Mamoru Samuragochi, the composer accredited to the Resident Evil and Onimusha titles’ soundtracks, has admitted that he did not compose the famous soundtracks.

IGN are citing The Japan Times who report that Samuragochi, known as a “modern Beethoven” due to having lost his sense of hearing the age of 35, admits that someone else has been writing his music for almost two decades. He claims the said person could not come forward due to legal reasons.

Samuragochi was able to continue working using “absolute pitch” and became best known for the piece, Hiroshima Symphony, a tribute to the survivors of the atomic bomb attacks.

He was also credited with the Resident Evil: The Director’s Cut composition in 1997, and wrote on his site that he did this “while hiding his severe hearing disability and living under harsh conditions.”


Samuragochi’s solicitor said that his client was “deeply sorry” for betraying and disappointing fans.

“He knows he could not possibly make any excuse for what he has done. He is mentally distressed and not in a condition to properly express his own thoughts”.