If you didn’t know about the many tournaments happening around South Africa this past weekend which all involved kicking  a virtual football around, then you’ve been living under a rock.  Or not reading (liking or following) Zombiegamer.

In total, the weekend saw four events in the country, with two happening in Cape Town, and an additional two in Johannesburg, both operated by MainGaming.

At the time of writing, we were still awaiting information regarding the MainGaming tournaments, but the two in Cape Town boasted a total of 58 entrants and around R2500 in prizes.

Let’s break it down for you then, shall we?


Celebrating their one year anniversary event in style, FIFACHAMPS headed to Lounge Relax Play in Canal Walk, Century City to host two tournaments – a “pro” one and a social one.

With a total of 33 entries, the competition was always going to be a tough one, even for the seasoned players.  In the end, Ron Puis took the R1000 cash prize and a free entry to the 2upGamers April event, while Anees Vawda took seconf place and R150.  The Casual Gamers cup winner was Roger Adamson, who scored R150 cash for having a good time.

The next FIFACHAMPS event’s date is still to be confirmed, but is looking likely on 13 April.

Shameegh from FIFACHAMPS rounded up the event for us:

Ron definitely never had an easy road to winning the FINAL, with Jerry, Lee, Talieb and Anees in path.

Anees couldn’t be the 2nd Champ to reclaim his title, but managed to see out Khalii, Fransmaan and the former back-to-back FIFACHAMP Mubeen in semi finals.

The quarter finals could have each been a Final of their own, with long time rivals Talieb and Darren, Real vs Barce, in the first QF. Talieb won, yet again having Darren swallow a bitter pill as his never won Talieb in a competitive game 🙂

Ron took on Lee in another high profile game, with both players finishing top of their respective groups!

Anees met Fransmaan, what turned out to be close call game. Anees walking away the winner, but not without noting one or two of Anees’s tactics and style of play! Definitely a fixture we wanna see in the future again.

The last quarter final between Mubeen and David has a history of its own. Mubeen got David in the 2012-09-08 in semi final, having Mubeen take it, and in the Feb 2013 QF, having a David take it! But this time Mubeen’s Juve was just too much for David, and have the overall result between the two go 2 – 1 to Mubeen!

But the player that got whipped the worse….. was the FIFACHAMPS birthday cake. Man, he never stood a chance, and 2 hours later was reduced from 40 slices to 1 🙂

He also wished to express his thanks and gratitude to:

Everyone that attended, the venue Lounge Relax Play, and 2upGamers for sponsoring the free entry prize.

The winner...
The winner…
The runner up...
The runner up…

For more pics of the event, check out our Facebook Album (Pics courtesy of FIFACHAMPS).

FIFA ‘Elite’ Tournament

Top Tournaments held their first event at Games On in Rondebosch, and kicked off with 25 entrants.

Grabbing the winner’s cheque of R500 and a Games On t-shirt was Nassir Brown, while Lee Khwambe was the runner up and bagged himself a 3 hour gaming voucher at Games On.

Vinoshen Chetty from Top Tournaments wanted to thank all the the participants and supporters, and promised that there will be more tournaments coming over a variety of titles.

First and second...
Second and first…