortunately Flipsid3 Academy languish at the bottom of the log and look like they’re sure to be demoted to First Div. at the end of this leg. They’ve shown flashes of great game play but have been unable to secure those important match victories.

Eclipse Cup

Group A

  • Bravado Gaming 2 – 0 Suicide Squad

Group B

  • Elementary Gaming 0 – 2 White Rabbit Gaming

Group C

  • Ventus Academy Green 0 – 2 Energy eSports

The final week of the Eclipse Cup has played out and thus the group stages are meant to be at an end. However, some teams have still not played their final matches (most probably due to an overwhelming clash of matches elsewhere). These will probably be completed in the next few days and then standings can be finalised.

DGL Masters LAN Cup (22 -24 July)

DGL_Masters_Dota 2_01


This DGL Masters LAN Cup event (in partnership with Ster Kinekor) boasted a R100 000 prize pool. This tournament is notable in that it eschewed the standard DotA 2 tournament format by virtue of being a single elimination format, with a Bo3 Grand Final instead of the standard Bo5.

Quarter Finals

  • Bravado Gaming 2 vs 0 Flipsid3 Tactics
  • Carbon eSports 2 vs 0 Damage Control
  • White Rabbit Gaming 2 vs 0 Veneration eSports
  • Aperture Gaming 2 vs 0 Xperts @ Total Chaos


  • Bravado Gaming 2 vs 0 Carbon eSports
  • White Rabbit Gaming 2 vs 0 Aperture Gaming

Grand Finals

  • Bravado Gaming 2 vs 0 White Rabbit Gaming

The main talking points here include WRG and bvd meeting up in an epic rematch (these sides recently playing each other in a showdown at the nAvTV Mall Gaming Experience). WRG would have relished the opportunity to put one over bvd and claim revenge, but ultimately they fail to do so and lose 2 to 0 in a pretty underwhelming fashion. The name of the game at this tournament seemed to be Drow push strats, with Drow undoubtedly the most picked/banned hero in almost every draft. Teams playing against WRG also tried to utilize the Ogre Magi (which WRG famously used to lock down bvd previously), but didn’t share in the successes that WRG enjoyed when relying on the hero. It would be bvd, ultimately, who used the Ogre Magi successfully against WRG in the Grand Finals in a particularly menacing Bat/Ogre dual lane in which Doni played a terrifying Batrider. Doni was given a chance to overturn his negative statements about RSA eSports from three years ago, but instead bemoaned South Africans having such long memories in an interview instead. #ClassicDoniThings. The prize pool of R100 000 was split as follows: R5 000 for F3, DC, VnR, and xTc; R10 000 for cbN and ApG; R20 000 for WRG; and R40 000 for bvd.

The Immortal Cup – Athena

  • Grand Final: Bravado Gaming 0 vs 3 Energy eSports
  • Grandest Grand Final: Bravado Gaming 3 vs 1 Energy eSports

The Athena league organisers apparently believe that monsters must be slain twice before they’re truly dead. Their double tap double elimination policy requires all teams to be eliminated twice, even if a team only loses for the first time in the Grand Finals. Thus eN. eVo had to play a second GRANDER grand final after dispatching bvd in the grand final. All very confusing, I agree. Ultimately Bravado beat eN. the second time around and are the GRANDEST Grand Victors, much to Energy eSports chagrin. Bravado walk away with the R5 000 top spot prize, Energy eSports pick up R2 000 for second place, and Aperture Gaming pick up R1 000 for coming third. I hope you read this entire paragraph with Rubick’s voice in your head, because he is truly the grandest grand magus.

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