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All around this wonderful (and, let’s be fair, it is – more often than not) country of ours, there are always some hard working persons, gamers, businesses and other interested parties trying their damnedest to bring their fellow gamers tournaments and whatnot to keep their virtual killing thirst sated, or their virtual football star on the rise.

We feel it’s only right to continue to recognise them all.  The organisers and the players.  The winners and those that participate (when possible).  So what has happened this last week in the SA eSports world?  Some FIFA, some Battlefield and a whole lot of action.  What’s coming up in the next few weeks?  Even more.  Read on to get the details.


The last Monday of every month marks the date of the Trenchtown FIFA 13 Tournament.  This past Monday saw 15 hopefuls battle it out for the winners prize and bragging rights over the double elimination tournament.  Last month’s champion Francois Van Schalkwyk, from the Liquid Blast sponsored Console Kingz, was in fine form again, and went unbeaten into the finals against fellow clan mate Mubeen Gaffoor (who had been dumped into the losers bracket by Francois in the winner’s final).  In a close fought final which went to extra time, Francois took the match 2-1 and retained his unbeaten run at Trenchtown.  For more photos from the tournament, check out our Facebook Album.

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Meanwhile, in the killing fields, the Battlefield 3 South African team participating in the PC based Clanbase XVI Nations Cup have progressed to the tournament’s quarter final stage.

While the team finished its group phase with a loss to the current ESL champions Germany, they have done what is necessary to see them progress to the knock out stages.  [via Mweb Gamezone]

The team take on Italy in the first game of the knock out stages during the course of this week.

[hide-this-part Morelink=”Show MSSA Press Release:”]

It has been a hard two months since the start of the Nation’s Cup on 4 February 2013 as the MWEB Battlefield 3 team has solidly performed well against all comers in Group C.

With little initial international experience, the team fought valiantly against Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, and Russia to finally finish third in the group. Unfortunately Indonesia and Israel forfeited their games…..

Thus all eSports enthusiasts rejoiced to see South Africa advance through the group stages into the far more difficult, and demanding knock-out stages!

Nevertheless the team is ‘prepped’ and ready for action.

Team captain Barry Louzada has only good things to say about his team. Team eSports South Africa is fast becoming a team of veterans where the all of the individual team members are working well together to form a wonderful well-oiled machine. Thus Louzada is confident of Team eSports SA to work well under pressure and give their best against Italy.

The team can sniff success in the air, and the Italians should be very, very, afraid!

The match between South Africa and Italy will take place in the week 26 to 30 March 2013.

As soon as the date has been settled, all members shall be notified thereof accordingly.

The success of the team has also been largely due to MWEB having provided the team with a server on which to practice.

The MWEB National Battlefield 3 Team consists of the following Cyber-Athletes:

Name Clan Club
Jean ‘wraithfiend’ Barendse Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Michael ‘silencerbb’ Belmonte ADHOC Knight Mind Sports Club
Craven ‘enigma-shifty’ Buitendach Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Theuns ‘Alpha-Renji’ Louw ASF Advanced Special Forces
Barry ;Anthr4xZA’ Louzada Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Sean ‘Scoper’ McCalgan Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Rogan ‘Sabre’ Mocke Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Thomas ‘ Steigerz’ Reid Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Dean ‘ HackeM’ Seyfried Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Lyle ‘ Grizzlah’ Thuynsma Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Daniel ‘Crincler1’ Towse Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club
Danie ‘ couch’ Zwarts Bravado Gaming Knight Mind Sports Club


To see the knock-out ‘tree’, please go to: :


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Sticking with Battlefield 3 on PC.  The Battlefield 3 End Game Tournament sponsored by EA South Africa, iGame Online, and MyGaming recently came to its conclusion this past weekend.  The 4v4 squad rush tournament saw the following winner and runners-up. [via MyGaming]

  • 1st: iM’Anaemic
  • 2nd: [NSD] Team 2
  • 3rd: (A2K) Alpha Omega
  • 4th: lEoBlRetribution

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Last week Thursday also saw the first (at least no-one has proved otherwise) Gears of War Judgment LAN in South Africa.  In the end 32 players ripped each other to shreds and muttered obscenities (under their breath), while getting acquainted with the new maps and slightly altered controls.  In the end, it was a member of the clan Fallen Lobotomisers who took the podium.  Kent Jansen (aka Beanibility) grabbed first place with Jody Willians (aka jGLZA) in a close second, and Tarryn van der Byl (aka the writer from NAG) in third place.

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Upcoming Events

If you want to get yourself involved, and show off your skill, or even just support the local gamers trying to make their mark in eSports in SA, here’s what you can expect in the coming weeks.

FIFA fans:

Upcoming Liquid Blast Africa Football Cup dates and venues:

Monday 8 April – Greenfields – Brackenfell
Friday 12 April – 2upGamers – Trinity Cape Town – Prizes TBC
Monday 15 April – Games On Lounge – Rondebosch
Monday 22 April – Greenfields – Brackenfell
Monday 29 April – Trenchtown – Observatory

Battlefield 3 warmongers:

The Dream Gear Battlefield 3 Close Quarters League for PS3 teams starts 11 April.  More here.

Starting on 12 April, is the Xbox SA sponsored Gears of War Judgment Lone Wolf and Clan Tournament.  You can register yourself and/or your team until 8 April… so what are you waiting for?

There are a variety of events coming up including the MSSA Gauteng Provincials this weekend, and you can find out more here.

Finally, we have potentially the biggest eSports event in South Africa’s competitive console history.  On the weekend of 5 to 7 April, SA Call of Duty team XtaZ will be in Los Angeles to battle for their piece of a one million dollar pie.  Find out more about their preparations for the Call of Duty Championship, and remember to get behind the team.