Re-visit more vintage Grand Theft Auto ads

The Grand Theft Auto series has  had some of the funniest adverts on the radio station. These classics are part of the Grand Theft auto experience, and rightfully so. Rockstar have a dedicated site – The Advertising Council  – where fans can hear some of the classics.

Rockstar have announced that the site has been updated with another batch of “vintage ads from the radio airwaves of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas”.

The latest ads to make the cut are as follows:

Vice City, 1984

  • The Barfs

Vice City, 1986

  • Degenatron
  • The Law Firm of Delio & Furax
  • Musty Pines
  • Pastor Richards Salvation Statue

San Andreas, 1992

  • Cluckin’ Bell
  • Sprunk
  • The Epsilon Program

Liberty City, 1998

  • Citizens United Negating Technology For Life And People’s Safety

Liberty City, 2001

  • Now with Primates!

If you are a fan of the series, you really should take a look for some hilarious classics.

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