This pic was totally nicked from Mweb Gamezone for its brilliance

Run, Vlokkie, run! is a new free web based game that was locally created by the Web Design course students at Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts.

Run, Vlokkie, run! was created in just two weeks, showcasing true potential for the gaming industry in South Africa. Peter Roth, a student at the Designschule Schwerin and intern at Angry Ant Entertainment was tasked with the graphics and scripting.

The game was created to support the private charity project Blankets for Cape Town, so if you play the game please use the link to visit Blankets the organisations Facebook page and like them!

Thank you to @GlennZA and @2UpGamers for bringing this great game, supporting a great cause, to our attention.

If you know of any other locally produced games, please let us know so Zombiegamer can show our support.