The Grudge Match.  Now, if you’ve been under a rock (or just don’t play Modern Warfare 3 on PS3) for the last month, you probably have no idea what it’s all about.  Allow me to revert you to this article here to fill in the unknown but I will also briefly set the scene here too.

Two clans who have been comrades in the past decide to get a little mouthy on a forum and some clever marketing bods decide it’s time to simply play a match to settle the disagreement while other interested parties watch the game via livestream.  Some commentators think it’s a waste to focus on one match, but the truth of the matter is we should applaud an effort to get games covered like a sports event, otherwise what are you wanting competitive gaming for… right?!

1 July and as 7pm (originally scheduled for 8pm, bumped to 6pm, then settled at 7pm) rolls around, the game kicks off.  A battle with in-game sound means we get to enjoy the baritone of Holden ZA on commentary duty and make ‘pew-pew’ sounds ourselves – with random “for ****sakes” thrown in for good measure.  The favourites going in to the game based on votes was F34R, but eVoK were not about to let the underdog tag bring them down.

Coming out all guns blazing in SnD on Seatown eVoK looked the better organised team in what was a one-sided map.  Calden and Rockstar from eVoK being in top form and Calden even stopping for a friendly T-bag celebration as the map went to “the underdogs” 4-0.  Ouch.  Betting folk were quickly changing the odds now.

SnD on Bootleg up next and this time, it started with a slightly more even face-off.  The first round ending with Rockstar beating out Swarley in a one on one situation.  F34R then evened the map when Jakez and Dew grab it with a bomb plant.  Ladbrokes Betting must have been evening the odds again at that point, but like a shot of adrenaline in the heart, eVoK kicked off again taking the next three rounds in SnD and beating out F34R to take it 4-1 and go up 2-0 overall.  F34R were now far behind and the fence sitters had probably switched allegiances and donned their eVoK supporter’s jerseys…

Arkaden then played host to CtF.  All eVoK needed was to win one of the CtF rounds and the bragging rights were theirs.  However, now it was F34R’s turn to fight back against the “underdogs” tag.  One can’t be sure what happened in the break between the modes, but F34R came out like a new team.  Gone was the disorganised – almost headless chickens – of SnD and in walked a team who were clearly communicating well and taking control of the mode.  F34R grabbed the map with relative ease and headed on to CtF on Hardhat 2-1 behind overall.

The choice of map (Hardhat) was made by F34R and seemed a strange one due to its difficulty in CtF.  It was clearly a calculated move on their part.  They started slightly defensively – waiting to see how eVoK would approach the map.  Leaving Dew at their flag the F34R team went for their opponent’s flag in an attempt to tie the match 2-2.  eVoK started to look a little in disarray, as they had no way of counteracting their opponents clearly better knowledge of the map.  In the end F34R took the map with some ease to set up a mouthwatering deciding round of Domination.

Lockdown hosted the two teams as they kicked off the mode that would give the winner bragging rights for around a week… eVoK was starting to lack any real structure while F34R’s players started to show their clearly defined roles and decision-making in-game.  Swarley and Dew were the defensive kingpins for F34R while Jakez and Dutchmonkey ensured control of the capture points.  eVoK appeared to have no real answer to the organisation of F34R and were at times simply happy to rush the points – usually finding the defenders there doing their job.  116-55 at the switch and eVoK had a lot to do.

It was starting to become pretty clear that F34R appeared to relish game modes that utilised respawns while eVoK were much stronger in the game mode which didn’t (SnD).  To a degree it showed that individually the eVoK players are highy skilled while F34R have a better dynamic as a team.  They had clear control of key points on CtF and Domination and they drove that home in the second half of Domination taking it 110-61 and taking another great advert to get behind SA gaming 3-2 overall.

Our utmost congratulations goes to the two teams for being part of trying to take gaming to another level.  A shout out to those behind the scenes that made it happen.  Clan Connection, Mweb Gamezone and Ozone Africa, along with the individuals who were part of the commentary and production team Holden ZA, Dastrix and Coldcat.  If I missed anyone, my apologies, but there are so many silent partners out there these days, so feel free to take a bow too.

TEAM F34R was:



Masta Bunion

And finally, congratulations to Mr. Beefy for winning a weekend away in Hermanus – sponsored by Ozone – for taking part and supporting his team.

The recording of the match will apparently be uploaded to Youtube, so we will update you when that happens.


The CtF round on Hardhat as uploaded by .

CtF on Arkaden.

Domination on Lockdown