Rockstar: “Max Payne 3 Shooting Mechanics’ Maximize What is Possible With Modern Third and First-Person Shooters”

In a recent Max Payne 3 Q&A session with Rockstar, the studio answered fan’s questions about the eagerly awaited title. Rockstar explained one of the most important features of the game – the shooting mechanics – to which Rockstar says, “will not only live up to the reputation of the original but also try to maximize what is possible with modern third and first-person shooters.”

Rockstar explain that the Max Payne series was built on its “precise and fluid shooting mechanics”, and the studio are confident that Max Payne 3 will deliver on this front. The studio were reportedly able to deliver fluid free-aim mechanics on both PC and console.

The aim with the shooting mechanics was to allow players to dive right into ‘free aim’, and to simultaneously have a range of aiming options and difficulty levels for players of all skill levels. For this reason Rockstar included a range of aiming options to cater for the “hardcore shooter” or newcomers  to the series.

Max Payne 3 carries the ‘Bullet Time’ ability over to the multiplayer front, and Rockstart say getting it right in the multiplayer experience is a “huge priority.”

“Bullet Time in multiplayer works via line of sight rather than applying to the whole level, or to a bubble around the player.”

“While Bullet Time is Max’s special ability, it is just one of a range of special abilities  – called Bursts – that you’ll find in multiplayer.”


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