SA eSports Desk | October Report

October – even though it’s still only halfway done – has proved to be the busy month in SA gaming, with many tournaments and other eSports activities reaching their climax.  The DoGaming League and the IeSF were the “glamorous” events, but there were (and still are) a few others that happened while you weren’t taking note…

The DoGaming League/Championship was – in my humble opinion – treated as the diseased cousin of the family at this year’s rAge.  I’ve already made it clear that I felt hiding it from spectators did nothing for growing eSports in South Africa, and hopefully the way forward will be to show off the talent that was hidden in the underbelly of the Coca-Cola Dome.  When one considers the size of the total prize packet this year (R290 000 in cash and over R250 000 in hardware prizes), it doesn’t do a bad job of rivalling the prizes doled out in a number of South African sports.  Over the three days that the punters were enjoying the expo and free stuff on the show’s main floor, a multitude of new and familiar teams were battling to take the honours.  In the end – as per the immortal words of the Highlander – there could be only one… per game.

In Battlefield 3 it was Bravado Gaming that prevailed over Clan ASF Aquila to take the R45 000 and eight Alienware X51 PC’s on offer.  ASF still scored a decent R22 000 for their efforts.  Monster Gaming Energy prevailed over Bravado Gaming in the Modern Warfare 3 final to score themselves R27 000, five Alienware X51 PC’s and 60 cases of Monster Energy drinks – which they clearly didn’t need on the day.  Bravado Gaming – who were in a position to potentially grab first place in all the major games – took the R18 000 and five Alienware X51 PC’s in the Call of Duty 4 final against BFB.

In the individual competitions, the prizes were certainly nothing to scoff at either.  Radhe Stringer took a gobsmacking R22 500 and an Alienware X51 PC for winning the StarCraft II final.  The console gamers may feel a little let down by the size of the payout for winning, but a cool R5 850 went to each of the winners of FIFA 12.  Irshaad Mahomed (winner of the recent King of Footie tournament) beat all on Xbox 360, while Riaasat Ebrahim was crowned champ on PlayStation 3.  GT5 on the PlayStation 3 saw the winner – David Peetham – walk away with R6 300.

Next year promises to be a bigger – and hopefully better – event and is likely to draw even more new teams in the admittedly more PC focused championship.

Also running alongside the DGC was the NAG Gaming League and its League of Legends league run over three divisions.  The Premier Division was eon by Wicked Sick Gaming, with each of their players receiving R 1 500 Gift cards from Afrihost  and a NAG Magazine one year subscription.  The winners of the First Division – League of Feeders – each walked away with a Razer Collectible Edition Messenger bag, a Razer Mouse Bungee, a Skullcandy Hesh headset, an ADATA Classic 16GB C802 USB Flash Drive and a NGL A3 Xpad League of Legends mousepad.  Wookie Assault Team, who won the Second Division, each scored €20 Riot Points and Triumphant Ryze.

While many were enjoying the events unfolding in Johannesburg, four brave souls were flying the flag for South Africa in a foreign land.  The GIGABYTE Protea eSports Team were in Korea for the 2012 IeSF World Championships and represented the country in StarCraft II and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha and Gabriela ‘Gabybear’ Isaacs represented SA in StarCraft II, with Lyrene ‘Legato’ Kühn and Vittorio ‘HotShot’ Puissa brutalising virtual fighters in Tekken.  While the players didn’t walk away with any winners medals under their belts, they showed true South African spirit and in the end Lyrene finished fourth in Tekken and Gabriela finished in second place in StarCraft II.

Meanwhile, back in SA, Clan Connection kicked off their Final Stand tournament just as rAge came to an end.  30 teams entered the last hoorah for Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 with prizes sponsored by Megarom and Mad Catz.  In the end, the finals were played out live on the internet with Hi 5 Ozone beating out Team XtaZ in a pulsating match up.

Still ongoing is the Battlefield 3 Apex Gioteck Conquest League which sees the semi-finals happening on 18 October between SASS and LGD in the one semi-final, and NiN and SZG in the other.  The finals will happen on 25 October and the winners are sure to walk away with some decent goodies.

For those that are wondering when the Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 community will be seeing its own tournament… get ready, there is one coming sooner than you think.

There are plenty of other upcoming tournaments over a variety of platforms coming up in the next few weeks.

If you’re a PES 2013 player on PlayStation 3, there is the SAgamer PES2013 Inaugural Champions League under way – if you’re interested, head over here – but I suspect you’re too late to take part.

If FIFA 13 is more your football game of choice, you can get involved in one of the multitude of tournaments almost being held weekly.  You can join GamerNET House at Eastwoods in Bellville Cape Town every Tuesday night or at their own venue in Boston every second Saturday of the month.  In Stellenbosch every Sunday night at Aandklas, you can try out your FIFA 13 skills against even more humans, hosted by ‘Stellenbosch FIFA’.

We would also suggest keeping your eyes on GecoSports and MainGaming as we’re pretty sure they must have some unannounced tournaments up their sleeves.

It would of course be remiss of us not to remind you of the Halo 4 tournament starting next month for clans and “lone wolves” with a pretty decent prize of a trip to Gamescom next year.

Just announced is a new 2v2 Modern Warfare 3 SnD in association with Gaming Cartel, which you can keep up-to-date on right here.  There is also a hint of a Gears of War 3 tournament, and many – and we mean, many – other tournaments, so we’d suggest watching the internet for announcements.

As always, apologies if we missed your event – either completed or upcoming – but we are zombies not super computers so we can’t know everything.  Sometimes we need to be told.


DOTA 2 lovers should keep their eyes on the already under way ‘DOTA 2 SteelSeries Spring League Playoff‘.  This single elimination tournament started off with 41 teams and 230 players all vying for the prizes sponsored by SteelSeries (obviously), Monster Energy and Telkom and has reached the Quarter Finals with some familiar teams still in

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