Rocksteady Working on Hitman 5?

News comes from all sort of sources these days, with some of them getting odder by the day. In this digital age we live in though, it’s only right that one of the common culprits of what we’ll call “web-slips,” is the digital résumé. Where better than to pimp your own accolades than on your own digital CV on the tinterweb?

British actor, Mark Sloan, has listed some motion capture work on his résumé that he did last year for  the upcoming Hitman 5. You know, that big Rocksteady title … Say what!? That’s right, Sloan has the motion capture for Hitman 5 listed next to the Arkham Asylum developer, Rocksteady Games.

Whilst we know the next Hitman title is in development,  it would be news to us that the development of it had been taken from IO and handed over to Eidos’ new in form studio.

No chance of licensing problems to cast doubt over this rumour either as Eidos (now Square Enix) owned IO Interactive and the Hitman license. I suppose it would make sense as well with IO having their hands full with Mini Ninjas, and supposedly Kane & Lynch 2.

Who better than Rocksteady Games – their new golden boy – to be handed a big franchise after what looks like stellar work on their upcoming Arkham Asylum title? Obviously, that’s all speculation though, and it could just be the delusional ramblings of a British actor. We’ll keep an eye on this one though.

[Via Joystiq]

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