Reports Suggest Thief 4 Has Slipped to Next-Gen Arriving Next Year

Thief 4 was officially announced back in in 2009, but details have been extremely scarce since.

If the latest news to surface turns out to be correct, we will only see the title released to the next-generation of consoles.  The latest Official Xbox Magazine UK has published the allegations under the gossip section,  and CVG sources believe the allegations are accurate.

Whats more is that the magazine suggests Thief 4 will release late next year, around the same time as the next Xbox is rumored to be set for release.

CVG note that Eidos Montreal job listings say the Deus Ex: Human Revolution studio is working on a next-gen action adventure game and the listings mention the game will feature “player choice” and “stealth”.

OXM believe the listings are referring to Thief 4, and not necessarily Deus Ex.

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