Rugby 2012 Game Next Year


And the best news I have had all day, a next-gen rugby game next year!

The game is currently being developed by HB Studios and to be published by EA. HB are famous for the EA sport games including the ever-popular Fifa series. So the game is good hands.

This was posted on the forum:

The Rugby Forum is delighted to announce in a world exclusive, along with our new partners HB Studios, that their brand new Rugby 2012 is official and is coming to the current generation of consoles in summer 2011.

After a wait since Rugby 2008 I am sure that the rugby gaming community will be celebrating this news massively and we are all working in the same direction – to make the best rugby game possible.

Details will be coming thick and fast in the coming weeks, and HB Studios want to keep you all in touch via a series of developmental blogs and podcasts, which will be commencing later in the development of the game.

For now, all you need to know is that the game IS happening and that TRF IS the best place to hear the latest news and talk about the latest views as we enter a new era with our friends at HB Studios right alongside us.

Keep track of the game on their official site. No more details are available yet.

Thanks to Darkling for the heads-up.