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In Short

Remember Me is platform action title that crosses quite a few genres. At the core is the fighting mechanics which are similar to that of the Batman Arkham series. Then there’s the sound platforming, some gadgetry and some puzzle solving.

Developer: DontNot
Publisher: Capcom
Distributor: Ster-Kinekor
For fans of: Uncharted, Batman Arkham, Futuristic themes
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Also available on: Playstation 3
If we had to give it a numerical score: 8 .0/10

What I liked

  • Intersting concept
  • Characters
  • Fighting mechanics
  • Platforming mechanics
  • Visual design

Not so much

  • Wrestlemania like cheesy battles
  • ‘Narrative could have been more

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Gameplay and Features

Remember Me’s theme revolves interestingly around memories, more specifically around the technology that can be used to manipulate memories. Our protagonist is a ‘memory hunter’, and so can alter a person’s memory to alter future events. As you can imagine this brings with it host of issues as well as power.

The narrative is interesting while not being totally absorbing. I mean I love the futuristic world that is Neo Paris, and it certaninly made for great platforming, the characters are interesting too, nut the storytelling could have done more to absorb you.

For me the game’s forte is the gameplay. The bad news is that the gameplay mechanics borrows from others, and the gameplay tends to be little unfocused. I mean it started off as a platforming action title – the platforming a little like Uncharted and the fighting mechanics like that from Batman Arkham games. These mechanics do work well though, just they were a little too familiar. Soon after I was rewinding people’s memories and altering them – so some puzzle solving. The thing though is that the gameplay design could’ve been visualized by a kid. “Let’s make her do this, and give her the ability to do that, and what about a WWE style fight there…” Nillin can hack, bend minds, fight like Batman, scale almost anything and to top it all off, if she can’t do something, she probably has a gadget to do it for her. It may sound like I am complaining, but really I am not. The gameplay mechanics are solid, nothing fumbles and everything was a joy for me to play through. It’s just that it felt like an extremely lengthy tutorial, just when I thought I had the gameplay covered, something new would be introduced.

The solid fighting mechanics, like that of the Arkham series, string together combos using the face buttons. These combos can be upgraded and customised using the ‘SenSen’ sub menu. As you progress, you can add bigger and more powerful combos. The combos, when correctly triggered, can be used for different actions – like a certain combo can be used to not only attack foe’s, but to replenish health or help your ‘focus-like’ gauge cool down quicker. The focus like gauge, when filled, triggers special moves. Moves like slowing your enemy down, or speeding up your attacks. The fighting gameplay was my favourite part of Remember Me. Not only because it works well, but because of how you evolve your prowess and the special attacks. Many of the battles are not over in a blink too, they can go on and play out very similarly to that of the Batman Arkham series.

I did enjoy the crisp platforming as well as the light puzzle solving, the bending of memories, the gadets and their applications but nothing more than the fighting. It kept me wanting, wanting to evolve and become more powerful. The design is great despite borrowing heavily from others. The only thing I would of wanted, especially since Neo Paris is such an interesting world, was a little freedom. Some side-missions found by exploring would have been great.

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Sound and Visuals

Graphically Remember Me is pretty as well as impressively detailed. The bold bright colours compliment the futuristic theme. I also love how Neo Paris is a combination of bold and futuristic, with modern tech and holographic screens everywhere, and there’s the distressed population and poverty among the lavish. The city is a combination of opposites and this is wonderfully portrayed by the stylish artwork theme. Simply put, Neo Paris is one of the more interesting gaming worlds I have visited in a while.

The scoring, dialogue and the script itself was a little underwhelming. As I type this, I have been playing not stop for days, and for the life of me, I cannot think of anything memorable. The sound effects were pretty good, in regards to the brawling, the action and the general noices of the city. It helps create a vibrant, yet a little somber atmosphere in the city, as do the visuals.

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Closing Comments

If anything I can see how some might have wanted some sort of focused gameplay – the gameplay jumps around a bit. I was too interested in the wonderful captivating world of Neo Paris, the exciting and fluid combat to be detracted from anything really. One of the charms for me was that Remember Me might not be the most ground breaking games, but it is bold. i can certainly tell it was born and produced by inspired developers.

Most importantly, the gameplay is fun, bold and satisfying Remember Me one of favorites this year, despite not having that overall shine or flair that some of the major titles did this year.

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